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Eric tells Stephanie the present he has given her is nothing big. Stephanie responds by saying that she can see that and when Eric says that if there ever was a time to celebrate, it is now, she says that the doctor did not use the word “celebrate” and simply said “undetectable.” Eric asks her why that isn’t enough as a year ago they didn’t even know if she would still be alive at this time. Stephanie falls silent and sighs but Eric coaxes her to open the present.

Brooke finds Ridge on the phone and says that she thought he might be on the phone as he didn’t come back to the table, Ridge says that he didn’t get to the phone call in time and he has one missed call. Brooke asks him who had called him. When Ridge tells her it was Steffy she asks him if he had answered, what would he have said to her?

At the Spencer house Bill tells Taylor that Liam and Steffy’s wedding came as a big surprise to them as well. Katie scoffs and Taylor tells Steffy that it’s just that marriage is not something that someone does on an impulse. Steffy tells her mother that she knows it seems like an impulse but it was just the opposite of that. She says that both Liam and her wanted a committed, adult relationship and knew it once they saw it so they just had to agree. She clinks her glass with Liam and smiles but Taylor sighs and says that there weren’t even any pictures of the wedding.

In the background, Bill tries to feed Katie something but she turns away, annoyed while Steffy says that in Aspen there was a woman names Ramona who was their witness and she took a couple of photos of the wedding. She says that she also has some on her phone. She tells her mother to hold on as she gets her phone and searches for them. She opens the call log first and says that that‘s the call log and moves to look for the photos but Taylor stops her and says wait. She sees Ridge‘s number on it and asks Steffy if she called her father. Steffy admits to having called Ridge but she tells her mother that she hung up before he answered. Taylor looks at Steffy firmly and tells her that she has to tell her father what happened. Steffy says she knows that but it‘s just that everything just feels so wonderful right now and she has a feeling that it won’t be so wonderful once she tells him.

Still holding his phone, Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t think they can be so quick to judge as Hope did break up with Liam. Brooke doesn’t back down and just says that, that was because Steffy was all over him. Ridge gives Brooke a warning stare but Brooke goes on saying that

Hope was blindsided and that she didn't even have a chance to recover from her hurt. She also says that Steffy was just waiting around for the chance to make Liam “legally” hers.

At that point Ridge’s cell phone rings again and Brooke curtly asks if it’s Steffy again. Ridge doesn’t answer her as he picks up his phone and tells Steffy that he’s glad she called back. Steffy hesitantly says that she doesn’t know if he’s heard her news to which Ridge says that actually he did and it sounds like she’s been busy. Steffy nervously tells him that Bill and Katie put together a surprise wedding reception and that Taylor is there. She says that she would really love it if Ridge was here too. Steffy says that she is aware that this must be hard on Ridge, especially if Hope is hurting but that she is still his daughter. Brooke cuts in, asking Ridge what Steffy wants and Ridge just looks back at her while Steffy continues calling out to get her father’s attention.

Eric curiously asks Stephanie if she doesn’t want to take a look at his present. Stephanie sighs but opens the box to find what’s inside. Eric tells her that he had it designed for the Intimates line. Stephanie smiles and says that it is lovely. Eric smiles and says that he thought she might want to have something that would feel nice on her skin. Stephanie pauses and looks at him and asks if she gave him that impression. Eric responds by saying that the way cancer has affected her body he just thought that she’d want to like the way she looked in something once again. Stephanie looks down and says that she doesn’t mind the way she looks and asks him if he does. Eric asks her to try it on to which Stephanie says not now. Eric asks if she’ll wear it tonight but Stephanie only shrugs and says that she doesn’t know. Eric asks if she doesn’t like his present and Stephanie says that she thinks Eric likes it enough for the both of them leaving Eric to fall silent. Stephanie tells him that she doesn’t feel like wearing it leaving a hurt and rejected expression to form on Eric’s face.

Eric gets up from the table and tells Stephanie that he thinks he’ll have another drink. Stephanie says that, that is okay as he doesn’t have to worry about driving home. Eric remains silent for a moment before he suddenly puts down the bottle and speaks angrily saying that he is not going to drink himself to sleep. He says that he has done nothing wrong.

Stephanie listens silently as Eric says that he just gave her a gift, something that any other woman would have appreciated. He says that any other woman would be happy with it at which Stephanie retorts by saying any other woman and asking if he means Donna or Brooke. Eric freezes up in disgust before saying a tired “Oh God.” and turning away. Realizing that she went too far Stephanie sighs and says that she’ll tell him what. If the come back from the next doctor's visit and it isn’t suggested that she will be dead by the end of the year than that will be his cue for seduction.

“Seduction?” Eric asks before he faces Stephanie and asks why he should have to seduce his wife or whatever it is that her and him are these days? He asks what the message she’s trying to give him here is, is it that it’s somehow wrong for him to treat her like a woman just because she’s sick or was sick? Stephanie sighs and says that it was just one test result and just one, single appointment.

Eric says that her tests showed that there were no further malignancies in her anywhere but still she is using her disease as some kind of “invisible shield“, to which Stephanie protests and says no she is not. Eric continues on angrily and says that she is. He says that she is using it to keep them in separate beds. Hurt, he says that she has the energy and the compassion to feed and care for the homeless but she leaves him thirsting for that same affection and love instead. Stephanie looks away as he says that he thinks that this whole thing about Dayzee's is just some kind of excuse. Stephanie finally speaks and says that yes, sometimes it is an excuse because she can't figure out any other way to stop him. Eric asks her what she‘s trying to stop him from and she bursts out that it‘s to stop him from wanting to touch her and his wanting her to touch him.

When Hope walks past Brooke and they are alone Brooke tells Hope that Steffy and Liam are back from Aspen. Hope’s face falls at that and Brooke goes over to her and tells her that she loves her. She says that she respects her as a woman and her morals and values along with the way she has chosen to live her life but that she’s not a little girl anymore and she can no longer tell her what to do. But she says that there is such a thing as being too proud and independent. When Hope sighs, Brooke urges her to please not let Steffy get away with what she has gone and done. She tells Hope that she needs to talk to Liam and explain everything. She tells Hope to tell Liam how she is feeling and says that it is never too late.

A heartbroken Eric asks Stephanie if the thought of him touching her is repellent to her. Stephanie struggles with her words but says that it’s not , it’s just that he always wants more and it’s kind of like living with a bill collector.

Eric says that it’s not about that and it is about human needs about touching and affection. He tries to make his point by using an example and says that all these studies prove that people who live with pets live happier, longer lives and that is because animals touch and they are alive and you can touch animals back. Stephanie tiredly says that she will get him a puppy then and asks if that will do. Eric tells her to stop it which sets her off and she screams that they should just be honest then. She accuses him that with him it’s always comes down to sex. Eric becomes disturbed with the way Stephanie said that he asks her she thinks sex with him is dirty. Stephanie says that it’s not but it’s just that it had cost her so much.

She asks him how many other woman she has lost to in the past because he wanted to sleep with them more than he wanted to with her? Eric protests and says that he never wanted anyone more than her. When Stephanie sighs he says that he just has a need just like anybody else for normal human affection and that she happens to find that repellent. He says that she can‘t shame him out of that. HE tries to example himself by talking about Forester and saying that he had based his whole career on desire. Stephanie listens to him quietly as he explains that he was always able to envision other women's bodies and actually touch them in his imagination without turning away from his marriage or family. Stephanie brings up his scandalous past by saying that he actually did and Eric admits that yes, but only when his need became too strong and he was too weak to fight it.

The room falls silent and they don’t speak until Eric sits close to her and says that he thinks she already knew these things about him. Stephanie wais for a moment before she says that she did and she loved him and accepted him for all of that. She sighs and says that she doesn’t know, maybe it had something to do with the abuse she suffered as a child from her father but at this point the reasons for how she is hardly matter.

Eric sighs sadly and Stephanie changes the topic by talking about his gift again. She says that it is lovely and beautiful and smiles and tells him that he’s still gifted. Eric anxiously asks if she won’t wear it to which Stephanie says sighs and slowly says that she loves him and all the wonderful passion that they have had in their married life will always be remembered by her until her dying day. But she tells him that, that chapter of their lives is over and finished leaving Eric to look hurt.

Liam opens the door and let’s Ridge into the Spencer cliff house. Ridge quietly enters before Bill excitedly says that Ridge made it. He says that now the party can get started and that they are in-laws again and asks Ridge to give him a hug. Ridge doesn’t hug him and says that he had just thought there would be another bride and wedding invitations. Bill cheerfully tells him not to be a “buzz-kill” and to have some champagne and relax. Ridge says no thanks and goes over to his daughter. Steffy hags Ridge and thanks him for coming.

Taylor watches them and says that she’s sure he’s just as shocked about this as she is before Liam speaks and tells Ridge that he’s sorry. He says that he is sorry about what happened between Hope and him, and says that he’ll have to ask Hope why that is but what he hadn’t realized was that what he really wanted was still waiting for him. He smiles and says that in fact it was standing in front of him even then, clearly talking about Steffy. He says that this time he decided not to take any chances and not to “postpone” a future that he couldn't be sure of. Steffy looks touched and smiles at her mother but Ridge says that what he’d really like is to speak with Steffy. Steffy says that Ridge and her will just be outside and leads him out to talk while Taylor and Liam exchange glances.

Brooke tells Hope that she has to confront Steffy but Hope says that it is pointless now. She sits down on the couch and tiredly tells her mother that she loves her, but she is a person that doesn’t get tired of fighting un-winnable battles. But she says that for her, enough is enough. Brooke only smiles and says that love is not a battle.

She says that it is a connection between you and the person that you love without any lies, barriers, or holding back. She says that even Hope said that she gave up on Liam too soon because she saw Liam and Steffy kissing in his car the same night as the bachelor party. Brooke says that she didn’t confront any of them about it though to which Hope cuts in saying that she didn’t because it is too painful to talk about.

Brooke keeps trying to get through to her and says that Hope said that she regretted that. She says that Liam didn’t even know that she was there ready to move in with him that night. Brooke also says that Liam didn’t even know that she was looking for him in Aspen. She looks at Hope pointedly and says that it’s all well and good that Hope can sit there and tell Ridge and her that she takes responsibility for everything that went wrong but that the real job isn’t done yet. She says that it won‘t be done until she tells Liam. Hope sighs before quietly saying that Brooke is right and that she knows she is right. She says that she has to see Liam.

Eric moves away from Stephanie and says that he doesn’t think he’s asking too much but Stephanie says it’s not about that, but is about whether she has it to give or not. Eric turns to her again and asks if it isn’t too early for her to accept that her life is over because he isn’t ready to accept it. Stephanie shrugs and asks him about just aging gracefully. She looks at him pointedly and says that there are things that people give up when the years go on. She asks him if it isn’t childish to have such a grip on that part of his life that he has outgrown. Eric says that he should be the judge of what he has outgrown and tells her that desire hasn’t left him. He says that he’s not talking about some fantasy and is just talking about a normal relationship. Annoyed, Stephanie asks him what’s normal at there age. When Eric looks at her sadly she sighs and asks him if he thinks that she doesn’t want intimacy. She says she does want it but a different kind. She says she wants companionship and wants to be accepted for how and who she is just like he does. Eric says that while that sounds fair all it means is that she gets what she wants while he doesn’t. He says that he goes without and asks her what if he’s not willing to go without it?

Having reached the Spencer house, Brooke stops the car and asks Hope if there is a back way. Hope nods and says yes, the patio. Brooke takes a deep breath and tells Hope that what she needs to do is get past Bill and Steffy and get to Liam right away. Hope looks at her mother and asks her if she wants her to sneak in. She sighs and says that it feels wrong just even being here right now. Brooke says that Liam was waiting for her on top of that mountain in Aspen but Hope asks her how she knows that and says that he could have been waiting for Steffy. Brooke brings up how it’s odd that it was the same time and place that Hope was going to meet him leaving her to fall silent. Brooke tells her to believe her and that Liam was not expecting to get married. She says that he was waiting to see her and Steffy knew that. She says that somehow, Steffy stopped Hope’s gondola and had her stranded while she convinced Liam to marry her.

Hope looks at the Spencer house and sighs as Brooke tells her that it’s time to set the record straight. She tells her that she is ten times the woman that Steffy is and that deep down Liam knows that. She tells Hope to go in there and tell him how much she loves him. She urges Hope to go get Liam back.

On the patio, Ridge tiredly asks Steffy why it had to be the boy that Hope was going to marry that she married. Steffy slowly says that she doesn’t know. She tells Ridge that Liam saved her mind and that Hope changed her mind. When Ridge looks at her, she says that she realizes that, that doesn’t account for it but that she just started to want to do things for Liam and that she wanted to be there for him. She says that Hope never was so it was easy. She says that she knew she loves him but she had never thought that he could love her back. She says that when he told her he did, it was like everything she felt finally made sense and that her life finally made sense to her. Ridge hugs her and Steffy says in a shocked way that she thought that he hates her but Ridge says that, that would never happen. Steffy pulls away and says that she knows Brooke does.

Ridge explains things by saying that this whole thing happened so fast that it’s only natural that people are going to have questions and wonder things. He sighs and says that he can see how much this means to her at which Steffy agrees. Ridge says that there is no way he can not acknowledge that beautiful glow in her eyes which makes her laugh in joy and nearly cry and thank her father as she says that she loves him so much. Ridge says that he loves her too and tells her to never doubt that and Steffy says that she won’t and she promises. Ridge smiles before he says that he better get back into the party and try to be civil. Steffy says yea and laughs before she says that she’s just going to hang out here for a little.

When her father goes back inside, Steffy sniffles to stop her tears of joy and picks up her compact to fix her make-up only to catch sight of Hope in her mirror. She turns around and asks Hope what she’s doing here.

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