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Hope asks Liam again if he really believes that his marriage to Steffy was a mistake. Liam tells Hope she was right for calling this a mess. Shocked, Hope asks him if he is really realizing that his marriage was a mistake. Liam says that he just wonders if some messes canít be cleaned up.

Steffy asks Thomas if they are committed to keeping Hope and Liam apart. Thomas says definitely and Steffy says itís not like they are doing anything bad. Thomas agrees and says what is bad about a little romance. He says they will sweep Liam and Hope off their feet. Steffy smiles and Thomas says that Liam is her husband. He should be focusing on her and not his ex. Thomas says that Liam doesnít have to worry about Hope anymore, he is more than willing to step in.

Eating lunch with Brooke, Katie asks Brooke if they are just supposed to believe that Steffy had nothing to do with stopping that gondola. Brooke says that Steffy is definitely responsible for stopping Hope from getting to Liam on time. Katie says yea, but how do they prove it?

Brooke says that it could not be by chance, itís just too coincidental. Katie agrees and says that it is strange that the gondola stopped just in time for Steffy and Liam to exchange their vows. Brooke says yes, but what can they do now? They are married. Katie asks her how Hope is talking all this. Brooke sighs and says not great before saying something strange happened yesterday. Curious, Katie asks what. Brooke says somebody kissed Hope. Katie asks if it wasnít Liam, and Brooke says it was not him. Katie asks who it was then. Brooke hesitates so Katie tells her she has to tell her. Brooke finally whispers that it was Thomas. Katie looks shocked and taken back at the news.

Steffy says Thomas really likes Hope. Thomas agrees and Steffy says he likes Hope. Hope that annoying girl. Thomas says he doesnít know how it happened but this is it. He says when he was with Hope his heart was pounding, his palms were sweaty and says that there sparks. Steffy says sparks and looks at her brother questioningly and Thomas nods and says there were sparks and it was like clouds parted. Steffy says sunshine and rainbows before saying yes, that sounds like Hope Logan. Thomas says okay, he knows Hope isnít exactly her favorite person. Steffy says she likes her, just not with Liam. Seeing Thomas grinning, Steffy says if that smile on his face is because of Hope then she is all for it. Thomas goes back to explaining how being with Hope was and calls it fireworks and shooting stars to which Steffy says one kiss from Hope and her brother thinks heís an astronaut. He continues smiling and Steffy asks him seriously, what is it with those Logan girls. Thomas shrugs and keeps smiling.

Liam says it was just fast. Steffy walking up, just as he was giving up on Hope. He sighs before saying he does love Steffy. Hope takes a long pause before she says she hopes he does, as Steffy is his wife. Liam fumbles with his words for a while before he says so many things happened in such a short time itís hard not to wonder if she had made it up to the top of that mountain. Hope cuts him off by saying well fate intervened. She paused before adding in or somebody did. The door opens and Marcus comes in and asks Hope if she got that email for todayís meeting. Hope says she will be there. Marcus says hello to Liam and leaves them alone. Hope says she should go but Liam goes back to the earlier conversation and says if she had made it to the top of the mountain, but Hope screams that but she didnít. She repeats that she didnít and says that she doesnít want to hear any of his ďwhat ifs.Ē She sighs and says he canít undo what he did.

Steffy says itís like one kiss from a Logan and men go nuts. Thomas asks Steffy how come he has never noticed how beautiful Hope is? Steffy mocks him by saying does he hear music every time she enters the room. Thomas says itís like a four-string orchestra. Steffy laughs asks if he sees her walking in slow motion with the wind blowing through her hair. Thomas nods and Steffy says okay, this is worse than she thought. Thomas asks if she has ever looked in Hopeís eyes and says that he gets lost in them. Steffy says baby blue eyes donít really have that effect on her.

Steffy tells him to turn on the charm and reel Hope in. Thomas says of course, how long is that going to take, a day maybe two. Steffy tells him to just make sure her husband isnít around because if Hope is still pining for him it could take forever. She tells him to just ask Oliver about that. Thomas says he doesnít have to worry about that though because sheíll be keeping Liam occupied. Steffy says he can count on her for that. Marcus comes in and tells them he is just making rounds and reminding people about that meeting for Hope for the Future. Thomas asks if itís about a new photo concept and Marcus says yes. Steffy says they could just wait until Hope gets here but Marcus says there is no need for that because he just saw Hope in Ridgeís office, talking to Liam. Steffy and Thomas exchange worried glances.

Sitting her coffee, Brooke tells Katie that she doesnít know what to do. She says that his is really worrying her. Katie says itís just a kiss. Brooke says yes but she spoke to Thomas and he seemed really upbeat about it. She says the glow on his face makes her think it wasnít just about the kiss. Brooke says that she thinks Thomas is really interested in Hope. Katie looks unsure and asks Brooke what Ridge has to say about all this. Brooke says that Ridge doesnít seem all that concerned. She says that he seems unaware that his son will be hurt because Hope loves Liam. She says that they are meant to be together and neither Steffy not Thomas can come between them. Not in the long run.

Hope tells Liam that he is married now and she respects what that means and then asks him if they could they not talk about what could have been then. Liam says that he didnít mean to upset her. Hope says okay, then just leave it alone. Liam asks if that means leave her alone because he doesnít think he can do that. Hope sighs, exasperated and shows him his hand with his wedding band. She tells him that he accepted this wedding ring. She says she watched Steffy put it on his finger while she was stuck in a gondola screaming for him, trying to do anything to stop him from committing his life to Steffy. She says itís about committing life and now heís with Steffy till death does them part. She says that he said some messes are too big to be cleaned up and if he says this is not a mess then.

Liam cuts her off and says that there is something she needs to know but Steffy and Thomas arrive. Steffy kisses Liam as Hope looks on. Steffy eventually apologizes and asks Hope if Liam and her were busy but Hope says no, they are done. She asks Liam if he wouldnít also say that him and her are done? Liam looks shocked.

Hope asks Thomas when Marcus said that meeting was. Thomas says they should probably get down there right now. Draped around Liam, Steffy says they are probably going to hate her but she is going to bail. She says as much fun as it sounds picking out photos for Hopeís line, sheíd rather try on Intimates with Liam. Steffy takes Liam away and Hope fights to hold back tears. She says that she thinks they should head down to that meeting now. Thomas tells her to wait and tells her she doesnít have to be so strong. Not in front of him and hugs her as she breaks down crying.

Katie says she just hopes this doesnít come between Brooke and Ridge. Brooke says that she doesnít think they are going to have that kind of problem, but things could get dicey. Katie says that she just realized Steffy must be on cloud nine. Brooke says what, knowing that her brother kissed Hope? Brooke disagrees and says that Steffy doesnít exactly welcome Logans into the family with open arms. Katie says but if Hope is with Thomas then she wonít be chasing after Liam and Steffy will no longer have to run around stopping gondola. Brooke laughs and says yea before she says they have got to find a way to prove that Steffy manipulated Liam into the marriage and fast. Before Hope and Thomas get too involved. Katie says that sheíll go talk to Liam and see if she can find out what really happened on his wedding day. Katie tells her sister not to worry and tells her that they are going to figure this out.

Liam reflects on what Hope said to him recently about how he is not allowed to be concerned about her anymore and looks hurt. Steffy says sorry she interrupted because when Thomas and her walked in, it looked like Hope and him were in the middle of something. She pauses before asking if they were. Liam denies it and says they were just talking. Steffy says the truth is sheís not sorry and she prefers it if she doesnít spend time with him. She steps out wearing her lingerie and tells Liam that she is his wife, not Hope. She says itís time he move on with his life. Liam smiles in response.

Thomas thanks someone on the phone and hangs up while Hope calms herself down. Thomas tells Hope that the meeting is rescheduled. Hope says sheís sorry for this but Thomas tells her not to be. Thomas says he doesnít like seeing her upset. Hope says she hates feeling this way but, she perks up and says sheíll be fine. Thomas smiles and says she will be. Thomas asks her what she is doing tonight and when she says nothing he says great then she has plans with him. Hope doesnít think that may be such a good idea but Thomas asks her to just give him a few hours of her time. He tells her there is something he wants her to be a part of and itís guaranteed to take those tears away.

Steffy tells Liam that sheís not saying he should never talk to Hope, she does know he cares about her, but asks him if it isnít kind of cruel.

Liam looks confused and Steffy explains herself by saying they are married and itís almost like he is leading her on. Liam says itís not like that. Steffy says that Hope and Thomas are getting along really well. Liam says Thomas and Steffy asks if he hadnít noticed. She says that things are happening for them so they shouldnít interfere. She begins to unbutton his shirt and Liam asks her what sheís doing. Steffy asks him if he likes her lingerie. Liam says whatís not to like and they share a kiss few kisses. Steffy locks the door and asks if he wants her to wear it for him tonight. He tells her he wants her to wear that for him every night. They continue kissing passionately.

Thomas asks Hope if they are on. Hope says sheís flattered but she wouldnít be very good company right now. She sighs so Thomas says she probably wouldnít be. Hope thanks him for understanding. Thomas says heís been thinking and when Hope asks what about, he tells her maybe they should change her lineís name to Hope for the Past or even better Hopeless implying that she is too stuck on Liam. Hope says she gets it and tells him to stop admitting that she is feeling to sorry for herself. Thomas says he didnít say that.

Hope says heís right, so she doesnít have Liam anymore. That doesnít mean that her life is over. She says she still has her line, her job, her family. Thomas adds in that she also has him. Hope smiles and Thomas tells her to make his day and come with him tonight, she wonít be sorry. He kisses her softly and they share a smile as Hope nods, agreeing to come with him.

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