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Liam tells Steffy he’s home and jokingly says that that is what he’s supposed to say isn’t he? And she is supposed to hand him a cocktail and tell him about junior’s ballgame. Steffy says it doesn’t really work that way if she’s not wearing a pearl necklace or making a pot-roast. Liam says oh come on, so Steffy say she could borrow Pam’s pearls if he wants. Liam says no, no way to that and they both share a laugh and a kiss.

Hope is thinking of Liam as Thomas comes into her office. He sees Hope and apologies, saying sorry he didn’t know she was in here. Hope says it’s okay offhandedly. Noting Hope’s bad mood Thomas asks what is making her life this and who is responsible. Hope firmly says it was his father. Thomas looks shocked.

Ridge lights candles in Brooke and his bedroom and Brooke comes in and asks him what the candles mean in a happy, bubbly way. Ridge tells her that it means that she can’t be mad at him. Brooke looks surprised at his unexpected words.

Pam tells Nick he looks really sexy in that swimsuit he’s wearing. Nick tells Pam if she shows him those designs from Forrester, he’ll wear whatever she wants. Pam asks him if he really means that and Nick says that is the deal, isn’t it? That she provide something for Jackie M and he provide something fun for her. Pam purrs in delight.

Nick tells Pam he’s done a little modeling for her, he’s flexed his muscles and says now it’s her turn, it’s time to show him the designs. Pam says she has them right here. She picks up her phone and hands it to him and tells him to take a peek.

Brooke asks Ridge why she would be mad at him. Ridge asks her if she hasn’t talked to Hope. Brooke says no then curiously asks Ridge what happened. Ridge tells Brooke that he told Hope what she needed to hear, that Steffy and Liam are married and she needs to accept that. Brooke sighs in response.

Thomas asks Hope what his dad said. Hope tells Thomas that she has never heard Ridge be so adamant. She tells Thomas he told her she is to respect Steffy’s marriage and really laid down the law. She says then on the other hand she had her mother telling her she should not give up on Liam. She says she doesn’t know what to do. Thomas looks at Hope sympathetically before coming over to her wrapping her in a hug.

Liam tells Steffy that dinner sure smells good. Steffy says well she was attempting to make ribs and they should be done soon. Pouring some champagne, Steffy tells Liam that Brooke was here. Liam says oh yea and Steffy tells him she was here to tell her that he was talking to Hope and it was some kind of grand reunion they were having so she set her straight, She offers Liam the wine and he takes it before he asks Steffy if she’s not going to ask. Steffy says about Hope? No she won’t and asks him if she needs to.

Liam smiles and says no he guesses not. Steffy says that it doesn’t matter what Hope says and Brooke says because the only words she really cares about are the ones spoken between him and her. They share a kiss before Steffy says that people are gunning for them but they can say whatever they want for however long they want because they have proven that they can take a hit and still stay standing. She clinks glasses with Liam and says cheers.

Looking at the designs, Nick says they are outstanding. Pam agrees and says Eric has a ton of them too. Pam asks him if he wants her to get them all for her. She asks if he is going to tweak them though so it isn’t completely obvious. Nick says that they know what to do. Pam says that Jackie M is worth saving and she is glad she can help. Nick lets out a long sigh. Pam asks him what it is and he says he’s just thankful. He thanks her before saying he still can’t wrap his head around why she is actually doing this. Pam says it\s because she’s had enough. Stephanie made Steven feel so unwanted, so uncomfortable that he left. Pam says she finally had a man in her life, someone who really loved her only to get dumped.

Nick sees her choking up so Pam says no she’s not crying, it’s just the holiday season and stuff and she doesn‘t know she is going to get through it without Steven. She tells Nick they were going to make gingerbread houses together with real frosting and Stephanie just drove Steven away and now she’s expected to just show up at Forrester Creations every day with a smile on her face, act like she’s fine and answer their damn phones. Pam says no, she has had enough of that company and has had enough of being a dutiful sister. Nick tells her that they will catch on and asks her if she’s prepared for that because they will find out who has been doing this. Pam says and they are going to fire her, she knows. Pam tells Nick that she wants to come back to Jackie M when that happens and asks if she can, come back to a real family. She says that she just doesn’t want to be unhappy and alone again.

Nick tells Pam she is welcome back at Jackie M at any time. Pam says as long as she brings in those designs, right? That’s the condition? Nick reminds her that she is getting something out of this too. He tells her that he doesn’t want her freaking out down the road though. He says all this anger towards Stephanie can suddenly go away and he knows how loyal she is to her. Pam says she is loyal, she gave her life to Stephanie but that’s over. She says now her loyalty is going to be to Jackie M. Nick smiles.

Brooke says there are no messages on the phone so she hopes that means Hope isn’t too upset with him. Ridge says she isn’t, right? Brooke says that she just doesn’t like this tension between them and if he’s favoring. Ridge says he’s not playing favorites here and that is what he told Hope . He says that a marriage is sacred and he would say the same to Steffy if the situation was reversed. Brooke falls silent. Ridge urges her to not me mad at him. Brooke says how can she when she has to ask the same of him. Ridge gets curious as to what she means and Brooke hesitantly tells him that he told her daughter what she had to hear and she did the same with his. Ridge does not look impressed.

Pam tells Nick to check his email, he should have them. Nick breathes out a thank you and Pam says he is welcome. Pam asks him if he has anything to drink as she could really use a wine cool right about now. Nick says he has scotch and Pam says even better. As Nick gets the scotch for her Pam tells him that she knows he is just doing this for the designs and that’s okay. Nick says of course he is doing this for the designs, Jackie M is in bad shape. But admits though that in all honesty this has been rather nice in an odd sort of way. Pam smiles and they clink glasses, saying cheers.

Ridge tells Brooke that he thinks just letting their kids figure it out is just going to take some practice. Brooke says definitely and it’s okay for them to want different outcomes. She says of course we are going to defend their own children, that’s natural. Brooke says as long as they don’t let it come between them. Ridge sighs and says they won’t and asks her how they are going to make sure of that. Brooke asks him how and he says just like they are now by being here, communicating and making sure that they wind up in this position every night. Take off all their problems before they come in. Brooke smiles and he says then they light a few candles and Brooke says yes, do what they do best. Ridge says right and they share a kiss.

Thomas tells Hope he hates to say it but he thinks his dad is right. He says he said it wrong because his dad is too direct and definitely lacks some people skills. Frustrated, Hope asks Thomas how the hell Ridge is right. Hope asks Thomas how she is supposed to be okay with a marriage that never should have happened. She starts to say if Steffy hadn’t interfered but Thomas cuts her off and says but she did, okay? He says he is glad because it brought them to this point with her being in his office alone. Hope smiles at that and Thomas tells her to forget Liam before he kisses her. He keeps kissing her and says he’s just going to have to spoil her and make her forget Liam ever existed. At that point Hope gives in to the kiss.

Sitting outside Liam looks tired. Steffy notices this and says he looks stressed. She asks him if it’s work and Liam says yes. Steffy says well she can help. She asks if it’s another letter from the editor and Liam says he’s not going to ask her to help him every, single time. Steffy says well she’s his wife and they are a team. She takes his hands and says she wants to be involved in his work and she wants him to be involved in hers. She says it’s great how that they can built each other up. She says he really loves the support and push and pull of making each other better and really becoming one. Steffy says that all that other nonsense, Brooke’s rambling for example, that’s just background noise. She asks him he gets that. How great her and him are. Liam smiles and rubs Steffy’s hand. She says for life and they share a passionate kiss and a hug.

Nick says Steven was a fool and asks Pam if she knows that. Pam says that her mother always said that when God closes a door he opens a window. She turns to Nick and says and she is enjoying the view from her window. Nick asks her how this is going to work. She’s going to bring him a design and then he’s supposed to parade around in his swimsuit? Pam tells him not to be nervous, she just wants to have a little fun that’s all. She just wants a little attention, a little affection and maybe a stolen kiss once in a while. She says that’s not too much to ask is it?

Nick says she can count on him and holds out his hand for her to shake but Pam she doesn’t think so. She says they are sealing this deal with a kiss and not a peck on the cheek either. She wants a real, full-blow, kind of slow. Nick grabs her by the shoulders, bends her over his knee and kisses her. Breathless after the kiss, Pam looks satisfied.

Seeing Steffy taking away the dishes Liam says he can do that. Steffy insists he rest but Liam says she just made this delicious meal the least he can do is the dishes. Steffy tells him to go relax and kisses him before saying she’s taking care of him tonight. Blissful music plays as Liam watches Steffy.

Hope remembers Liam and while watching Steffy, Liam seems to be doing the same thing passively. As Hope sighs in her office during her montage, Thomas comes in and pats her shoulder before wrapping her in a loving embrace. Liam and Steffy and Thomas and Hope comfort each other with kisses and smiles as a song about love plays on.

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