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Thomas tells Hope to come with him and tells her that she won’t be sorry. Hope asks him where they would go and he tells her that she’ll see, it’ll make her forget all her troubles. Hope hesitates and says that she isn’t going to be good company. Thomas says he’ll be good enough for bother of them. Holding Hope, he tells her to forget Liam, knowing that he is on her mind. Hope asks Thomas how she is supposed to do that. Thomas says that is where he comes in tells her that by the end of the day she is going to be saying “Liam, who?” He promises that what has planned will make her feel better. Hope says yes to go but makes Thomas promise her that he won’t get upset if she wants to leave in between whatever he has planned. He says okay but promises her that it won’t happen anyway. Hope smiles and he leads her away.

Steffy tells her father that Thomas being into Hope is a good sign. Ridge says he sure hopes so. Steffy tells Ridge that Thomas is crazy about her and explains how he described his first kiss with Hope to her father. She says Thomas is in love. Ridge says it happened kind of fast to which Steffy says that that’s the good part. Ridge asks her if Liam and her are having problems but Steffy says that she just thinks things would tie up nicely if Thomas and Hope could be together. At that point Brooke comes in and says she wouldn’t count on that.

At home Liam is looking at pictures of Hope and he thinks of his memories with her until Katie enters his home. Katie asks him if he’s alone and he says yes. He asks her what’s up and Katie says she doesn’t know if he’s noticed but she has been avoiding his wife and him lately. Liam says he has. Katie says yes, well she should not have done that. Katie tells Liam that she has been thinking a lot lately and says it’s pretty obvious that Steffy had something to do with stopping that gondola and trapping Hope inside. Liam cuts her off and tells her he does know the reason why Steffy did it. Katie looks shocked as he tells her that Steffy came to him and told him that she did know Hope was in Aspen and kept her from getting to him.

Alarmed, Katie asks Liam if Steffy really told him the truth like that. Liam says she did. Katie says well, Steffy must have known he was close to finding out then. Liam says he doesn’t think so and turns away. Catching up to him Katie tells him that Steffy manipulated him and tells him to please tell her that he’s not staying in this marriage. She demands for him to have it annulled. Liam looks shocked.

Brooke closes the door behind her and comes in and Steffy remarks that it’s her oh so supportive step-mother. Brooke gets right to the point and says Hope and Thomas are not an item and will never become one. Steffy asks Brooke why she wouldn’t want that and Brooke says it’s because Hope is not in love with Thomas. Steffy tells her not to sell her brother short.

Brooke turns to Ridge and begs him to please not encourage this. Steffy says that Thomas doesn’t need encouragement as he is already in hot pursuit. Brooke says then his heart will be broken and asks Steffy if that is what she wants for her brother. Steffy says that Thomas’ heart doesn’t break that easily nor does his determination. She tells Brooke that she ought to be thrilled.

Thomas takes Hope to a Veteran’s Day celebration at Dayzee’s. Hope says she almost forgot it was Veteran’s Day. Thomas says she is not the only one but it is important to remember what these men and women have done for them.

Hope helps out the veterans with their meal. As Thomas goes by, Dayzee thanks him for bringing Hope. He thanks her instead and says that Hope is really getting into this. Dayzee says she can see that and tells Thomas to go on with serving up meals for the veterans. Hope talks to the veterans as they talk about how good the food is. Oliver who is also there asks if she wants a break but Hope tells him she is good. Marcus brings more food to the table and Hope takes the moment to glance at Thomas who is also busy helping out. They share a look and smile at each other.

Brooke says she knows that Ridge and her see this differently. Ridge says that there is only one way to see this and that is that Liam is married to Steffy and Hope is interested in Thomas. Brooke says yes she is but only as a friend. She says at best their relationship would be on the rebound just like Liam’s engagement to Steffy was. Steffy gasps at that and Ridge tells Brooke to stop saying that but Steffy says it’s okay. She asks Brooke why she can’t be happy for her. Steffy says that her marriage is the most important thing in the world to her and it’s really unfair because Brooke just keeps putting up these roadblocks.

Brooke says all she wants is the truth. Steffy says that’s simple. Liam proposed to her, they got married on a glorious day in Aspen and they are going to start a life together. She says that is the truth but Brooke says that she doesn’t think it’s that simple. Exasperated, Steffy says that marriage isn’t easy and Brooke knows this firsthand. She asks Brooke to just please leave Liam and her alone. She tells her either she supports them or stays the hell away. She tells Brooke to stop feeding Hope these fantasies that Liam is going to return to her because it’s never going to happen.

Katie desperately tells Liam to tell her that he is going to get out of this marriage because Steffy lied to him. Liam says yes, but then she told him the truth. Crossing her arms over her chest Katie says that she’s sure Steffy had a self-serving reason for that. Liam says yea, and that was that Steffy didn’t want to be in a marriage based on a lie. Katie says that the only reason Steffy did what she did in Aspen was because she knew if Liam saw Hope then they’d get back together again. She says Steffy did that because she knew he still loved Hope and she personally knows he still does. Liam says okay, she delivered her message, and asks her is there anything else?

Katie says this doesn’t have to be complicated. Steffy and him have only been married for a couple of weeks, he could call his lawyer and he could take care of everything. Liam says oh my god and tells her he knows that. Katie tells him to please tell her he’s not forgiving her for this, Steffy tricked him. Liam says that he is upset about this as anyone, more than anyone. He says he didn’t marry Steffy because he wanted to go to bed with her but because he believed in her. He tells Katie that the reason he believed Steffy was because she was there for him at a time when nobody else was, not even Hope. Katie says Hope is very sorry about that and Liam says as is Steffy for what she did.

Disgusted, Katie tells Liam not to compare the two. She says that Hope may have been insensitive but what Steffy did was wrong. Katei tells Liam that Steffy lies, that’s who she is and asks him if that doesn’t tell him something. Katie warns him that if he stays in this marriage his life will be filled with lies.

Brooke tells Steffy that she may not believe this but she doesn’t want to see her miserable. She says that she is married to Steffy’s father and knows how much he really loves her but warns Steffy that she is setting herself up for a fall. Steffy says that well, she’ll take her chances. Brooke says that Liam and Hope are still in love but Ridge says that they are going to have to just agree to disagree on that one. Ridge says that he believes that Liam is committed to Steffy. Brooke says he is committed to Steffy because he thinks she is honest and forthright.

Steffy cuts her off and says she has been honest. Brooke asks her if she can look her in the eye and tell her that everything she has said to Liam was the truth. Steffy says yes, she told Liam the truth. Brooke says if she is wrong then she owes Steffy and apology but if she’s not then Steffy really needs to get some help. Steffy defends herself by saying that what she really needs is her for to respect her marriage. Brooke and her sisters. Steffy says but she doesn’t and it doesn’t really surprise her seeing that she disrespected her parents’ marriage before. Ridge says not to go down that path. Steffy asks her father to please tell Brooke to leave Liam and her alone. She looks at Brooke and tells her to tell Katie to do the same.

Hope thanks Liam for doing this for her. Dayzee asks Thomas if he is ready and Thomas says if she is. Dayzee makes the announcement and tells the veterans that her good friend Thomas has a surprise for them. Thomas gives a speech on veterans and how much they impact people’s lives. He thanks them for their service. A veteran gives a speech about his job and says they came through for America and they should all be proud of that. Everyone claps and Thomas introduces his friend, Beau Davidson who sings his song “Blessed,” to honor the veterans on Veterans Day.

Katie asks Liam how Steffy pulled the gondola off anyway. Liam says it beats him, he has no idea. Katie asks if Bill was involved to which Liam says he doesn’t know and he doesn’t want to know. He says his father was in L.A. and that is a long way from Aspen. Katie says well however Steffy did it, she left Hope helpless. She says that Hope was trapped in there unable to get out, unable to get to him. She asks him if that doesn’t make him crazy that she trapped Hope and now she trapped him in this marriage. She tells Liam that he has zero reason to honor this marriage as it’s a marriage out of dishonesty. She tells him it is not a real marriage.

Annoyed now, Liam bursts out that he loves them both. He admits that Steffy did something terrible and he is dealing with it. He admits that yes, Hope is on his mind all the time but he doesn’t know what to do because he has never been in this position before. Katie tells Liam that Thomas is really interested in Hope and he is handsome and charming. She tells him that Hope is vulnerable and Thomas could easily just sweep Hope off her feet. She asks Liam why he is doing this. She tells him to get out of this marriage while he still can. She tells him to go back to the woman he loves, go back to Hope, before he loses her to Thomas.

Hope tells Thomas that this was awesome and says it was such an amazing day. She says really, it reminds her to appreciate what they have this country and why they have it. She says it is because of these brave veterans who have given so much. Thomas says she is smiling and says he knew she would. Hope laughs and says she guesses he delivers on his promises then. Thomas says she can count on that.

Still smiling,. Hope says that this has been an inspiring day. Thomas says that their veterans are about making their country better. He says these are people that believe in what they are doing exactly like her. He says she wants to change the world. He tells her that she is a great person and she is changing the world. Hope smiles in happiness.

Katie urges Liam that he can’t wait. She warns him that if he doesn’t act now he will lose Hope forever.

Hope smiles and tells Thomas that she’s really touched. She tells Thomas that she hasn’t felt this way in a long time. He says he just wanted to do something to make her feel better. Hope tells him that he succeeded. She says that she didn’t think it was possible. Thomas tells her that anything is possible with the right person. Hope tells him that she will never forget this day. She thanks him for have bought her here and tells him she loved every minute of it. Thomas tells Hope he is crazy about her and kisses her. The kiss ends and Hope pulls away and gives Thomas a smile.

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