B&B Thursday Update 10/13/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/13/11

Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

On the Spencer jet, Steffy is laying against Liam talking about how they have just had the perfect wedding and the perfect honeymoon. She says that she wishes they weren’t leaving Aspen just yet and when Liam agrees she tells him that the good times aren’t over yet. Liam smiles and tells her that they need to tell the family about their wedding. He tells her that his father is especially not good at handling surprises.

Bill is at his house preparing things to celebrate Liam and Steffy’s return. He is having things set up for the new couple when the phone rings. Seeing that it’s Liam’s he picks it up and asks his son why he hasn’t answered as he’s left him a lot of messages. Liam cuts the chase and tells his father he’s been very busy. He teasingly tells his father that he no longer has a fiancée. This confuses Bill until Liam laughs and tells him that Steffy and him “did it,”, that they got married. Bill smirks on the other end, happy that all has gone according to his plan but to his son, he asks if he didn’t think he’d want to be there as his father. Liam says that he can yell at him about that tomorrow. Bill asks Liam to put Steffy on the line. When Steffy takes the call, Bill tells her he has only two words to says to her, “Well done.” Steffy smiles.

At Brooke’s house, a stressed out Brooke is shown telling Ridge that Hope has been in her room all day. Brooke expresses sadness over Hope and soon Hope comes downstairs looking upset. Upon seeing Ridge she says that she didn’t realize how late in the day it was. Ridge goes over to Hope and huge her and says that he wish he knew what to do for her, but he doesn’t. He says that after what happened in Aspen, none of them can do anything but he still wants to know what he can do to make her feel better.

At Eric and Stephanie’s house, Stephanie is shown coming downstairs only to be surprised by a candlelight dinner that has been set up for her. She finds Eric who is in a good mood and gives her a martini. She asks him what all this is about but Eric just smiles and gives her the drink telling her to have it and see if she can figure out some ideas on her own. Stephanie asks him what this is about again and Eric tells her that tonight they are celebrating. Stephanie asks him just what they are celebrating and guesses if Eric has won another Lifetime achievement award. Eric smiles and tells her no, they are celebrating the call from Dr. Lewis and the fact that there are no new tumors on her scan. Stephanie looks confused and says that just because they can’t be seen at the moment it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have tumors. Eric looks at her with a sad smile.

Back at Brooke’s house, Hope begins to talk to her parents. She describes how she’s feeling as one of those times you have a bad dream and you open your mouth to scream but nothing comes out. Brooke and Ridge look at her sadly before Brooke asks Hope if Liam couldn’t see her. Hope says he couldn’t. Ridge asks her what caused the gondola to stop like that and if she ever found out but Hope says that she didn’t consider that something important to ask. Brooke steps forward and asks that not Liam, but could Steffy have seen Hope from the gondola? Hope looks back at her mother.

Back on the plane, Steffy is telling Liam to blame her as the wedding on the mountaintop was her idea. Liam says he doesn’t blame her for anything. Steffy smiles and says that Liam’s father doesn’t mind anything that they do but that there will be people who won’t be happy they got married. She says that his father isn’t one of those people but she’s not sure the same can be said about her father. Liam looks at her sadly and is about to say something when the pilot interrupts and tells them they are about ready to land. When the pilot calls Steffy Mrs. Spencer, all her worries fade and she grins at Liam in happiness as he smiles back at her.

At Spencer’s house, Katie enters to find the place decorated up. She asks Bill what’s going on and Bill tells her that he’s throwing a party for the “newlyweds.” Realizing what this is about, Katie screams out “newlyweds!” She asks Bill how Liam and Steffy can be married so quickly but Bill says it was such a whirlwind romance and he just found out. Katie continues to scream saying how Liam could possibly marry Steffy. She tells Bill that Hope must be devastated right now and adds in that she will never accept Steffy as part of this family. No way.

Stephanie tells Eric that there is a limit to what those scans can show. She says that if she was getting better then why don’t her coughs go away? Eric jokingly asks if he brings those coughs on to which Stephanie laughs. Eric tells Stephanie that realistically even he has a few years left as he is growing old, He says that he wants to make this time useful and that he wants their lives back. Stephanie asks him just what he means by that and he tells her that he wants his wife back.

On the Spencer jet Liam asks Steffy if there is anyone she wants to call like her parents but Steffy says that she figures if her parents were worried they’d call her on their own. Liam smiles and Steffy smiles back at him, completely in love.

At Brooke’s place again, Brooke is trying to recount the events of Aspen with Hope. She asks Hope if it isn’t a strange coincidence that Liam and Steffy picked the same time and the same place to get married as she was supposed to meet Liam. Hope says that she’s gone over it in her head a hundred times and she can’t explain it. Brooke asks her if Hope’s message could have been intercepted some how to which Ridge doubtfully asks what she means by that. Brooke says the whole thing sounds pretty suspicious to her. She says that she thinks somebody should asks Liam all these questions and she just wants to make sure there are no misunderstandings. Ridge asks her if she doesn’t’ think that this has no meaning now as Liam is a married man but Brooke ignores him and talks to Hope, telling her that she would be happy to talk to Liam. But Hope tells her to please not do that.

At Spencer’s house, Katie is still harping on about how Liam and Steffy just rushed into marriage. Bill doesn’t break his careless mood but eventually says that he understands that Katie is not thrilled to have Steffy as a daughter-in-law. Katie admits that she is furious and that she can’t stand that Steffy is back in their lives. She says that Bill doesn’t seem to mind it but Bill just continues eating, again in the same careless manner as before.

At Stephanie and Eric’s home, they are enjoying a nice dinner and shown catching up on recent events. Eventually they get into a discussion about Stephanie’s scars from her treatment and Eric says that he feels her disease has changed how she feels about her body. Stephanie admits that one’s body is a very special thing and when cancer cells come along and invade it, it feels invaded. Eric asks her if she thinks someone with cancer can’t be beautiful. Stephanie says that she’s sure some people can, not necessarily her though. Eric only smiles and says that when he looks at her he sees the most beautiful woman he has ever known and he tells her not to forgot that.

Again at Brooke’s house, Hope is shown talking to her parents still. Hope admits that she is upset and furious but she says that now nothing will make a difference as Liam is married. But Brooke says that just because Liam is married it doesn’t make him a different person. Brooke says that Liam has no idea why Hope gave him the ring back in the first place and that he has to be hurting too but Hope says that she’s Liam’s past now. She says she was Liam’s future but she’s not anymore. She says a mistake she could fix, but marriage she can’t. Hope hugs her mother.

At Bill’s home, Katie asks Bill what time Liam called him. Bill checks his watch and says that he should be here any time now. Katie asks Bill if he really had no idea this was happening to which Bill says no. Katie is doubtful and keeps questioning her husband but Bill says that the only thing he is responsible for is wanting his son to find the same incredible happiness he’s found with someone like her but Katie doesn’t buy it. Bill and Katie are interrupted when the doors open and Liam comes in. Bill tells Liam to carry his bride in and a blushing Steffy enters the Spencer house to be congratulated by Bill. Bill welcomes Steffy into the family while Katie watches the scene with disgust.

At Stephanie and Eric’s house, Eric asks Stephanie to dance. When Stephanie says she doesn’t feel like dancing, Eric is taken aback and he says that she has enough energy to do a food drive every ten minutes, and closing down Dayzee’s at 11 pm, and meddling in everyone’s marriage but not dance with him. He apologizes to Stephanie and says that he should be better at handling rejection at his age. Stephanie says that it’s not rejection, it’s just that he’s treating her as if they are on a date and as if she’s his girlfriend. Eric interjects right then and says that she is his “girl” and always will be but Stephanie says that she doesn’t know if she can be that anymore. Eric moves aside and brings Stephanie a wrapped present. While Stephanie glances at it, and then him, he tells her to never doubt his love for her.

At the Spencer house Bill is pouring champagne for Liam and Steffy and celebrating. Katie interrupts by trying to ask Liam about Aspen but Bill shut s her up by saying this isn’t appropriate and this isn’t the time to talk about this. Bill takes Liam aside and says he wants to talk to him. When Bill and Liam leave the room, Katie throws Steffy a stern glance and says, “Well here we are, the two Mrs. Spencers,” to which Steffy says that it kind of sounds like a trashy thriller.

Katie agrees to that before beginning to yell at Steffy but Steffy asks her if they just can’t put their pasts behind them. Katie responds coldly and says that those people who forget heir histories are bound to repeat it, but Steffy tells Katie that Liam is it for her. She says that Liam is everything she thought Bill was and more and says that she is going to be a loving wife to Liam and in time have his children and make him a success. She tells Katie that Katie in turn, will resist the temptation to be the mother-in-law from hell.

Katie says that they will see about that. She says that Liam is an amazing person and he deserves to be with her niece and she says that if she has anything to do with it he will be. She tells Steffy that she knows that somehow, someway she has manipulated the situation and Liam will realize that and he will leave her. Katie mocks Steffy by congratulating her and telling her to enjoy it while she can. Because it’s not going to last.

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