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In her office, Steffy thinks about Liam asking her if she had any idea that Hope was in Aspen, stuck in a gondola, watching them get married. She remembers him asking her if she had anything to do with that and looks troubled. Taylor comes in a that point and asks her daughter whatís wrong as she seems so distant. Steffy tells her mother sheís not okay. Concerned, Taylor asks whatís wrong and Steffy tells her that she is keeping a secret from her husband. She admits to her mother that she knew Hope was in Aspen looking for Liam when they got married, but when Liam asked her she lied to him.

Hope brings files for Steffy and finds Liam in her office. She tells him she is just dropping off files and moves to leave but Liam asks her how she is. She says sheís been good. He asks her if things have been going good at work and Hope says she has been busy. Liam says he has been too. Hope suddenly changes the topic and puts Liam on the spot by asking him if heís happily married.

Laying in bed with Ridge, Brooke says that love is the solution to everything and how they have been proving that for years. Ridge smiles and says that Hope seems to have bounced back too. Brooke asks Ridge if he read the blogs. Ridge nods and says that young people supporting Hope must have to mean a lot to her. Brooke says it does help but Hope is still not over Liam.

Hope apologizes to Liam over what she said and says she should have never asked him that. She says of course he is happily married. Liam smiles but says that he still hasnít gotten used to it yet. Hope says it takes time to adjust. Liam pauses before saying that he doesnít know where Hope and him went wrong but Hope cuts him off and says that it doesnít matter now. She says that as long as he believes his wife then thatís all that matters. Liam says Hope still thinks Steffy is lying to him about Aspen. When Hope nods Liam disagrees and says that Steffy wouldnít do that to him. He says that she would not lie to him.

Taylor realizes that the gondola getting stuck was Steffyís doing, and says that to her daughter. Steffy tries to justify herself by saying Liam and her were just having such a good time in Aspen, laughing and carefree and falling in love. She says that her dream was finally coming true and she could not lose him and go through that pain again. Steffy says that Hope should have never gone to Aspen in the first place because it was over between her and Liam. Steffy says that it wasnít her who made Liam put a ring on her finger. Steffy firmly says that she knows Liam loves her. Taylor agrees and Steffy says that she knows she should not have lied to him. Taylor agrees again and says that she should not have. Steffy sighs and Taylor says that Steffy though, is only human and at that time she was in a very difficult position. Steffy admits that knowing Hope was chasing after Liam, she did freak out and lose faith. She says that now though, what she did is starting to eat at her.

Ridge tells Brooke that they both just want whatís best for their children. Brooke asks him if he really thinks Liam is best for Steffy. Ridge says yes, he thinks Steffy loves him very much. Brooke starts say but if Steffy canít be truthful but Ridge cuts her off in a warning tone. Brooke continues anyway and says if Steffy has to lie to hang onto her husband than that says that they shouldnít be together in the first place. Ridge tells Brooke to please stop. He says that this is not an issue for them and requests for her to not turn it into one. Ridge tells Brooke that she has got to stay out of Steffy and Liamís marriage. Brooke does not look happy.

After seeing the blog posts people have written about Hope, Liam tells her that that has to make her feel good. Hope says yes, it is nice to know that young woman are seeing the benefits of waiting to have sex until marriage. After a long, awkward moment Liam tells Hope that he keeps on wondering what would have happened if she had made it to the top of the mountain, if her gondola hadnít gotten stuck. Hope tells him that it wasnít meant to be and she was too late. She adds in that itís dumb to speculate because it hurts and it doesnít change a thing. Liam falls silent and Hope says she should get back to work. Hope turns to leave and reaches the doorway when Liam stops her and says that he misses her. Hope says yes, she misses him too before quickly leaving the room.

Steffy says so her mother thinks sheís wrong for trying to keep Hope away from Liam. Taylor says she understands that she was trying to protect her engagement when Hope was trying to interfere. Steffy says but lying to Liam right after they got married was too much. Taylor tells her daughter that she is not going to judge her. She says that sometimes people do things in the heat of the moment and later on wish they hadnít. She says itís a mistake and everyone makes it but itís only a mistake. She tells Steffy that, that does not mean that what Liam and her share isnít real. Steffy agrees but says that itís a little tainted though. When Taylor says she was trying to protect her marriage, Steffy says that is it. Is she that weak and insecure to have to worry so much. Taylor says she is not weak, it was just in that moment that she felt a little insecure.

Seeing Steffy sigh Taylor says that, that is understandable seeing what Hope and Liam have been through in the past. She adds in that to be honest this is not that different from what she has been through with Brooke and Ridge. She says that if maybe she had been a little more protective of her marriage then Ridge and her would still be married but Steffy says that Taylor would never lie to Ridgeís face. When Taylor falls silent Steffy says she knows what she has to do now. Taylor advises her not to make any hasty decisions but Steffy says that the hasty decision was lying in the first place. She says she canít live with that. She loves Liam so much and does not want their marriage to start like this. She says that before they go any further, she is telling Liam the truth. Taylor huge Steffy.

Brooke asks Ridge if everything that happened in Colorado, Hope getting stuck in the gondola, if heís willing to accept all of that as chance. Ridge says that he is willing to just let it all be. Brooke says he sure has a lot of faith in his children to which Ridge smiles and says as does she. Ridge tells Brooke that he loves his daughter and she is not as tough as she pretends to be. He says that Steffy has had to overcome a lot of obstacles in her life--the break-up of her family, the death of her twin sister. He says that she has finally found someone to help her fill some of those voids. He says that she is glowing and he would absolutely hate to see her lose that. Brooke turns the conversation back to Hope, saying that there is another young woman, who has had to overcome a lot too and she finally met the man that she adored and he was taken from her, unfairly.

Thomas tells Hope heís been looking for her. Hope asks him whatís up and Thomas tells her he has an idea. He shows her a pink golf ball and says what if they came up with a new logo for Hope for the Future that exemplifies her message and print it on the golf balls to use in her next photo shoot. Hope says Liam and her used to really love to tee each other off and sighs but says that sheíll think about it. Thomas goes to leave but stops and tells Hope that he is sorry about her and Liam. He says he canít believe Liam let her get away and says itís his loss for sure. Hope says thanks and says thatís very sweet. Thomas says he means it and says that Liam has to be out of his mind. Hope says why, because he chose his sister over her, but Thomas says no, to choose anyone over her. Hope smiles at Thomas.

Steffy enters her office and finds Liam deep in thought. She asks him if heís lost in thought. Liam snaps out of it and asks her if sheís ready for dinner. Steffy tells him that there is something they need to talk about first. Liam asks what and Steffy says us. Steffy says that she loves him more than she can put into words and she knows he loves her too, that is why he married her and that is why she trusts him. Liam says yes well she was there when he needed her most so heís there for her. Steffy says she needs him now and Liam thinks she is talking about making love but Steffy says not for that. She sighs and says she has always prided herself on her strength. Liam says that she has been through so much but she always bounces back from it and that is what he loves most about her. Steffy tells him that she has not always been this strong and says that, that is what she hates about herself, when she shows weakness. Liam says he hasnít seen any weakness but Steffy says that thatís only because sheís been very careful not to show him.

Liam asks her when and Steffy says when they were in Aspen. She admits that she did some things she did out of weakness because she was afraid. Liam asks her what she was afraid of and Steffy tells him it was his rejection. Liam calls Steffy his buddy and tells her that they got married in Aspen. Steffy smiles and says she knows and that is a day that she will never forget for the rest of her life. Liam asks her why all this talk about fear then. Steffy says because Hope was in Aspen but Liam says she didnít know that. That was what she told him. Steffy hesitates but says that, that wasnít the truth.

Looking at the pink golf ball Thomas left for her, Hope thinks about the times she used to play golf with Liam. She ends up crying at the memories.

Liam is shocked over what Steffy has just told him and asks Steffy if she was afraid that Hope was in Aspen because she thought she wanted to see him. Steffy quietly says that would be the logical conclusion. Liam falls silent and looks hurt as he turns away from Steffy. He takes a moment before he asks her if there is anything else. Steffy hesitantly says the gondola and Liamís face turns disgusted and more hurt. He tells her not to tell him that she was behind that. Steffy says she lied, she knew Hope was in the gondola but she lied. She says she is sorry about it but Liam looks even more hurt as he reminds her that she told him she had nothing to do with that. Steffy tells Liam that she loves him more than she thought she could ever love anyone and that is why she is telling him this. She says she will not let their marriage start off like this. She says that she should not have lied and she should have trusted him but she was freaking out because they had just gotten married.

She moves to hug him but Liam pulls away and says the whole time they were getting married and making vows to each other, pledging their love, she could see Hope in the gondola and she was making promises to him? He says that she vowed to be faithful, loyal, and truthful yet at the same time she was lying to him. He says it was their wedding and screams what is more sacred than that?

Desperate, Steffy says that she was determined to not let him have a life where he would be miserable. Liam angrily says that she was determined to get that ring on her finger before Hope could stop her. Liam says she manipulated this entire thing. Steffy admits that she wrong and she wishes she hadnít and says that is why she is telling him everything so that they can start clean. Liam doesnít respond so Steffy says that he loves her because she would do anything for him. She say she would go to the ends of the earth and climb the highest mountains for him. She says that is what she did and her mistake was just keeping it from him.

She says if he forgives her then she well never, ever keep anything from him again. Steffy kisses Liam for a moment before Liam pulls away and glares. Steffy says to him not to look at her like that. She begs him to please forgive her.

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