B&B Thursday Update 11/3/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/3/11

Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge asks his father what he told him. He tells Eric he told him not to give up on Stephanie and to be patient. He scolds Eric for ending up at Jackie’s. He says that Stephanie has been through a lot and she does not deserve this treatment from any of them, Eric or Jackie Marone.

Stephanie checks her phone, looking for a phone call for Eric. Not seeing any messages, she walks over and picks up a photograph of Eric and herself. As she glances at it she remembers how Eric left tonight, refusing to talk to her and telling her to not wait up for him. She is unhappy.

Katie asks Hope how come she’s back so soon. Hope says the photo shoot, she walked out from it. She tells her aunts and her mother that just putting herself out there, in front of the camera was too much for her. Brooke tells her not to push herself. She says it’ll take her a while to find a new focus for her campaign. Hope tells Brooke that she is not going to do that as she still believes in her message. She says that yea, her fiancée married somebody else but that doesn’t change who she is nor what she believes in. Katie says that it will make it a much harder sell though and Donna tells her she sounds like her husband, Bill. Katie tells Hope that she doesn’t share Bill’s opinion on who Liam should be with. Hope tells Katie that she didn’t lose Liam because she stuck to her principles, but because he let Steffy too close and she overreacted.

Looking at his laptop, Thomas’ eyes widen and he says “Would you look at that? It’s unbelievable,” and looks impressed.

Hope says she overreacted and paid the price. Katie says that none of this is her fault, she simply saw her fiancée in the arms of another woman and reacted. Hope says Steffy is not the “other woman” anymore, she’s his wife. Brooke hugs her daughter and sighs.

Thomas tells Oliver to come over to his laptop and look at what he’s looking at. Oliver asks him what it is, and Thomas tells him it’s a collection of blogs about Hope and her fashion line. Oliver says that everyone loves when a celebrity hits hard times but Thomas tells him that people are not bashing Hope but supporting her. He says that while they are angry at Steffy and Liam they are proud and encouraging Hope.

He reads a few of the comments out to Oliver and after a few Oliver says that he’s sure Hope would want to see this. Thomas asks him if he doesn’t think Hope would have seen them already but Oliver says he doesn’t think so as Hope has been avoiding the internet. He says that she feels bad enough about how things turned out with Liam and doesn’t need other people’s opinions.

Jackie tries to defend Eric’s actions and tells Ridge that he just came here to talk but Ridge says that Eric should not have come here at all. Eric says that Jackie is his friend and Ridge has no right to come barging into her house like this. Ridge says that he is not the one in the wrong here. Eric yells at Ridge and warns him that he needs to be careful how he talks to him. He tells him he is not one of Ridge’s children but Ridge tells him to stop acting like one then. He tells Eric that he walks out on Stephanie and comes to Jackie’s looking for sympathy? After a long silence, Ridge grabs Eric’s arm and pulls him to go but Eric snaps and tells him not to do that.

Noticing that things are getting out of control, Jackie tells them that she is not going to tolerate a brawl in her home. She says she is going to wait in the other room and that they need to work it out. Once Jackie leaves, Eric sternly tells Ridge that he is not going to stand here and let him blame Jackie for the problems in his marriage. Ridge tells Eric not to dare put this on his mother but Eric yells that even Ridge knows that Stephanie is never blameless. He criticizes the way Stephanie treats people, especially those that she claims to love but Ridge defends his mother by telling his father that she does love him and it’s obvious that he doesn’t even see that. Eric tells Ridge that she has a strange way of showing it and Ridge throws his statement right back by saying that so does Eric.

Eric tells Ridge that he did everything that he could to make things perfect for his mother when she came back home from Washington. Ridge doesn’t buy it and says that no, he was all over his exhausted mother like an over-eager, teenage boy.

Annoyed, Eric says that that is not true. He says that Stephanie had been gone for days and he missed her. Ridge says that he bailed on her but Eric says that when he wanted some love and affection from Stephanie, she laughed at him. He says she treated him like a joke so he left. Ridge tells his father not to give him this “garbage” about how hurt and humiliated he is, how his mother made him feel like a joke. He says maybe she did laugh, maybe she did hurt his feelings but she did not demean him. He says that Eric did that by coming to Jackie’s. He says that he degraded everything that Eric and Stephanie have built together and everything he claimed to care about -- family, loyalty and devotion. Ridge tells his dad that he is going back to mother right now and begins to threaten him about ever seeing him with Jackie again, but Eric tells him not to do that. He tells him not to threaten him. Ridge tells Eric that Stephanie needed his compassion tonight and he let her down. He swears to his dad that he will never let him do that again. Never again.

Thomas tells Oliver to look at all the “Team Hope” websites and tells Oliver that it gives them a good idea on how people feel about her. Thomas says that Hope tapped into something with her message, like taking a stand and sticking to your own principles. Oliver says it’s too bad things worked out the way they did with the wedding not happening. Thomas says that he thought that was going to be a problem too but now it’s not so. He tells Oliver that Hope needs to know that her message is reaching more people than ever and goes off to talk to her, laptop in hand.

Hope tells Brooke that she doesn’t have to share lunch with her but Brooke insists on making her a plate. Hope says that she will eat at home but Brooke tells her she wants to see her eat. Hope insists that she will be okay and says that she is not falling apart. Donna says that Hope does seem okay but Brooke says that she doesn’t hear Hope pacing in her room all night. Hope admits that she has not been sleeping well and that her mind keeps going back to her being in that gondola when she was forced to watch Steffy and Liam get married. She soon changes the subject and says that she wants to go back to work and wants to promote her line. She says that right now she is stuck. She wants to move forward but she doesn’t know how. She says that everything is just such a mess and Brooke hugs her daughter again, feeling sorry for her situation.

Jackie says that Eric didn’t leave with Ridge. Eric smiles and says that Ridge couldn’t drag him out of here. Jackie says but he does have to go and Eric nods.

The door opens and Stephanie looks up to see Ridge. She asks him if he was able to find his father. Ridge tells her that he was at Jackie’s. Stephanie gets confused and asks him why Eric would go there. Ridge hesitates for a long while before he says that he thinks Jackie and his father might be getting involved. Stephanie looks beyond shocked at this news about her husband.

Brooke and Hope’s aunts tell her that she is not stuck. They say that she is healing and that takes time. Hope says she made such a big deal about their engagement and now Liam is married to Steffy. Hope says that Steffy told her, she warned her that she was setting the bar too high. Katie says that well, she can’t lower her standards to keep a man who can’t keep them. At that point, Thomas comes in and tells Hope that he’s glad she is here. He tells her that there is something she needs to see. He says that he was searching the internet but Brooke cuts him off and says that Hope is really not in the right frame of mind. Thomas says that everyone is talking about her and Hope bitterly says that she bets they are.

Eric tells Jackie that he is sorry she had to hear what Ridge said. Jackie says that Ridge wasn’t completely wrong. Jackie agrees that things did go further than they should have. Eric takes the blame and says that he allowed it to, but says that he is not going to let Ridge put all this on her. Eric says that Ridge blames him and only him. Jackie says that Ridge can be so like Massimo at times and that there is just no “grey area” with the Marone men. Eric says that either he is the long, suffering hero or the villain. Jackie says but he is suffering. Eric smiles and kisses her hand before saying he is, but not like Stephanie. Jackie says that if that’s the benchmark, then none of them have any right to complain about anything. Eric says that he should go, he thinks Ridge has had sufficient time to build Stephanie up into a frenzy by now. Jackie asks him if he really thinks Ridge is with Stephanie right now. Eric asks her if that isn’t what Massimo would have done and silences her as he leaves.

Stephanie asks her son what he means by involved.. Ridge says maybe not quite yet leaving Stephanie to scream for answers in frustration. Ridge sighs and Stephanie asks him if he saw something. He tells his mother that yesterday he saw them kiss in public. Shocked, Stephanie asks him what? Ridge says that, that should have been the end of it but it wasn’t. Ridge says but Eric isn’t going to let that happen again as he doesn’t want to hurt her. He tells his mother his father wants to be here for her and that he is going to personally make sure he is here. Stephanie asks him if Eric left Jackie’s when he did. Ridge tells her that he will be here soon. Stephanie looks troubled.

Hope tells Thomas that she doesn’t want to hear what other people are saying about her, she can already imagine that. Thomas asks her if she has looked and Hope says that she doesn’t need to. Thomas says that he thinks she should. Brooke says that Liam’s marriage to Steffy was bound to make people start talking. Thomas tells Hope that support for Hope’s message is even higher now than when she was engaged to Liam. He tells a shocked Hope, Brooke and her aunts, that this is not just good press, it’s great press. He reads them a few of the comments and Brooke says that they all understand.

Shocked, Hope says that they don’t think she’s an idiot. Thomas says no, they think she dodged a bullet and that people finally understand what she is talking about and why it is important. Thomas tells her that so many girls think she is courageous and want to be like her. Katie adds in that they don’t think she is foolish at all and Donna says that they think Liam is the one who is the fool. Hope sighs and says that she doesn’t want people to think badly of Liam. She says that if something positive, and good can come out of this then she thinks that’s great. She says that she is thrilled that girls are thinking for themselves and having higher standards, but, she says that she didn’t dodge a bullet. She says that she lost the love of her love.

Fixing up her room, Jackie sighs and picks up a fashion magazine with a picture of Eric and Ridge on it. She thinks over Ridge’s words about how Stephanie has been through enough and how she does not need this treatment from Eric and her.

Ridge asks his mother if she wants to talk about this but Stephanie says that the person she wants to talk to is Eric. Eric enters the home and seeing Ridge, he asks Stephanie if Ridge told her where he was. Stephanie says that she wants to hear it from him. Eric says that he was at Jackie’s. She asks him why and Eric tells her that he didn’t know where else to go. He says that he was in no mood to stay around here once his affections were turned down here tonight. Ridge tells his father not to put this on his mother.

Stephanie asks Eric if “Miss Jacqueline” gave him what he needed when he left here this evening. Eric says that this is not about Jackie and she knows it. Stephanie asks if he is telling her that he is not involved with Jackie. Eric says that he will tell her he is worried. He says he is worried about her and himself, that is what he is worried about. Eric says that he doesn’t want to hurt her and he doesn’t think that she wants to hurt him. He says that he didn’t want to be at Jackie’s tonight, he wanted to be with her but she made it clear she did not share the same feelings that he did and so he left.

He sighs and tells her to go ahead and tell him how disappointed she is. Ridge says that he should be disappointed with himself and tells him not to come here and act like a victim. Eric tells him that this is between his mother and himself. He says that Ridge has made it very clear how he feels about this and now it’s Stephanie’s turn, signaling him to leave. Ridge warns his mother not to let Eric turn this on her but Eric screams at him to stop it and he told him to stay out of this. He tells Ridge that this is Stephanie’s and his marriage and orders Ridge to go home. Ridge looks to Stephanie who mouths a thank you to him and tells him it’s okay.

Ridge leaves and Stephanie begins to tell Eric if there is some place else that he’d rather be but Eric cuts her off and says no. He tells her that he wants to be here with her. He says that he loves her and that’s the truth. He loves her and this family. Eric says that he will never let her down again and hugs her but Stephanie fails to look convinced.

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