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At Forrester's, Hope tells her mother that she just has to find Liam and explain things at any cost. Taylor says that Liam and Steffy are engaged now and gone out to celebrate it to which Brooke asks her if that doesn’t bother her in the least. Taylor doesn’t get to answer that as Rick walks in and asks what is going on and Taylor tells him that they were just discussing the fact that Liam and Steffy are engaged.

Rick asks them how the “hell” that happened. Brooke says it’s a long story but right now Hope is trying to ask Bill where Liam is so that she could talk to him but Bill wouldn’t tell her. Rick tells Hope he has another way to find out, namely, by tracking the plane’s tail number. An excited Hope waits for her brother to find the location of the Spencer jet online.

At Bill’s office, Katie is annoyed as she paces around. Bill says that she looks upset and he understands why thanks to the recent history they have had with Steffy, namely, the affair he had. Katie turns around and sys that she doesn’t think he really understands because if he did he would have never gotten involved in this in the first place. Bill tries to justify his actions by saying that Liam was losing his patience slowly and when Hope broke the engagement that was the end of the line.

Katie continues disagreeing by saying that, that would have never happened had Steffy not been at Liam’s bachelor party. Katie then asks Bill again, what Steffy was doing at the party along with why Bill is keeping Hope and Liam apart. Bill shrugs and says that if Liam wants to call Hope he can, he hasn’t ordered him not to but he tells Katie that he doubts Liam will call her anyway. Katie says that is only because he thinks it’s over between Liam and Hope but it’s not. Katie says that Hope will find Liam because she is determined to and she will set the record straight with him, Katie tells Bill that Hope loves Liam too much to let him go.

Back at Forrester, Rick and Hope are busy on the computer trying to track down Bill’s plane. As it looks like the results are coming in, Hope gets hyper and excited. But due to high amounts of traffic on the website the page becomes unavailable. Rick says that they will have to try again later but Hope says that they don’t have time for that and they have to do something now.

Liam and Steffy are in Aspen enjoying the beauty of the nature around them. Liam soon shows Steffy the Spencer Corporate Retreat, letting her know that this will be their home for the next few days. Steffy jokingly tells Liam that he’ll have to tell the staff to go home because she plans on being his maid, cook and entertainer at which Liam laughs and they share a passionate kiss.

Back at Forrester, Hope is nervously pacing around while Rick is still at the computer trying to get the information. Seeing that Hope doesn’t look happy at Ridge having left, Brooke tells Hope that Ridge is only concerned to which Hope says “Yea, about me or Steffy?” Brooke doesn’t get to answer that as Rick tells Hope the site is back up. Hope rushes over to him and Brooke asks Rick where the plane is headed. Rick says that the plane isn’t headed anywhere, it has already landed in Aspen. Hope then orders her mother to call the Forrester pilot immediately and tell him that they are leaving for Aspen immediately. She then takes Rick’s hand and rushes out with him immediately to get to the jet to take off after Liam.

In Aspen again, Steffy and Liam are walking hand in hand. Steffy is elated with the beauty of Aspen’s nature and she comments on it while Liam asks her what she wants to do. He suggests a few activities but Steffy says that she wants to let nature take its course. She smiles and says that she’s just so happy because nothing this wonderful ever happens to her. Liam smiles at her lovingly and traces her cheek saying, ”Well let’s see if we can change that.” Steffy says that he already has and after that they lean in and share another passionate kiss.

At Forrester, Hope and Rick board the plane. Hope asks the pilot, Kyle, how long they have to wait before they can take off and he tells them that they are just waiting for clearance. He tells them it’ll be just a moment. He then asks if he can get them anything to which Rick says a “tranquilizer” for his sister and the pilot laughs and goes to ready the plane. After he leaves Rick talks to Hope and says that he knows she loves Liam but is he worth all the trouble she’s taking for him.

Hope says yes, Liam needs to know that she still loves him and he will just as soon as they get to Aspen and she straightens all of this out. Rick smiles and says okay and then says lets get her to Aspen at which Hope grins.

Steffy is talking to Liam again, this time about the Spencer house they will be staying in. She says that the house is amazing and she can’t wait to see the inside. Liam tells her to go ahead. Steffy asks him if she really can and he says yes. Steffy kisses him before she goes off to see the inside of the house. Once Steffy leaves Liam takes a walk on the trail. Eventually he kneels down by the water and sees Hope’s face in it. He then sees all his memories of Hope from when he met her right up until the engagement and Hope saying yes to be his bride.

Back at Bill’s office, Bill says that he thinks Katie’s perception is skewed because she is Hope’s aunt and is only seeing her side of the story. Katie says that Hope is her family and she can’t stand the thought of Liam with Steffy. She further shows her disdain by saying that she doesn’t know how Steffy got her “hooks” in Liam but it isn’t going to last but Bill only shakes his head and says that, that is honestly up to Liam and Steffy.

When Katie huffs Bill says that Hope had her chance with his son but she let other priorities get in the way so she blew it. Katie says that it’s not that simple and he knows it but Bill says that what he knows is that his son is finally getting what he needs. Katie asks Bill if sex is all that is needed in a relationship. She says that what Liam and Hope had was special and pure and he should have stayed out of it but Bill says that special and pure can only get one so far. He says that he loves his son and everything he did was for him. Katie asks him what else he did besides whisk them off on his private jet. She then looks at him pointedly and asks him if they would even be engaged if it wasn’t for him.

At that moment Taylor walks in and says that it’s obvious that Katie isn’t happy that Steffy and Liam are engaged. Taylor throws Katie a disgusted look and says that her lack of approval for Steffy doesn’t surprise her though. Katie cannot meeting eyes with Taylor and instead just looks annoyed.

At Forrester, Ridge comes back and asks Brooke where Hope is and Brooke tells him that Hope has gone after Liam. Ridge doesn’t look happy as he tells Brooke that Liam has now made a commitment to his other daughter and it’s very possible the Hope will get her heart broken all over again if she goes after him. He says that is why he didn’t want Hope going after Liam and he hopes she wouldn’t have let her go.

On the Forrester plane, the pilot tells Hope and Rick that the plane is ready to take off. As the plane starts Rick and Hope badmouth Steffy and Bill and Hope tells her brother that she doesn’t respect Liam and Steffy’s engagement at all. She says that Steffy was underhanded because she knew Liam was vulnerable and still went after him. She then pauses and says that there were times where Steffy was there for Liam when she should have been. She admits that she let the man she loves down but says that, that will happen “never again.” She vows that she will never hurt Liam again.

In Aspen, Liam continues his walk and keeps thinking. His memories go over to the sadder side and he thinks of Hope telling him how she doesn’t want to marry him anymore. He remembers his hurt and confusion over what she did in silence.

At Bill’s office Taylor apologizes to Bill because Katie ran off after she came but Bill tells Taylor that Katie will be fine. He then tells Taylor that nobody knows how “dynamic” Steffy is than him at which Taylor smiles. He then says that he knows the circumstances are a bit unusual but having said that he really does think that Steffy is the best thing that could have ever happened to Liam. He says that he understands Taylor’s concerns as she is Steffy’s mother but he tells her that Liam is a good boy and he will never do anything to intentionally hurt Steffy.

Justin comes in and tells Bill that he’s tracked down the Forrester jet and Hope and Rick have taken off somewhere. He tells Bill that he’s still trying to get their flight plan. A worried Taylor tells Bill that she was just at Forrester and Hope was very determined to find Liam. Bill tells Taylor that he sent Liam and Steffy to Aspen.

At Aspen, Liam and Steffy are sharing another moment. Steffy tells Liam that the house is perfect. She then says that she knows that Liam has a lot on his mind right now but that she also knows how to deal with that. She shows him the wine she has brought along and asks Lam if he’d like some. Liam says that, that sounds like a good idea and Steffy smiles as she pours the wine.

On the Forrester jet, Hope complains to Rick and asks him if this plane can’t go any faster. Rick tells her to calm down and Hope says that he is right, everything is going to be okay and she will find Liam. Rick says that but she doesn’t know where in Aspen they are staying and how they could be staying in a hotel or a bread and breakfast or a remote cabin or anything but Hope says that she will find him regardless.

At Forrester Brooke tells Ridge that she’s sorry and she knows he’s worried about both his daughters but when she thinks two people belong together she supports only them. She says it worked for him and her and then asks him how she can not support her little girl to which Ridge just hugs his wife and nods quietly.

In Bill’s office, Bill shuts his laptop in frustration after seeing the confirmation of the Forrester jet’s flight plan. He says that it has just been confirmed that the Forrester jet is headed to land in Aspen. Taylor says that if Hope goes to Aspen it will ruin everything. Bill nods his head but says that Hope’s time with Liam is over. He says that Steffy and Liam can be the super couple that Hope and Liam could never be and that is son is with the woman he’s meant to be with and he’s not going to let anyone mess with that no matter what.

Steffy and Liam walk together, sipping wine and being happy. Hope is on the plane thinking of Liam as she says determinedly, “Hold on Liam, I am coming,”

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