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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/8/11


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Jackie talks to Sally’s portrait. She says she doesn’t know how she used to steal designs when it’s so hard. Sally speaks to her and says there is no turning back now. Jackie says that everyone is going to hate them after this but Sally says either they show those designs or go out of business. Jackie says she’s right, the survival of her company is all she needs to be thinking about right now. She then justifies her actions by saying that Eric and Ridge are geniuses and will get new designs and even goes so far as saying she needs this collection more than they do. She resumes talking to Sally and says they are taking their cue at from her and Jackie M is the new Spectra.

Bridget enters Eric’s office and says hello. Brooke hugs her daughter, comments on her new hair colour before turning her over to the sketches for the upcoming show. Bridget looks over the sketches and gasps in awe as she looks at each one with more marvel than the last. She says the spring show is going to be a hit. Ridge says it’s just a couple of days now. Bridget says she feels sorry for Jackie as her showing is today. She says she feels bad and asks how Jackie is going to compete with these designs.

Nick finalizes details on the phone and is about to go down to the showroom when Pam enters his office. He says hello and tells her he was just getting ready to go down to the showroom. Pam asks him if he has a minute and he says only a minute because the show is about to start. Pam tells Nick that she needs something. Nick asks her like what and she says a hug would be a good start. Nick smiles tightly before hugging Pam. As Pam clings to him, Nick looks very uncomfortable and unhappy.

Pulling away, Nick asks Pam if she feels better now. Pam grins and says yes, she really needed that. Nick says it’s a big day but Pam says not for her as her life starts today. She says she is finally taking control and says so what if Forrester lost one collection? And says that she has lost decades thanks to her sister. Nick says that they are behind her though making her smile. Pam tells him she is counting on him and his mother because they are all she has now. She says Stephanie is going to hate her after today, that’s a fact. Nick says all of them are going to hate all of them at Jackie M. He says so what though, as she is now officially part of the Jackie M family. Pam says she hears his words but she could use a little reassurance. Nick asks her what he can do for her and Pam suggests a good luck kiss to start the show off with a bang. Nick says why not and kisses her on the cheek but Pam grabs a hold of Nick and kisses him on the lips while he struggles to get away.

Press pours in to Jackie M’s showroom. Jackie talks to Jarrett who asks her if she’s nervous as this is the biggest showing of her career. Jackie says does she even look nervous? Jarrett looks confused at her happy, obvious state and points out that if things go wrong today it could be the end for her. Another reporter asks her why she didn’t take Bill Spencer’s officer. They say that a merger with Spencer would have helped her company. Jackie says that Jackie M doesn’t need a merger and today’s showing will prove that. Just then, the announcement goes off saying that the show is about to begin. Jackie ushers the reporters into their seats before going off to the side and talking to Owen. Owen asks her if she’s okay and Jackie does a fist pump and says that she couldn’t be better. Owen tells her this is nasty business and says he wonders how Bridget is going to take the news causing Jackie to fall silent.

Nick asks everyone to gather around and gives an inspirational speech. He tells his models and helpers that they are back in business and they are going to go out there and knock everyone dead. Everyone cheers and the showing begins as models walk the ramp in Forrester designs. The press goes wild and cameras flash as the designs keep coming. Pam watches from a screen and smiles before receiving a phone call from Stephanie. Stephanie asks her where she is and says she has been looking for her all over the building. Pam tells Stephanie she isn’t coming in. Stephanie says okay and tells her to rest and then asks if she wants her to come over. Pam says no and says she is going really well actually. She tells Stephanie that she’s where she belongs and has found a sense of peace. Confused over the strange words her sister is speaking, Stephanie tells Pam she sounds different. Pam says she is. Stephanie says well she hopes she sees her soon. Pam says she’s sure they’ll all see each other soon and says goodbye to his sister.

Brooke and Ridge blow off steam in the steam room, kissing, while the show continues at Jackie M. Owen watches the showing and thinks he sees Bridget arrive. Upon second glance he realize it is her and asks her what she’s doing here as he was sure she had to be the hospital. Bridget says she rescheduled her patients. Owen says he wishes she had called him. Bridget says she knows how important this show is to Jackie M so she is here to show her support. She enters the showroom as Owen looks tense. Bridget sees two designs before her eyes widen and she matches up these designs with ones she just saw. Shocked, she tells Own she just saw these designs in Ridge’s office and says these are her father and Ridge’s designs. Bridget looks betrayed and shocked as the show keeps running.

Owen tries to tell Bridget they should go but she takes out her phone. Owen asks her what she’s doing and she says she’s calling Stephanie. Owen looks worried as he leaves the room. Stephanie receives Bridget’s call and says hello. Bridget asks Stephanie if her dad is back yet. Stephanie says no so Bridget asks for Ridge. Stephanie tells her he just stepped out. Bridget says she has to get a hold of him. Hearing her upset tone, Stephanie asks if she’s okay. Bridget tells Stephanie that she is at Jackie M and they ripped of Forrester Creations. She tells Stephanie that she is looking at Eric and Ridge’s collection. Stephanie looks horrified at the news.

Pam watches the show with a grin on her face from a private room. Meanwhile, Bridget tells Stephanie that all of the designs are original Forrester creations. Stephanie tells her to wait right there and says she is on her way. Owen rushes backstage and tells Nick they have to stop the showing. When Nick asks why, Owen tells him Bridget knows and she is calling Stephanie. Nick says that Stephanie had to find out one day anyway. Owen tells them that they are going to be in serious trouble because the designs are stolen. Nick only smirks and says those designs are theirs because Jackie M premiered them.

Brooke and Ridge continue making out in the steam room without any knowledge of what is going on. Watching the showing angrily, Bridget phones Stephanie again and asks her where she is. Stephanie says she is in traffic. Bridget says she has to get here fast as the press is going crazy over the designs. Stephanie says she is going to kill Jackie and asks if she’s there. Bridget says no but she’s sure she’s backstage. Stephanie tells her not to say anything to Jackie if she sees her because she wants to surprise her. Bridget says okay but tells Stephanie to hurry because this is making her ill. The phone conversation ends and Bridget goes back to looking at the designs in rage.

As the show continues, Bridget phones Stephanie for a third time and asks her if she’s still in traffic. Stephanie says yes but she’s only a few blocks away now. She ask if the show is still going on and Bridget says yes. Stephanie frowns and says all of Eric and Ridge’s hard work just went to hell. Equally furious, Bridget asks Stephanie how this could have happened and who did this. Stephanie says she has no idea but tells Bridget when she finds out that person is going to pay big time.

Watching the show from Nicks office, Pam drinks champagne and enjoys the show. As Brooke and Ridge keep kissing in the steam room, Marcus suddenly knocks on the door and call Ridge. Brooke hears him and says she thinks that’s Marcus. Ridge says not now but Marcus comes in anyway. Ridge and Brooke gasp but Marcus apologizes and says they need to hear this. He tells them that their entire collection was just ripped off by Jackie M leaving Ridge to grab his towel and finally leave the steam room as Brooke gasps in shock.

At Jackie M, Nick introduces the showstopper. The press goes wild and Jarrett says that Jackie M has reached the pinnacle of couture. He says that Jackie M is back again as Jackie and Nick smile in happiness and Bridget looked appalled.

From the stage, Jackie sees Stephanie arrive and she quickly thanks everyone for their applause before she disappears back stage in an attempt to hide from Stephanie who has seen the designs. Stephanie weaves her way through the crowd, confronting Jackie backstage. She stares at Jackie in disgust before she slaps her across the face.

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