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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/28/11

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A Halloween party is under swing as Thorne stands in the midst of it, having flashbacks about his brother. He remembers Ridge saying that he will never be man enough for Taylor and then another flashback of Ridge hitting him and yelling at him for stealing his designs and saying he is going to pay for that mistake. The flashback ends and Thorne calls his brother an arrogant, egomaniac son of a bitch out loud. He then asks his father in his thoughts when he will see Ridge the way he does?

When a waitress asks him if she can get him something, Thorne snaps out of his trance and tells her to get him a scotch, neat and tells her to make it double. He also adds in for her to tell the bartender to keep the bottle handy because there is a lot that he doesn‘t want to think about tonight.

Seeing all the costumes around him. Thorne asks the bartender what is going on, saying that it looks like a costume party. Pointing to one of the spooky decorations the man says yes it’s Halloween and asks if he forgot or something. Thorne says that when it’s all about the clothes the way it is in his family then it’s always Halloween. He bitterly says that his family is like a masquerade filled with people pretending to care, people acting like they are part of the family, but it is all lies. He says that, to be honest no one gives a damn.

Ridge asks Brooke if his father is crazy for doing what he did as this is a public place. Brooke says that it could not have been what it looked like. Ridge isn’t satisfied and says that he will be right back but Brooke stops him. Ridge tells her that his mother is fighting with cancer here and his father is cozying up with Jackie Marone. Brooke says that they are not exactly cozying up and says that they just shared a kiss and that sometimes that is Jackie’s way. Ridge unhappily says that yes, and sometimes, cheating on his mother is his father’s way. Brooke sighs and says that is just not fair. She says that Eric has been there for Stephanie throughout her treatment and has been helping and supporting her. She brings up that he backed up Dayzee's completely and that Jackie is best friends with Stephanie so based on all that she doesn’t think there is any plot being made against Stephanie. She proposes that there must be some other explanation for this.

Ridge says that he’s not good at telling himself that he did not see the kiss that he just say. Brooke says that well, Jackie happens to be very open and Eric and her have had a history. Ridge says that is what he is worried about. Brooke doesn’t disagree but says that if Eric and Jackie had something to hide, doesn’t he think they would be hiding it?

Flustered, Jackie asks Eric if she’s misbehaved and immediately says sorry. Eric says that it’s okay and they will be alright but Jackie continues saying that she has done something wrong. She apologizes again for what she did and Eric says it’s fine and tells her not to mind his obvious mood issue.

Jackie asks him what it is then? After a pause Eric says that he guesses he just a little ashamed to admit how good it felt to be kissed like that, leaving Jackie to smile shyly.

The bartender tells Thorne that he loved Halloween as a kid and asks him if he did too. Thorne says not really leaving the man to ask what kind of kid doesn’t love Halloween. Thorne says that he doesn’t want to sound ungrateful and admits that he has a life that most people dream of. He says his family likes to reminisce about the good old days and says what‘s the point of arguing, but the childhood that they remember is the one his brother Ridge had, not his.

Feeling uncomfortable Brooke tells Ridge that they should go. Ridge says in a minute and stays in his place. Brooke says that she doesn’t feel right about spying on Eric and Jackie. Ridge says that that is because she can tell that there is something going on. Brooke says that Eric and Jackie are friends and friends kiss. Ridge says that the kiss they shared was not a peck on the cheek. Brooke sighs and says that she still doesn’t think that they are doing anything wrong but Ridge says that they are. He says that they seem a lot more than friends. Brooke again brings up that whatever they are doing, they are doing in front of everyone and for the whole public to see. Ridge tells Brooke to go ahead and leave and tells her he will see her at the office when he is done here.

Brooke tries to dissuade him from staying but Ridge tells her there is something she does not understand. Brooke asks him to explain it to her and Ridge asks if, as a husband, has he ever been unfaithful to her? When Brooke says never, he says that while his mother has given her trouble, could she understand her a little better if he said that, that was what his mother always had to deal with in his marriage? Ridge says that when his siblings and himself were little, Stephanie would call the office and ask if Eric had left yet and then had to ask if women who worked there had left there at that time as well. Ridge says that he is not by any means saying that Eric was always guilty but asks Brooke if she can imagine never being sure of the person she is married to?

Jackie says well, she has a business to run while picking up her purse. Eric says so he hears making her chuckle. Jackie says her business isn’t doing so well nowadays though. Eric says well, his business is booming if she can accept the fact that it’s not his business anymore. Jackie says yes its is but Eric says that it’s not and how his business is divided up. Jackie tells him to come work for her, making Eric laugh. Jackie says the thought of his wonderful hands fashioning garments for her sends shivers up her spine. They share a laugh as Ridge looks on suspiciously.

Jackie says, okay, if she can’t talk him into coming to work for her then tells him to just come and have dinner with her sometime. Eric sighs and says he’s not sure he should because he’s not sure she should trust him. Jackie says that she never trusted him and she’s not going to start now, leaving them both to chuckle. Jackie says that he really does need someone to talk to that is not his wife and says that she can do that for Stephanie because she knows he loves her and she loves her too.

Eric says that she may find that Stephanie finds it easier to talk to a married woman rather than a single one. Jackie clears up that she is not on the marked and she is just without Owen, that is all. Eric asks her if she thinks he is not coming back and if he is gone for good. Jackie says that Owen has made a true commitment to Bridget and it’s their turn to have a family and love that is bigger than anything. She laughs and says that her turn for that is done. Eric says that not for love to which Jackie says that they will seem, won’t they? She says that she forgot to pay the bill and Eric says to let him pay for lunch and adds in that it is cheaper than therapy. He thanks Jackie and Jackie thanks him before she tells him to keep in touch and to leave a good tip for the waiter. Eric chuckles and says okay as Jackie kisses his cheek and leaves. Once Jackie is gone, Ridge approaches his father quickly and asks him if he wants to explain to him, what the hell is going on?

Drinking, Thorne has a flashback of the last conversation he had with his father and says how is has been like this, his whole life with Ridge at the reigns. In his thoughts again, he asks his father if he will never see what a bully Ridge is.

Entering Jackie M, Brooke sees Taylor and asks her what she is doing here? Taylor says that she is bringing Jack's original baby records for Nick's files because Nick is at a meeting and Jackie is at lunch. Brooke decides to wait and then brings up how she heard that Taylor supported Ridge today at Forrester. Taylor says that well, she doesn’t believe in creating chaos in the family and neither does she want to see her children in a power struggle with their dad. Brooke says that she thinks that is wise. Taylor says that she also doesn’t want to see Thomas down in the basement as Thorne has been. Brooke says that, that is not Ridge’s doing.

Taylor says that at the least Ridge could have done something to improve Thorne's situation, but he obviously didn't want to or he would have. She says that he seems to enjoy lording his position over his head. She says as for Thomas, she expects to see Ridge have him back on the executive floor very, very soon and says that she won‘t accept anything less. As Taylor goes to leave Brooke says that Ridge has a very complicated relationship with his brother and says that she just tries not to interfere. She says that she thinks Taylor should do that same and says it‘s just a suggestion. Taylor says a small thank you and leaves.

Eric asks Ridge what he wants him to explain and Ridge says he wants to know who he was having lunch with. Ridge says that Brooke and him were sitting nearby and Eric says then he already know that he joined Jackie. Ridge says that, that was not all he saw. Ridge asks Eric how long he has been seeing Jackie. Eric says that it was not a date. Jackie happened to be there and she talked him through the meeting he has with Thorne and him earlier on.

Ridge asks him if he knows where his wife is right now. Eric says she is in Washington and sounds annoyed. Ridge says that Stephanie is lobbying for lung cancer funding and programs that help the homeless while he is here kissing Jackie Marone in public, for the whole, entire world to see.

Eric whispers that this is not the conversation that Ridge wants to have with him and says that Jackie and him have a special relationship. Ridge says that he doesn‘t think it’s very special at all and says that he finds it common. He says that Eric has had too many of these relationships and all his life he has said nothing and has watched him make a joke out of himself and others. He says he won’t so that this time. He says that whatever Eric has with Jackie is going to stop now.

Following Jackie in through the door, Amber says that she had an appointment to see her. Jackie says that, that appointment was under a false name and says hello to Brooke. Amber says that she had to do that or else she would not see her. Jackie agrees and says that is why this appointment of hers is cancelled. Amber says that she needs a job and she heard that Jackie M is struggling right now but Jackie says that they will never get desperate enough to hire her back.

Amber says all she does is sit around her apartment and design all day and asks what she is supposed to do with all this creativity? Jackie says that’s not her problem and says that she used to think Amber had talent at a time but she blew that. She says that they are still suffering from her time here and says that the doors to Jackie M are closed to her forever. Amber doesn’t protest and says that she is going to make something out of herself for her and Rosey. She says she has this amazing idea already but Jackie isn’t interested. Jackie dismisses her again and Amber turns to leave. She stops and says that she is sorry about Owen and tells her that if she is bored, she should come to the Halloween party tonight at bikini to lighten up and have some fun.

Jackie fails to sound interested and Amber just sighs and tells her to let her know if she’ll change her mind about the job. Jackie says she won’t and sends her off. Brooke says that she doesn’t really want to waste her time but Jackie tells her that is nonsense as she doesn’t see enough of her. Brooke says that she just wanted to let her know that Ridge and her were at Il Giardino today and saw her with Eric.

Jackie asks her why they didn’t say hello and Brooke shrugs, saying that it looked like Eric and her were having a private conversation. Jackie says that appearances can be deceiving. Brooke laughs and says that she knows she was going to say that but says that Ridge is really upset. Jackie says if Brooke had to marry a moralistic prig, why couldn't it have been her son, Nick? Brooke sighs in response.

Thorne continues to have flashbacks about the recent past about Taylor and Ridge and what he’s been through. As he continues drinking, the bartender asks him if he had a bad day. Thorne says yes, he could say that. The man asks if it’s woman troubles and Thorne says yes, that too. The bartender says it can’t be that bad. Thorne says no. he’s sure it could get worse but he’s just not sure how. At that point Amber gets Thorne’s attention and says that it’s fancy meeting him here, it must be his lucky night or hers. Thorne does not look pleased as Amber smiles.

Jackie says that there is nothing going on between Eric and her. Brooke says but she must understand why they would wonder and Jackie acknowledges that it must be because they kissed. Brooke says yes. Jackie says she has never known anyone quite like Eric. She says that she can sit right next to him and she can touch him and he can touch her. She say that they can hold hands and even kiss and it feels natural. Brooke says she’s sure Jackie can see why it would feel dangerous to Ridge or Stephanie.

Jackie says that Brooke doesn’t need to say anything to Stephanie about this, she is a friend. Brooke says okay, but it could be hard to keep her a friend. Jackie says that even if she wasn’t a friend she would never cross that line. She says that Brooke was married to Eric once, she must know that he is hungry for the simplest of things. Brooke agrees and Jackie says he hungers for things that don't cost anything, like a little warmth, a touch on the cheek and things like that, that for some reason Stephanie can’t give him.

Eric tells his son that he is way out of line. Ridge says his mother had cancer and Eric is out making moves on her best friend. He says that if Eric wants to act like a hormonal teenager then he is going to talk to him like one. Eric tells him not to judge him as he has never treated him that way. Ridge asks Eric if that is his subtle way of reminding him that he’s not really Eric’s son by blood and raising him was only a favor?

Eris, annoyed, says that he is reminding him of what happened earlier, about how he stood up for Ridge above his brother, Thorne. Ridge says that is business and this is personal. He tells his dad that he is putting him on alert right now and says that is not going to tolerate another infidelity from him. Eric sounds shocked over the word “tolerate”, but Ridge just says he heard him right. Eric says that Stephanie is complicated and magnificent, and he will love her until the day he dies. He says though, but when Stephanie shuts down, she really shuts down. Ridge says he’s trying to make this Stephanie’s fault now? Eric responds by saying he will not discuss his marriage with him.

Ridge says that what he saw with Jackie and him was inappropriate and wrong. He says that Stephanie is fighting cancer and he should be ashamed. He says that is dad claims that he has needs and Stephanie is letting him down, but says that it is nothing compared to the way he’s hurt her time and time again. He says that as the family’s presumed patriarch, Eric is nothing but a huge disappointment.

As Eric looks at him with shock and hurt, Ridge warns him not to humiliate his mother again. He insists that he is not going to allow it.

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