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Liam asks Brooke if Hope was there. Brooke says that Hope planned to meet him on top of the mountain and he got the message so he was waiting for Hope. She says and then Steffy walked up and before Liam knew it, he was getting married.

Steffy asks Hope if she will please ask Brooke to back off because she is interfering in her marriage. Hope says that she doesnít want to talk about her marriage not with her and not with her mother. Steffy tells Hope to wait please and says that sheís sorry, she knows this is hard for her because they see each other every day at work but they are family and she wants them to get along.

Pam asks her sister if the tumors are really gone and Stephanie says that the doctors didnít detect any new ones. Pam says thatís great isnít it and Stephanie says yes, sheís happy but the doctors didnít used the word ďcuredĒ. Pam tells her to come on, and then says that Eric must be over the moon over this. Stephanie says Eric is happy and he has his own agenda for this. Confused, Pam asks what that means and Stephanie says that Eric wanted a personal celebration. Pam says that of course he wants a celebration as they are all interested in her recovery. Stephanie says yea well, Eric is also interested in something else. Something that sheís not so sure she can give him.

Nick asks Jackie what sheís still doing in her robe and Jackie tells him that sheís changed her mind and isnít going into work today. Suddenly all this seems a bit much. Nick tells her to take all time that she needs to recover. Jackie lets him know that she plans to move out and has been looking into buying her old loft back so she can move back in. Nick asks her if thatís such a good idea as it might bring up too many memories. Jackie says that she is moving back for those memories as those were the happiest moments of her life. She says that sheís going to move as soon as she can because she doesnít want Owen thinking sheís depressed but Nick says that she just ended her marriage so a little melancholy is expected. She says that is a joyous divorce and Nick says that he guesses thatís the idea. The doorbell rings at that point so Jackie goes to open it while saying that everyone is better off with this arrangement, Owen, Bridget, Logan. Eric who has arrived says that they all have her to thank for it.

Pam asks her sister whatever it is? Stephanie says that sheís trying to convince herself that it isnít a big deal. Pam tells her to then, just not let it become one. Stephen comes in and says hi and Pam races over to him and hugs him saying that she didnít know he was coming by. They kiss as Stephanie looks on.

Hope says that she cannot believe Steffy just said that to her. Steffy says that she is trying her best and Hope could too. Thomas arrives and tells his sister to lay off and that this situation isnít easy. Outraged, Steffy says that this is not a situation, it is her marriage. She then excuses herself angrily. Hope tells Thomas that now Steffy is mad at him too.

Liam tells Brooke that he thought Hope ended the engagement and didnít want anything to do with him. Brooke says that Hope made that decision in a moment of emotional distress. Liam asks Brooke what sheís talking about and Brooke tells him that Hope came to Aspen to explain but the very next day after she broke of the engagement he was marrying Steffy. Liam says it wasnít like that. Steffy was ready to commit to him and Hope was not. Brooke says that Hope saw Liam and Steffy kissing and that was why she broke off the engagement. Brooke tells Liam that Hope was ready to give herself to him the night of the engagement party and that he could have been with Hope that night.

Stephen is leaving and Pam tells him he just came. Stephen says that he doesnít want to miss his appointment. He says that he could have called her on the phone and told her that he booked the honeymoon but he was excited. Pam tells him heís not he only one who is excited and Stephen says that it gave him another excuse to see her as well. They kiss as Stephanie rolls her eyes.

Eric tells Jackie that he just wants to make sure she knows how grateful he is. Jackie thanks him and says that sheís just really glad heís here because it reminds her that sheís not really as alone as she feels. Eric says she has lots of friends and that Stephanie and him will help her get though this. Jackie says that compared to Stephanieís condition how can she even complain about what she is going through? Eric says that they had some good news with Stephanieís last check-up and that the tumors appear to be gone. Jackie says that, that is so, so good and that he must be so happy. Eric says that he is. Jackie says that having someone as loving and supportive as Eric, Stephanie must feel so lucky. Ericís face falls and Jackie asks if sheís misspoken and if everything is alright between him and Stephanie.

Thomas says that heís not worried about Steffy. He is her brother and has survived her looks of death before. Hope says she has to but she is just really tired of it. Thomas says that itís going to get better to which Hope says well, it canít get any worse. Thomas tells Hope to let Liam go and that it wasnít meant to be. Hope begins to cry and Thomas hugs her.

Liam says that so Hope followed him. Brooke says yes, to explain what happened. Brooke says that their love can survive this and that it is never too late. Liam says that he didnít realize the gondola would stop. Brooke tries to blame Steffy for keeping her away but Liam says that Steffy didnít know that Hope was their either. Brooke says that Steffy orchestrated it but Liam says oh come on. Brooke says that Hope was going to be at the top of the mountain to meet him and Steffy had that gondola stopped. Liam asks how that it and that there is no way. Brooke says that she doesnít know but she is absolutely convinced that Steffy did. Liam doesnít look convinces and Brooke sighs before saying that this has changed Hope and she is not the same person anymore. Brooke says that she doesnít even recognize her and that his what his wife has done. Brooke asks him to be honest, did he really go to the top of the mountain to marry Steffy or see her daughter. She says that they both know the answer to that before she says that he married the wrong woman.

Stephanie tells Pam that itís nice to see how Stephan and her have got such a nice physical connection. She then sighs and says that she canít give that to Eric anymore. Pam asks what she means and asks if Stephanie and Eric arenít being intimate. Stephanie says that is what sheís been trying to tell her. Pam says that she has been battling cancer and she canít believe that Eric has expectations. Stephanie says that Eric is a man, come on. Stephanie says that Eric has made it very clear that he wants to be intimate again and she canít explain it, but she has absolutely no interest. Stephanie says that she wants to be there for him, she wishes that she could snap her fingers and be in the mood but she just has no interest, absolutely none. Stephanie sighs and asks Pam what is she going to do?

Jackie asks Eric if Stephanie and him, are okay, arenít they? Eric says they bump heads once in a while but thatís just part of what makes them work .Jackie smiles and says that she guesses that some couples really are till death do us part. Eric says that he guesses so.

Hope says that sheís sorry and that she shouldnít be crying on Thomasí shoulder. Thomas says that he doesnít mind and that she is going through a hard time and he is here if she ever needs to talk.

Brooke comes into Steffyís office and tells her that she just came from seeing Liam. She tells Steffy that he needed to know the truth. Steffy says okay, truth about what? Brooke says about why his marriage to her is such a big mistake.

Hope is looking at a picture from the Hope from the future wedding campaign when Liam comes into her office. Liam tells her that he spoke to her mom and is it true?

Eric gets back home and Stephanie asks him if he saw Jackie. He says yes and Stephanie asks him how she is. Eric says, surprisingly well. Stephanie smiles and says that she is a remarkable woman to which Eric agrees before saying that so is she. He tells her that he has so much respect for her and everything she has gone through this last year, emotionally and physically. He says that he is sorry and that he doesnít mean to ask her for more than she can give him. Stephanie says that she wishes they were at the same point in their lives with their needs and desires if for not any reason, then for him. Eric says that itís not just about desire and it is about connection and wanting the touch of the woman he loves. Eric asks her if she knows that, thatís what he was saying before and Stephanie says she understands. She then asks him if thatís enough for now, if she understands and that sheíll try.

Eric says that sheíll try and Stephanie tells him to look, she is obviously having some issues with intimacy at this point in her life. She says that itís not that she doesnít want to be intimate with him. She says that these are the golden years in their lives and she doesnít want them to be filled with tension and disappointment for him. She says that she wants to be intimate but itís just that she needs him to be patient with her. Eric says that he loves her and that he wants to be the partner that she wants. He says that of course he will be patient and that she understands, thatís enough for now.

Steffy tells Brooke that she is sorry that she doesnít want her to be married to Liam, but she is. Brooke says that she is only be default, only Hope didnít default as she was ready that night to surprise Liam right after the bachelor party. Until she saw her and Liam kissing in the car. Seeing Steffy avert her eyes, Brooke asks her if she didnít know that. She says that, thatís when Hope left the ring and broke off her engagement. Brooke says that she realizes that she overreacted and that her feelings for Liam havenít change and Liam knows that now.

Hope asks Liam what her mom told him. Liam says everything. Hope says that she was ready to move in with him and be with him but when she saw him kissing Steffy, she doesnít know, everything just got so messed up in her head. Hope says that all that time she was waiting for him to come home and was preparing their night, he was with Steffy. Liam says that it wasnít like that. Hope says that she felt sick and betrayed and hurt and angry.

She says that she knows that she shouldnít have given him back his ring but in that moment it was all she could do. She says that she overreacted, she knows she did but she didnít realize that until the next day and then she went to his place, to talk to him and he was already engaged to Steffy. She says that he was flying off to Aspen and she did everything to get to him. She says she flew to Aspen and she tracked him down and she was on her way up the mountain and that damn gondola stopped. Hope says that one day sheís ready to begin her life with him and the next, heís marrying Steffy. She says that and she thinks that is the hardest thing she has ever gone through.

Liam grabs her and hugs her tightly before he says that he thought he had gone up to that mountain for nothing and then Steffy showed up and he was confuse. Hope asks him that he wasnít there to get married? He was there to meet her? Liam nods and they kiss passionately.

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