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Steffy and Liam enjoy Aspen together. Inside the Forester jet, Rick tells his sister that it won’t be long now. Hope says that she can’t believe Liam is out there somewhere in Aspen and she’s not with him. Rick assures her they will find Liam.

Bill calls Steffy to let her know that Hope is coming to Aspen and that she is very determined to get Liam back. Steffy says that she will not let Liam get sucked back into Hope’s drama. She says she is right for Liam. Bill agrees and tells her to keep Liam out of the town. Steffy says she will and hangs up when Liam arrives with a car. Liam tells Steffy he wants to go see the town but Steffy says she wants to stay out in the reserve but Liam says they will come back once they see more of the town. Seeing that Liam has his heart set on going into the town Steffy grudgingly agrees.

At Forester Brooke talks to Katie. She asks Katie how Bill could do this to them. Katie says that Hope had something to do with Liam and her break-up as well to which Hope says that she is going to fix that now. She tells Katie that Hope has gone to Aspen after Liam and that she will get him back.

On the Forester jet again, Rick makes a phone call to a friend in Aspen named Othello. He asks Othello to do a favor for him and track down Liam Spencer in Aspen. He tells him to find a picture of him from the Spencer website and once he finds him, to try and get him alone and tell him to give him a message. “Top of Ajax, 3:00 pm, don’t give up Hope.” Othello says that he will do it and Rick thanks him for his help as the scene ends.

Liam and Steffy are enjoying themselves. When Liam says he could get used to this “Aspen lifestyle”, Seeing how happy Liam is, Steffy says, “And to think you were miserable a few days ago.” Liam sighs and says that he is still trying to make sense of all that to which Steffy says that it’s not his fault but Hope just isn’t ready to commit to any man let alone have her own fashion line. She says that things have always come really easy for Hope but that she is going to learn a very valuable lesson from this, Liam cuts her off and smiles saying that he doesn’t want to talk about Hope to which Steffy says, “good idea” and they share a kiss before pulling away.

Liam spots a blonde girl and thinks she is Hope before he realizes it’s not and he looks away. While Liam is preoccupied, Steffy thinks about how Hope could be in Aspen by now and that she needs to get Liam back in the house before Hope sees Liam.

Othello, Rick’s friend who he has commissioned to look for Liam, roams the streets of Aspen on a skateboard, trying to locate William Spencer III. He remembers the message he is supposed to give Liam as he continues searching,

Back at the Spencer office Justin asks Bill if he was able to get a hold of Steffy. Bill says that he was able to and he told her to keep Liam in the house where Hope won’t see him. Justin tells Bill that they have “asserts” in Aspen to which Bill says yes they do. Justin turns on his laptop and Bill watches a live publication of Spencer TV in Aspen. He notices the female reporter and asks about her and Justin tells him that her name is Ramona. Bill nods and talks about the other person on the screen, Oliver Sharp, his old friend. Justin tells Bill that these two are about as loyal as they come and that they’d do anything for Bill. Bill thinks for a moment before he tells Justin to “make the call.”

In Aspen, Spencer TV is wrapping up when Oliver receives a call from Bill Spencer. Bill first commends Oliver on a terrific job tells him that he has a job for him. Oliver asks him what he’d like him to do and Bill tells him that his son Liam and his new fiancée are in Aspen right now. When Oliver asks Bill if he wants him to show them the studio, Bill says no and tells him he just wants him to keep an eye on Liam and Steffy because there is someone after them who he doesn’t want near them, namely Steffy.

Oliver asks Bill if they are in danger and Bill says that in some sense, yes. He says that Hope is somewhat of a “stalker” and is trying to mess with Liam’s head and get him back. He makes it clear that he doesn’t want Hope near Liam and says that anything he does to keep her away will be more than appreciated. Bill also tells Oliver that he should use Ramona if he must before he hangs up. Once the call ends, Ramona asks Oliver what the boss said and Oliver tells her that they have work to do.

Othello, Rick’s friend, is on a skateboard, still looking for Liam on the streets. He reaches a fountain area and happens to spot Liam but he waits to give him Rick’s message because Liam is with Steffy.

On the Forester jet, Rick thanks their pilot on the phone. Once he hangs up, Hope asks him if they are landing soon to which Rick says that there is a small delay. Hope asks why and Rick says that there are crosswinds and they are waiting for clearance at which Hope sighs heavily and says, “Are you kidding me?” in heavy frustration. Rick only smiles and says that they will find him for sure but it’s what she does with Liam later is what’s going to matter. Hope grins as the scene ends.

Back in Aspen’s town again, Liam and Steffy are still talking. When Steffy goes aside to get something, Othello seizes his chance and goes over. He asks Liam if he is Liam Spencer to which Liam nods. Othello tells him that he has a message for him. Liam asks from whom the message is but he says that it doesn’t matter. He tells him to look at him and he recites Rick’s message. He tells Liam to go to the top of the mountain at 3:00 pm and not to give up Hope. Liam looks at him in confusion but Othello just tells Liam to take the gondola up to the top of the mountain at 3:00 pm and to go alone. He leaves a confused and shocked Liam behind, wondering over his message as he rides off on his skateboard.

At Forester again, Katie continues talking to Brooke. Brooke tells Katie that if Liam had just known that Hope was waiting for him at the beach house to let him make love to her then none of this would have ever happened. Katie says that she just can’t believe that Liam proposed to Steffy so quickly to which Brooke says Steffy had been stalking him for a while. Katie says that what Liam and Hope has was really special and they will get it back. She says she doesn’t care what Bill says about it being over.

Again on the Forester jet, Rick thanks Othello for giving Liam the message and tells him he owes him one for this favor. When he hangs up, Rick tells Hope that Liam will be waiting for her at the top of the mountain at 3:00 pm. Hope asks him if he thinks Liam will come to which he says that there is only one way to find out and that is to have her reach the mountain top on time. When he says they are sort of running late, the pilot tells them to buckle up as they are ready to land. Rick asks the pilot of he can arrange a taxi to be waiting for Hope and he agrees. Hope gets hyper as Rick tells her that this is going to work as the scene ends.

Down in Aspen, Steffy returns to Liam and asks if he’s ready to go back to the house and jump into the hot tub. Liam says he is ready to go but he really wants to check out the gondola that leads to the top of the mountain. As soon as he says that Steffy looks a little concerned at his sudden interest in the top of the mountain.

The Forester jet finally lands in Aspen. Rick complains about the rough landing but Hope quickly unbuckles her seatbelt and says that she doesn’t care. She says that they are in Aspen and she needs to get on top of that mountain on time. Rick tells Hope to call him if she needs him. He tells her that there is a taxi waiting outside and he tells her to go “make it happen.” Hope smiles and hugs her brother, thanking him for everything before she runs off.

In the next scene, Liam has purchased the tickets for the gondola ride but Steffy tells him that she really doesn’t like gondolas and would rather just go to the house. Liam tells her to stay and tells her to shop while he takes the ride. Steffy agrees and says she has something she wants to do so she’ll meet him in a few. Liam goes off for the ride and Steffy smiles and thinks of how the top of Ajax is perfect for something she‘s thinking of doing.

Hope boards a taxi and tells the driver to take her to the gondola quickly. Liam gets on the gondola. The ride starts and Liam sits back and thinks about the message he had received from the stranger. As the ride goes on he finds himself wondering if this could be Hope who sent him the message and he asks himself if she has really come all the way to Aspen to see him.

While Steffy is shopping at the Plaza, she receives a call from Bill. Bill says he wants to talk to Liam and asks her to put him on the line but Steffy tells him that Liam is riding the gondola up to the mountain top. Panicked, Bill asks Steffy if Liam is alone and she says that he is because he insisted on taking the ride but she assures Bill by saying that Liam is safe up there because she hasn’t seen any sigh of Hope and she’s keeping her eye out for her. Bill warns Steffy to keep her eyes open and says that he doesn’t need to tell her what will happen if “little miss chastity” finds Liam.

Steffy tells him not to worry as she has an idea. Bill asks what it is and Steffy says that it’s an insurance policy to make sure that Hope never bothers them again. She says that she has to go and hangs up. The scene ends with her looking at the top of the mountain determinedly.

On the gondola ride, Liam remembers how Hope told him that she doesn’t want to get married and he’s reflecting on that and the strange message he received about not giving up Hope. Hope is in the taxi and she asks the driver to speed up as she needs to get to the top of the mountain like “now.”

Back at the Plaza, Steffy purchases a white dress. She asks the store keeper to put it in a bag for her as she’s in a hurry and when the keeper goes off to do that Steffy is approached by Ramona. Ramona tells her that she doesn’t know her that she doesn’t know her but she works for Bill Spencer. Steffy recognizes her as working on the Morning Show. Ramona tells Steffy that Bill told her to help in any way she can so if she needs her, she is here to assist. Steffy smiles and says that Ramona’s timing couldn’t be any better. She says that she’s trying to pull off something really big here and she needs her help.

Hope’s taxi arrives at the gondola and the driver says that he hopes she enjoyed the ride. Hope thanks the driver and gives him all the money she has out of appreciation before she runs off to get a ticket for the gondola to get on the top of the mountain.

Liam is at the top of the mountain. Hope is standing in the line-up for a ticket and she mentally tells Liam that she’s on her way. Steffy runs towards the mountain with her bag with the purchase in hand. She drops a card and when she picks it up she happens to spot Hope in the line up. She immediately freezes and says. “Oh, no.”

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