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Steffy tells Katie that she loves her husband and it’s time that Katie accepts that. Katie asks if she’s asking her to accept her into the Spencer family. When Steffy says yes, Katie brings up how she trapped Hope in a gondola to have this marriage with Liam. Steffy says it’s still a marriage and Liam and her are still together. She says they are rock solid and asks Katie if she can’t see how her bashing her head against this wall is self-destructive. Katie tells her straight up that she will not accept her and she does not want to spend the rest of her life as a married woman with Steffy as her daughter-in-law.

Liam enters Ridge‘s office and asks why he wanted to see him. Ridge tells him that he wanted to clear up a few things concerning Steffy and Hope and his relationship to the two of them. Liam awkwardly asks what about it and Ridge tells him he wants him to honor his commitment to Steffy. Ridge threatens Liam by telling him to not even think about letting her down.

Justin flirts with a worker in Bill’s office and ask her out for a date. When Bill comes in and asks him where Liam is Justin tells him he just left the building. Bill tells Justin about the plans he has been making and tells him that he wants Liam and Steffy to spend as much time as possible together. Bill says he wants Liam to forget Hope Logan ever existed and says he just wishes his wife could also do the same thing.

Thomas thanks Brooke for coming to see him because she’s very busy. Thomas tells Brooke he wants her support with her daughter. Looking at him sternly Brooke says she’s sorry but she can’t give him that.

Hope bumps into Oliver in a Forrester hallway. Oliver asks her how she’s doing and Hope says she’s surviving. Oliver says it’s crazy at the company right now and asks her if she found out who stole the designs. Hope says she knows who didn’t do it and expresses guilt over her accusation of Beverly again. She tells Oliver about her experience at the foster care centre. Oliver asks her if everything else is okay and when Hope looks down from him Oliver says he knows she’s going through a lot right now. Hope says she’s trying to move forward but Oliver says she’s still in love with Liam though. Hope shrugs guilty in response.

Liam asks Ridge why he is getting into this now and asks if he did something to make him think he’s letting Steffy down. Ridge asks him if he’s saying there is no reason for concern then. Liam asks why he would be concerned and Ridge says it’s because of the toast Hope made at Thanksgiving. Liam pauses before saying Hope did what he asked her too.

Ridge says yes she did, but he didn’t feel like her heart was really in it. Liam says it was very nice what she said but Ridge says that wasn’t what he asked. Liam tells Ridge that it was a tough day for Hope and she even said that and he says he doesn’t get why Ridge is upset now. Ridge says he wants to make sure they are on the same page here. Ridge tells Liam that Steffy loves him very much and he just wants to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. Liam nods in understanding.

Steffy tells Katie that she wouldn’t make Bill choose between his wife and daughter-in-law. She warns Katie by saying that Bill doesn’t like Hope and he does like her. She looks at Katie seriously and says and Bill is tired of being nagged. Katie scoffs in response.

Bill tells Justin that he knows the situation with Donna is harder on him that Justin wants to admit. Justin tells Bill that he’s known Donna for a long time and she’ll be okay. He turns the conversation by asking Bill what’s up with him. Pouring himself a drink, Bill asks what he’s asking about. Justin sighs and says he’s not the only one married to a Logan. Bill asks him if he told him that he’s planning a family vacation. Justin says that’s a good idea as Katie and him really need the alone time.

Bill corrects Justin by saying the vacation is for him, Katie, Steffy and Liam and it’s family bonding, Sounding doubtful Justin says right, he sees that and mumbles an “oh boy.” Hearing it, Bill asks what he means and Justin tells him that Steffy is a gorgeous woman and him and her had something hot and heavy. He reminds Bill that he was going to leave Katie for her but Bill says he changed those plans.

Unconvinced, Justin says does he really think it’s over now. Bill says it is and Justin says he’s really good at putting things in a box and ignoring their reality. Justin warns him that this is not one of those things and tells Bill he can see it when he’s with Steffy, their hot chemistry. He says that they have the same sense of humor, the same killer instincts, and they get it each other. Justin says Bill loves that about Steffy and Bill admits that he does love that but about his daughter-in-law. Justin tells him that he’s just giving advice. Bill gets annoyed and tells him he doesn’t need his advice and tells him to leave. Once Justin does leave, Bill drinks down more of his alcohol and looks restless.

Katie tells Steffy she is unbelievable as she is lecturing her about nagging Bill. Steffy says that she is just trying to look out for her. Katie laughs and tells her not to bother. Steffy tells Katie that she doesn’t realize that she’s doing to herself . Steffy tells Katie that Bill wants them all to get along and when she resists she’s just alienating him. Katie says she doesn’t need her advice. Steffy says she knows her history with Bill bothers her but she can’t change the past. Katie asks her if she would is she could and Steffy says yes. Katie scoffs. Steffy tells her that she regrets her entire involvement with Bill. She admits that she did have feelings for him before but that was then and now she loves Liam. Steffy tells Katie that she regrets hurting her as well and just wants to put all this behind them. Looking at Katie pleadingly, Steffy says she is just asking for a second chance.

Thomas asks Brooke why she’s still stuck on the idea of Hope getting back together with Liam, Brooke says it’s because Liam is still in love with Hope. Thomas says that Liam is married now, Hope needs to get over that and he can help. Brooke says the relationship between Steffy and Liam won’t last much longer, standing her ground. Hope brings files for her Thomas and finding Brooke there and Brooke looking tense she asks what is going on.

Thomas takes the files and leaves, saying has to do something. Once he leaves, Hope asks Brooke if they were talking about her. Brooke admits and says that Thomas is hoping that she’ll support his relationship with her. Brooke says that she can’t because it isn’t over between her and Liam. She says she can see it whenever they look at each other and says that she saw it at Thanksgiving. Hope smiles and tells her mother that Liam and her kissed at Thanksgiving as well. When Brooke asks if she really did in surprise she says yes and says that she didn’t even care. Hope then talks about how during Stephanie’s speech after that their eyes met and it felt like nobody else was there. Hope turns to her mother and says that she doesn’t like to think about how Liam goes home to Steffy nor their sex-life but she says that she knows there is still love between Liam and her.

Brooke smiles and goes over to her daughter. Holding her shoulders, she tells Hope that she has to resolve this . When Hope says maybe it’ll resolve itself, Brooke asks how. Hope says there is something she has been pinning her hopes on even though it’s wrong for her to do that. She revels that she is hoping Steffy crosses the line with Bill as Katie as hinted they still have feelings. Hope says that she doesn’t want Liam to get hurt but he married the wrong woman and some day it’ll be made right. Brooke looks happy at her words.

Katie tells Steffy that she almost seems sincere and she almost wants to believe her but then she thinks about all she has done to her and her niece and Liam. She tells her that she made him marry the wrong woman and that’s the way it is. She says so no, she’s sorry but she can’t give her another chance. Steffy gets teary but says that she’s sorry too but for her sake. She warns Katie that her husband won’t be pleased if she keeps fighting this and tells her not to say that she wasn’t warned.

Liam tells Ridge that Steffy is a fabulous woman and Ridge says he is very glad to hear that. Ridge says his concern lies in the fact that Liam still has feelings for Hope and those were very evident during thanksgiving. Liam says he’ll always have feelings for Hope at which Ridge says he’s married to Steffy. Liam tells him he doesn’t have to remind him of that. Patting Liam on the shoulder, Ridge says they are on the same page then. Liam laughs in response. Ridge tells Liam that he changed Steffy’s life and he is grateful for that. Ridge then leaves to meet with Brooke for a conference call. Once Ridge leaves, Liam picks up a photograph of Hope from Ridge’s desk and looks at it. He is caught by Hope who sees him looking at her picture and smiles at him from the doorway.

Ridge asks Brooke what she’s doing in Thomas’ office. Brooke says that she was just talking with Hope . Ridge runs his hands through Brooke’s hair as he asks her how Hope is. Brooke tells him that Hope is still in love with Liam and she thinks it’s reciprocated. Ridge angrily says that it better not be. He reveals that he just talked with Liam and tells Brooke that he expects him to honor his commitment to Steffy. Her face falling, Brooke asks Ridge if Liam has to do that even while he is still in love with Hope. Ridge tells Brooke that Liam married Steffy and they are husband and wife. He says that it is time for Hope to move on and he wants her and Hope to stay out of this.

Hope smiles at Liam and asks him if he’s stalking her. Laughing, Liam says that Ridge wanted to see him. Hope asks where Ridge is and Liam says he’s at a meeting. Hope comes closer to him and Liam says that she looks beautiful. Hope smiles at Liam and tells him she was just with her mom and they were talking about Thanksgiving. Liam lets out a small chuckle but then has a flashback of the kiss they shared on Thanksgiving. Hope tells him that she really misses him. She says that she keeps thinking about Steffy’s lack of integrity as a person and says it’s going to catch up to her. She says he’ll find out. Liam says that if Steffy ever crossed that line with any other man he swears that that would be the end of them.

Steffy cries silently in Liam’s office as Bill enters. Bill asks her where Liam is. Steffy says she doesn’t know. Seeing her sadness, Bill asks what is going on. Steffy says it’s his wife, she doesn’t want her in the family and wants Hope instead. Sighing, Bill tells Steffy that Katie needs to leave her alone because Liam and her are perfect. Steffy says that’s what she thought to but maybe there is something to what Katie is saying.


Bill tells Steffy not to let Katie get to her head. Steffy says that maybe there is a tie between Hope and Liam. She says that she tries to deny it but can’t. Bill looks on sadly as Steffy asks when is someone going to love her for her? She says that she had it once, implying Bill, but says that she let him get away. Steffy tells Bill that there was a time when she respected his decision to stay with Katie but she doesn’t anymore. She says that she doesn’t respect his wife. She says that Katie wants Liam to be with Hope then fine, she’s not going to fight it. Taking off her coat, she approaches Bill and says she won’t fight it as long as she gets what she wants. Taking off his shirt, she looks him in the eye and says she wants him. Steffy kisses Bill and Bill kisses back.

Just then Bill snaps out of his fantasy and punches his desk out of frustration at the thoughts he is having for Steffy, his daughter-in-law.

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