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Katie tells Bill that she does not want Steffy on the board. Bill asks if she’s implying he has to make a choice. She says she’s not implying anything. Bill says this is not about choice and he is going to make the decision that he thinks is best for his company. He tells Steffy and Katie that they are both women he respects and both Spencers. He tells Katie that Steffy is a Spencer just like her and she’ll have to accept that. Katie doesn’t look happy.

Hope asks Thomas if Ridge said what the problem was. Thomas says no he didn’t but he wanted them down here right away. Hope says great, she is so not in the mood for this. Wanting to get whatever the issue is over with, Hope opens the door to Ridge’s office and goes in only to find flowers and candles everywhere. As she stares in awe, Thomas comes up behind her and asks if she’s in the mood for this. Hope turns around and smiles at him happily.

Bill says he understands Katie is upset but this is his company and he will be the one to decide what to do. Frustrated and upset, Katie says that she gets it. Steffy is married to Liam and Bill wants to involve her in the company. She says that’s fine but not to give her a board seat because that’s going too far considering how tenuous Liam and Steffy‘s marriage is. Outraged, Steffy says excuse me but Katie say let’s make a compromise and keeps talking. Bill interrupts and says that there are no compromises when it comes to his business and his family. Bill tells Katie that Steffy is their daughter-in-law now and she has a seat on the board. He tells her that Hope and Liam are not getting back together. It’s over.

In Liam’s office, Liam looks upset as he keeps staring at the replacement ad layout with Thomas in his place. He paces around restlessly, his mind still on Hope.

Hope asks Thomas how he did all this and where Ridge is. Thomas tells her he’s busy down in the sewing room. He says he’s so occupied with the upcoming fashion show that Ridge didn’t even see him hauling in all these flowers. Smiling, Hope tells Thomas he is just full of surprises today and brings up what she learned that Thomas was a mentor for the foster kids. Thomas laughs and says not only is he handsome he is also socially aware. Hope laughs and Thomas says he is so glad to see her smile. Hope says she is so glad that he can make her smile. They share a passionate kiss as Brooke opens the door to Ridge’s office and looks stunned to see them kissing.

Katie says that Steffy is part of the family now and she is expected to just suck it up and accept that. Bill doesn’t answer and pours himself a drink. Katie asks him if Hope had married Liam, would she be getting a seat on the Spencer Board? Bill rolls his eyes and says that if Hope had married Liam she would not have time for Liam let alone serving on the Spencer Board. Bill tells Katie that he is not backing down on this. He says this is a family business and everyone needs to be involved. Trying to help, Steffy says they can pretend not to see each other in the hallways but Bill tells her not to say silly things like that. Bill tries to explain to Katie that Steffy is going to be with them at the office, during holidays and family vacations. Katie says vacations, is he out of his mind? Bill pleads with Katie for the sake of their family, for her to stop fighting this. Katie just turns and walks out of his office, slamming the door behind her.

Brooke waits for Thomas and Hope to finish their kiss until she knocks on the door. She asks them what is going on here because of the flowers. Thomas says he is just setting the mood. Brooke tells him that she’s sure Ridge is going to want this all taken down by tomorrow. Thomas says for sure. Brooke then says that she was just with Ridge down in the sewing room and he looks really stressed out over the show so maybe Thomas should go and check on him. When Thomas hesitates, Brooke gets to the point and says that she’d really like a moment alone with her daughter. Thomas says okay and leaves Brooke and Hope alone.

Hearing a knock at his door, Liam says come in. Katie enters looking stressed out. She enters Liam’s office and compliments his new office. Liam says his dad really went all out before noting that Katie looks near tears. He asks her if she’s okay. Katie says no she is not and ends up crying. She tells Liam that she felt like she was going to lose her mind in there. She tells him that Bill has decided to keep Steffy on the board. Liam says that Steffy will be great. Katie asks him if he doesn’t have a problem with that. When he says no she brings up how Steffy will be working closely with his dad. Liam says he wouldn’t be worried about that, something Katie questions and says it’s interesting that Bill values Steffy’s opinion over hers. She tells him that she tried to tell Bill what a bad idea this was but he wouldn’t listen. Liam says maybe it’s really not a bad idea. He says she is driving herself nuts by stressing out like this. He says that his dad shouldn’t be pressuring her but informs her that Steffy isn’t going anywhere so she might as well accept this.

Tired, Steffy says that Katie is never going to accept her so Bill should just get used to it. Bill says that she will accept her eventually. Steffy says that Katie hates that she is on the Spencer board but Bill tells her that is a business decision. Steffy says that Katie thinks there is a lot more to it than that. Bill says that Katie is worried about something that is no longer a concern. Steffy sighs and says yes, but how do they convince her of that? Bill says that is the tricky part. Steffy talks about chastity belts, reminding them of Hope. Bill says that is another problem. Steffy says that Katie does think she stole Liam away from her niece. She admits that she knows Liam has an emotional tie to Hope but she’s wearing it down.

Bill says that she is the best thing that ever happened to Liam and Katie is going to get that. Steffy says that she knows he knows Katie better but she’s not sure. Bill looks humiliated and asks if she is doubting him. Steffy laughs and says yes who does that? Who questions the mighty Dollar Bill Spencer? Bill says exactly. Steffy laughs and Bill looks at her infatuated. He says that his son is very lucky to have her as she is like a breath of fresh air. Steffy warns him not to let his wife hear him say that. Bill only smiles back at her.

Amazed, Brooke asks Hope is Thomas really set all this up for her. Hope says Thomas is very sweet. Brooke say but he’s not Liam leaving Hope to fall silent. Brooke goes over to her daughter and tells her she is very proud of her, the way she handled Thanksgiving and the things she said to Liam and Steffy must have taken a lot of courage. Hope asks what else could she do. Brooke says that she just wants to make sure Hope isn’t giving up too early. Hope sighs and Brooke says she knows Ridge would not be happy to hear her say that but all she cares about is her feelings. Hope says that Liam is not an option anymore. Brooke says that they got caught up in a misunderstanding and now Liam is in a complicated situation but she asks her not to give up on him. Hope nods.

Liam tells Katie that she is wasting all this energy stressing over Steffy and hoping she is going to just go away, but that is not going to happen. Katie says she knows and she is sorry. Katie says that she just doesn’t know what to do then tells Liam about Bill’s direct involvement in keeping Hope away from him. Liam looks a little hurt but he says he only did it to protect him. Katie asks him how that works. Liam explains that Bill thought Hope was trying to mess with his head. Katie cuts to the chase and asks if that doesn’t bother him that Bill and Steffy were working together, scheming to get Steffy into the family. Liam says so what if they were working together, Bill knew how good Steffy and him would be together and how much she loves him. Katie scoffs at that and says Steffy seems to fall in love so easily and asks him if he remembers who she loved before him. She says that Bill was so infatuated with Steffy that he almost left her for her. She says then suddenly he’s pushing her onto him and tells him to think about that and asks him how that makes sense.

Liam falls silent and Katie says just because he married her it doesn’t change anything. She says after everything Steffy has done how can anyone blame her for wanting Steffy as far away from her as possible? She says that he may have married her but that doesn’t remove what Steffy did. She says that Bill says he can turn his feelings off just like that but she can’t. She admits that she doesn’t think he can either. She says that he might be willing to forget that but she can’t, she won’t. She says that they were involved, Bill wanted her. She says he touched her and kissed her and Bill says that they didn’t sleep together but they’ll never really know. Liam tells her to stop it. He says it does bother him that they felt things for each other but he doesn’t want to think about it. Katie says they still do feel it.

Bill tells Steffy that things are about to change for her. He says that she has had a taste of the good life as a Forrester. Steffy says but nothing compares to being a Spencer, right? Bill says hell yea and pours himself a drink. Steffy says she is so happy she’s in love. Steffy says Katie isn’t and Bill says they can’t force that, it’s going to take some time. Steffy says yes it is. Bill says that he doesn’t like having his motives questioned nor what he wants and who he wants. Steffy says he made it clear he’s committed to Katie and Bill says yes he did. Steffy says that she really likes having Bill as her father-in-law drawing a chuckle out of Bill as he’s glad and says he couldn’t have wished for a better daughter-in-law.

Steffy thanks Bill for letting her be with the man that she loves. When Bill says Liam is lucky, Steffy says she is the lucky one. She smiles and says she feels like she is loving under a charmed star. Bill says he thinks they make their own luck and Steffy says that she believes that too. She says she just wishes Katie would give her a chance to prove her loyalty and love for her husband to her. Bill looks a little upset at Steffy’s words.

Brooke says that she doesn’t think it’s too late for Hope and Liam. After everything they have been through together, she says that Hope just shouldn’t give up. Hope says that she has tried but both people have to want it and she has some dignity. Brooke tells her to be careful and says she just doesn’t want Hope to settle for anything less than true love. Hope asks if she doesn’t think she can have that with Thomas. Brooke says that she doesn’t know, maybe someday. Hope says Liam has made his choice, he’s staying with his wife and she has to move on. Hope looks upset and Brooke hugs her.

Katie asks Liam if he doesn’t feel it and says that he must feel it when they are together. Liam nods but says that it’s just memory nothing that either of them would pursue. He says that Bill has recommitted himself to he and he can feel Steffy’s love for him. He says that that can’t be fake and says that if they were to go down that route then that would be a deal breaker and the end of both of their marriages.

Bill says that he bets that someday Katie will accept Steffy and offers her a drink. Steffy says no thanks and says that she’s not holding her breath for Katie. Bill says that’s fair enough. Steffy says that she should go but Bill tells her to stay because talking to her is refreshing. Steffy says that they had something wonderful once. He admits that they did. Steffy says that he ended it and he says he did. She says it was the right decision and Bill agrees. Steffy says and now she is married to his son and she adores him and they are totally committed. Bill sips his drink and says that then Katie has nothing to worry about.

Steffy says yea, Liam isn’t worried so why should Katie be? She adds in that he is her father-in-law and a great one at that. She says that Liam and her wouldn’t be married if it wasn’t for him and she’ll always be grateful for that. Bill moves to sit down and says that he hopes his son appreciates her and calls her Steffy Forrester. Steffy says that’s Steffy Spencer. Bill smiles and says that’s his bad.

He moves to sit in his chair, looking at Steffy and says yes it’s Spencer, Steffy Spencer and ends up drooping his drink, spilling some of it onto his shirt. Bill hisses “Dammit” and tries to clean it. Steffy grabs a cloth from near the coffee maker and goes over to help him. She kneels down and takes hold of his shirt and begins to dab at the liquid. As soon as she touches him, Bill tenses and has multiple flashbacks of Steffy and him kissing in the past. With widened eyes, Bill looks down at the girl helping him and looks back up, as if a realization has just hit him.

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