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Hope and Stephanie discuss the plight of foster kids. Hope says that she is so guilty for wrongly accusing Beverly but Stephanie says she is just as guilty as she is. Stephanie asks Hope if she got the feeling that something like this has happened to Beverly before. Hope says that judging by her reaction it looks that way. Frustrated, Stephanie says they have to find out who stole the designs and Hope says he doesn’t understand how whoever it was got past all their security. Stephanie says that that is what they have to figure out and when they do that person is going to pay.

Pam spies on Eric as Eric says this is like six months of work gone to Jackie. Eric says he has nothing left and asks Jackie, shocked, that how could she do this to him. Jackie says she did not but Eric keeps angrily demanding answers. Disgusted he asks her if she’s the new Sally Spectra now. Jackie asks him if it’s so hard for him to believe that she could create a marvelous collection but Eric says no what she premiered was his collection. He says they were his designs. Gripping Jackie’s shoulders he demands for her to admit that to him.

Ringing the bell necklace she is wearing Steffy asks Bill if he rang. Bill comments that she’s in the holiday spirit and Steffy asks him what he has against the holidays, calling him Mr. Grinch. He says she’s calling him Mr. Grinch? She should be calling him Kris Kringle and says that why he called her here because he’s making plans. When Steffy asks what for he says he wants them to be together. Steffy gets alarmed and asks what and Bill clarifies he meant the family, Liam and her and him and his wife. Steffy says okay but how does Katie feel about it. Bill says not to worry about Katie as she is his problem.

Katie tells Liam about the family vacation Bill is planning and sounds unhappy. Liam say she’s not thrilled at them going together as a family. Katie says yes she’s not and goes so far as saying she’ rather have her husband to herself than share him with his wife.

Pam keeps spying as Eric and Jackie talk. Eric says she’s not going to admit it is she? Sadly he says he thought they were friends. She says she is his friend. Eric asks her how she could do this to him then? He says that he thought this was his best collection and could have been his grand finale but says that sure as hell isn’t going to happen now. Jackie says then whoever did this did a huge favor because he’s much too talented to retire. Eric says he’s not retiring, especially not after this betrayal. She says this is what he sees this as and he says yes. When Eric says he trusted her Jackie bursts out saying she trusted him too and look what it got her?

Stepping away from him and pouring herself a drink, Jackie solemnly says that life doesn’t always go the way you want it to. Jackie asks him what happened to all the kisses they shared recently and the affection she gave him because she doesn’t know. She says that one day he couldn’t get enough of her and then the next it all came to an abrupt halt. Jackie says she thought he was done with Stephanie but no. He went back to if he can even call it that, life with Stephanie. Stamping her feet and throwing a tantrum she tells him that he could have had so much more with her. Eric looks uncomfortable as she says he turned his back on her. He says like she turned her back on him.

Jackie bursts out admitting that yes, she stole the designs and tells him to have her locked up and make Stephanie really happy. Eric asks her if this is what it all comes down to, a woman scorned. She says no, her company was in dire need of a collection or else she would not have done this.  She tells Eric that she loves him and a part of her has always loved and how when she let go of Owen she saw the potential of a future with him, to be to him which Stephanie wasn’t able to be. Jackie says he was so miserable and starving for affection and she would have been more than willing to give it to him. She looks at him and says it’s too late now and asks him if it isn’t. Pam looks on.

Hope asks what they should do now as they have a fashion show scheduled but nothing to show. Stephanie says there is nothing they can do it’s postponed. Hope says it breaks her heart that Eric and Ridge and everyone else is not going to get the credit for their hard work. Stephanie agrees and says that is why they have to find out who did this before it repeats. Hope sighs and says she really wishes she had thought this through more before she accused Beverly. Stephanie tells her not to be so hard on herself and says once Beverly gets to know her she’ll know Hope doesn’t have a malicious bone in her body. Hope says she doesn’t think Steffy would agree with that. Stephanie looks at her in surprise and Hope tells Stephanie straight up that Steffy and Liam’s marriage is wrong for so many reasons. She tells Stephanie that she’s sorry but she’s not giving up on Liam.

Katie asks Liam if she really didn’t know anything about this family vacation. Liam says he thinks his dad was going to surprise him. Katie laughs bitterly and says yes Bill is full of surprises these days and brings up how he gave Steffy a seat on the Spencer board and now he’s planning family vacations to Mexico. She tells Liam that they have got to take a stand against this.

Steffy tells Bill that he still hasn’t told her if Katie is okay with this. Bill asks her if she’s kidding him and tells her that she can’t wait and has already whipped out her sombrero. Steffy looks at him doubtfully and Bill says seriously he thinks this family trip is the perfect thing for some much needed family bonding. Steffy nods her head rigorously and says she wonders how much that means to his wife. Bill looks at her firmly and says that it’s important they do this.

Bill tells Steffy that he hasn’t told Liam about the trip yet because he wanted to run it by her first. Steffy says okay but what if she gives it a big thumbs down. Bill says then he’ll have to change her mind. Laughing Steffy asks him how exactly he’d do that. Bill tells her that she should know by now that Dollar Bill Spencer and Steffy says the rest with him that he doesn’t take no for an answer. Patting her on the knee he says very good and tells her how he is overusing every detail about the trip. He tells her it is the perfect romantic getaway and when Steffy looks at him pointedly he says for the four of them. Exasperated, Steffy asks what if Katie won’t go and says she despises being around him.

Bill says Katie will go firmly. Annoyed at his confidence, Steffy asks him how he knows that. Bill says he does because as much as Katie hates being around her, she hates him being around her without her there more. Steffy nods slowly. He asks her if she’s in and says she should pack light and that she won’t need anything more than a bikini. Steffy stares back at him.

Liam asks Katie if it’s really the end of the world if they go together and enjoy as a family. Katie asks him if this is really how he sees it. Liam says that is how his father sees it. Katie says Bill will do anything to make her accept Steffy. Liam recounts what the vacation will be like and says yes it really sounds like torture jokingly. Katie sighs and says that they have to keep them apart because when Bill and Steffy are together there is chemistry. Liam says he really doesn’t think they will cross that line and asks Katie if she’s really not going to let this go. Katie brings up Hope and says that she knew how deeply he loved her. She says that she can’t understand how when he found out that Steffy locked Hope in the gondola why he didn’t run to her.

Liam tells her that he did but Hope was already locking lips with Thomas. Katie says that should not have stopped him but Liam says it’s not that. It’s what Thomas said to him that he should let Hope go because he’s hurting her. He tells Katie that even though his mind was at a million different places at that time he knew Thomas was right. Liam says that running back to Hope while he’s married is just salt on the wound. Katie tells him that she can still see how much he loves Hope making him sigh. Katie tells him it’s still not too late for him to go after hope.

Stephanie asks Eric if he saw Jackie as he enters her office. She asks him if he found out if she stole the designs and who helped her. Eric looks at her and sighs uncertainly.

Katie says that she knows he has feelings for Steffy too but tells Liam that this marriage was based on lies and it really shouldn’t be legal. Liam sighs and says Katie warningly as he moves to go. Katie stops him and says he has to listen. Leaving Bill’s office Steffy hears Katie talking to Katie. She hears her says that Bill and her were involved, passionately involved and freezes. Liam says that he knows that and says it was wrong because Bill was married to her. Katie scoffs as Liam says it is over now. Katie asks him if he honestly believes that. She says that Steffy should not be a part of this family, Hope should be and if he’s honest with himself then he’ll agree with her. Liam gets a phone call and Steffy slips away from the doorway. After the call ends, Liam tells Katie that he has to go. Katie says he has a lot of thinking to do. Liam doesn’t say anything and walks out.

Pouring Eric a drink, Stephanie says so he saw Jackie and didn’t get any more information out of her than she did. Eric lies and says that’s write. He asks her about Beverly and asks if she tracked her down. Stephanie tells him that she did and she didn’t steal the designs. She tells Eric she feels horrible about accusing her. Eric tells her to tell him all about the foster centre she went to. Stephanie says she will but first things first they have a thief here. She says she wants to find out who helped Jackie steal those designs and says that she wants to prosecute them and see Jackie and them in jail.

Pam tells Jackie she was watching her and Eric the whole time. Jackie asks if he saw her but she says no. Pam asks Jackie what is going to happen to her and asks if she is going to go to prison. Jackie says of course not and tells her not to be silly. She says that this worked for Sally and it will work for them too. Pam looks unsure.

Steffy confronts Katie in Liam’s office and says she’s still determined to get her out of this family isn’t she? Katie says so she’s heard. Steffy says it’s wrong what she’s doing filling up Liam. Katie asks her if it isn’t obvious to her that he’s still in love with Hope. Steffy asks her what she’s trying to say. Katie says that she thinks Liam is regretting this marriage. Steffy asks her why then, has he not left her? She tells Katie that she’s not holding him at gunpoint. Katie says it’s because Liam thinks he’s made a commitment. Steffy tells her that he has made a commitment and he should honor it.

Katie says that there are lots of things that people should and shouldn’t do. Steffy asks if this is about Bill and her. Katie laughs and says that she must understand why that bothers her. Steffy says she does and says it was inappropriate but she loves Liam. She says she understands Katie’s worries and Katie asks her if she really does. She asks her if she knows what it’s like to have the man you love whispering in another woman’s ear and planning a future with her. Steffy says that was wrong but it is in the past. She tells Katie that she has no desire to be with her husband anymore and says that she has a real problem with Katie telling her husband. Liam that he should be with someone else. She says she is not some home wrecker but Katie says that is debatable .

Steffy says that she is not going to make a move on Bill and says that Katie needs to get over this .She tells her that she is not a threat to her. Steffy says that this feud needs to end, she is a Spencer and Katie needs to accept that. Katie says that she’s asking for an awful lot from her. Steffy says that she understands her issues because of her history with Bill and how her marriage happened but Liam has had every chance to leave her for Hope but he hasn’t. She says that her marriage is going to last and Katie needs to accept that.

Katie says that she wishes things were different, she really does but they are not and things have happened that area not right. Steffy admits that she was aggressive in getting Liam for herself but she went after what she wanted. Steffy says that she still thinks she is right for Liam and she won’t have Katie telling Liam to leave her for Hope.

She says it’s wrong and it needs to stop. She says she is completely committed to Liam and satisfies him every way. She says that she is asking her now to please put this into perspective. Looking at Katie pleadingly she asks her if she will accept her into the family.

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