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Brooke tells an upset Eric that they will find the person who did this to them. Eric and Ridge say that they will, but that isn’t going to undo the damage that has occurred.

Nick receives a phone call in his office telling him that Stephanie is with his mother. Panicked, he says thanks for telling him. Hearing the conversation, Pam gets nervous and asks if Stephanie is really in the building. Nick says yes and Pam says it’s time for her to face the music. She moves to go but Nick tells her to wait and says to be smart about this. Nick tells her that there is no way that Stephanie would know it’s her who stole the designs right now and suggests why not keep it that way.

Stephanie asks Jackie if she did this for revenge. Jackie says she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Stephanie says Eric had led her to believe that there was a problem in their marriage and then went running to her for comfort. Jackie says her heart was far from broken. She smirks and says Eric has bouts of courage from time to time when he thinks he’s through with Stephanie of course no one believe him anymore. She says he seems to enjoy being miserable and says personally she wouldn’t take revenge on a man she pities. Stephanie says so it’s her then. Hurt, she asks Jackie if she hates her this much.

Jackie says she thinks she might be upset because they showed something similar to what Forrester had. Stephanie blows up at that comment and says it was the whole damn line. Jackie defends herself by saying fashion goes in trends and that could be because of that and says who is to say that they don’t have the same creative buzz at Jackie M. Stephanie yells that they don’t have a damn creative bone in the whole company.

She tells her that this place has become Spectra Creations and she has become the new Sally Spectra. She asks if Jackie really want to be that, the queen of rip-offs. She laughs and says okay then, if the crown fits, wear it. Jackie looks stunned at her words.

Looking at the photos from the showing at Jackie M, Eric compares them with his own. Outraged, he says that Jackie makes one little alteration and thinks she can pass them off as her own. He tells Hope to click on the next one. Their eyes widen as they see the showstopper. Ridge angrily says that they got everything, every last design. Ridge says how the hell did they get their hands on all those designs. Hope remembers Beverly taking pictures of the designs with her phone.

Beverly enters Forester where people are busy working things out. Oliver is on the phone when she arrives. When he hangs up she says hello and asks him how come he’s working at the desk. He says he’s filling in for Madison who is filling in for Pam. He sighs and says things are pretty hectic right now if she hadn’t noticed. Beverly asks him what happened and he tells her Jackie M showed Forester designs at their showing. Confused, Beverly asks him what that means and Oliver tells her that they stole from them. He says it means that someone from Forrester helped them and says whoever did, is in serious trouble.

Pam says that it won’t be that hard for them to figure out it was her. She says it’ll be especially easy when they see her working at Jackie M and asks him if that’s still the plan. Nick says of course but asks her if now is the right time. Pam says yes, she is ready. Pam says she had to be here and now because she can’t be at Forrester pretending that she didn’t hurt all those people. Nick says no, he understands. He says it’s just a shame they are going to lose their connection to all those beautiful designs because she’s in the key position. He then tells Pam that she’s the reason they had this fashion show. Pam asks if the longer she stays at Forrester it’ll help Jackie M. Nick suggests that she keep stealing designs but tells her not to do anything rash. He says that Stephanie is in the building and she might no, but if she doesn’t and his mother plays her cards right then she could be helping him for a long, long time.

Stephanie angrily tells Jackie that she knew she didn’t want to take money from Spencer but asks if stealing was really the only option. She says why didn’t she come to her. Jackie says no, she does not get to pretend that had she asked for help she would have swooped in and rescued her. She says the moment she found out about Eric and her, the flip switched in her head and she went from friend to enemy just like that. Jackie asks Stephanie if she’s hurting and says so is she. She says that she came to her aid when she needed her and Eric had kicked her out of Forrester. She says those are fond memories but they are now over and all they are, are competitors. She turns away and Stephanie angrily demands to know who she conned into stealing those designs for her. Jackie says nobody. Stephanie says oh please, it’s so obvious that there was somebody on the inside. Jackie falls silent and Stephanie asks if she threw a ton of money at them or used her sex appeal.

Jackie whispers not hers and Stephanie asks what. Realizing she just gave a hint, Jackie tells Stephanie she has to leave. She says that she has just had the showing of her career and she’s not going to have her day ruined by Stephanie. Appalled, Stephanie says it wasn’t the showing of her career, she stole from them. Finally reaching her patience’s end, Stephanie tells Jackie that she will find her accomplice and when she does it won’t be pretty for either one of them. She looks at Jackie threateningly and says and she knows her conviction. When Stephanie thunders out, Jackie lets out a breath of relief but looks worried.

Pam paces in Nick’s office and says that they should have heard from Jackie by now. Nick says that it’s not like his mother can call when Stephanie is in the middle of a tirade. Pam says she knows but when Stephanie is angry. Jackie walks in saying so she heard that Stephanie was in the building. Pam says she’s okay and Jackie says she just stayed clear of all the balconies in the building. Pam asks if Stephanie is gone and Jackie says yes, thankfully. Nick asks what happened and Pam asks if she thinks it’s her. Playing on Pam’s hate of her sister, Jackie says that Stephanie never thinks of her, why should she start now? Pam looks hurt but brushes if off and says does that mean she doesn’t suspect her? Jackie says no. Nick says nothing is wrong then to Pam and tells her she can go back to Forrester and be their pipeline.

Pam hesitates, and says she thought she’d be clear of Stephanie after today and she doesn’t want to go back to Forrester. Nick says it’s just for a little while longer. Pam continues to hesitate so Nick asks for a moment alone with Pam. Jackie leaves them knowing Nick is going to persuade her and Nick takes Pam’s hands in his. He says she has individually saved Jackie M and words can’t express how thankful he is. He says he is asking her to continue doing this for him and smiles charmingly. Pam smiles back.

Brooke says that they should start working on a letter to the press to let them know the collection has been cancelled. Ridge says not cancelled just postponed and asks how the hell did they even get into this situation. Stephanie comes back and tells them that Jackie got every one of their designs. She says that when Bridget called her she didn’t believe it, Eric sounds just as shocked and says how could Jackie do this. Stephanie says that she is a thief. She says that she just talked to her but she wouldn’t admit it and wouldn’t tell her a thing. The Foresters talk about how it had to be an inside job and Hope says that she thinks she knows who it is. She reveals that she thinks it’s Beverly because she was taking pictures of the dresses. The Foresters look shocked but Stephanie looks very unsure.

Pam says she wants to keep doing this for him but says that she’s been waiting so long. She says she has been fantasizing about this day and about finally telling Stephanie off. Nick says no, she can’t do that and give herself away. He tells her she has to make peace with Stephanie. Pam says no, not after the way she has treated her. Nick says if she tells her now, it’s over. He tells her to see how far she can take this and says that Stephanie doesn’t know it’s her and possibly never will. Pam asks if he’s telling her to just go back to Forrester. Nick says yes, just as if nothing has happened. Pam says that means going back to taking phone calls, pouring coffee and baking for them and says no. He says they’ll be meeting all the time but Pam still says no saying she can’t do it. She says it’s one thing being here but looking in their faces is too hard. Pam says betraying Eric, Ridge her nieces. She says she can’t but Nick says she can and kisses her. He says she can and Pam smiles after the kiss.

She says when he kisses her like that she feels like there is nothing she can’t do. She says she’ll go back and get him the designs. He tells her she should go now or they might suspect because she’s missing. Pam says okay but asks for another kiss for courage. He kisses her and she says she’ll be the old Pammy everyone knows and no one will suspect a thing. Jackie sees her leave and asks Nick what happened. Nick says that Pam decided to go back to Forrester and get them more designs. Jackie asks him what he said before saying or was it something he did.

Nick takes out a handkerchief and wipes his lips looking disgusted and letting this mother know he had to kiss Pam.

Eric asks Stephanie how Beverly reacted when they caught her taking pictures. Hope continues accusing Beverly but Stephanie says she was very genuine in her apology. Beverly knocks on the door and Eric tells them all not to jump on her. Hope says she thinks it’s pretty obvious it’s her. Beverly comes in and says that she was told they were looking for her. Brooke says that they have some questions and Ridge tells her to close the door. Beverly does what she’s told. Seeing their faces, she says something is wrong and asks if this is about the Jackie M fashion show. Stephanie says she has something she wants to asks her and asks Beverly to be honest. She asks if she stole her designs and sold them to Jackie Marone.

Shocked, Beverly says what? Stephanie asks her to just answer the question. Hope accuses that she saw her taking pictures of the entire collection. Beverly gets near tears as she says she thought she explained. Hope says she knows she did. She says she said that she didn’t know any better but says that isn’t a good enough explanation at the moment. She says that someone stole all their designs and gave them to Jackie Marone. She looks Beverly in the eye and demands to know if it was her.

Beverly looks shocked, hurt and betrayed.

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