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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/30/11

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At his cliff house Liam is on his bed. He wakes up slowly and finds Steffy missing from next to him. He calls out to her and when she doesn’t answer Liam sits up and asks him self if last night was just a dream. The scene shifts to Hope sleeping in her bedroom. She is shown having a nightmare about Steffy and Liam making out and her eyes snap open and she sits up with a start, breathing deeply.

Liam walks around his cliff house still looking for Steffy and Steffy comes out dressed in his t-shirt holding a cup of coffee. Liam sees her and smiles and Steffy says that she’s sorry. When Liam asks for what, Steffy says that she didn’t want him to wake up alone but when her eyes opened she was just too happy to go back to sleep. The scene ends with Liam smiling at her happily.

At Liam’s cliff house again, Liam and Steffy are still talking. Steffy asks Liam if he’s okay since he’s very quiet but he says he is, he just didn’t know where she was. Steffy smiles in response and perkily says that she made coffee. She apologizes for it being a little strong and turns away from Liam but Liam catches her elbow, draws her back and tells her that she doesn’t have to be sorry for anything.

Steffy looks at him pointedly and asks him if he’s sorry. Liam only takes her hand in his and looks at the engagement ring on her finger. Noting how it’s a little lose he smiles and says how it isn’t exactly a perfect fit to which Steffy jokingly says that she’ll just have to eat a little more leaving Liam to laugh. She says that she’s sure a jeweler can fix it but changes her mood and asks Liam if it will be better if she should just take it off. Back at Brooke’s house, Hope comes downstairs to find her mother still home even thought she’s supposed to be gone by now. Hope inquires about her father and after hearing that he left she tells her mother she can go to the office too, but Brooke shakes her head and says that she took a day off. When Hope looks at her questioningly Brooke says it’s a mental day off to which Hope says it must be about her own mental health. Brooke sighs and says that Hope can’t blame her for being worried.

Hope tells her to go to the office and Brooke says that she will but later. She asks Hope how she is and Hope tells her that she was thinking a lot last night. She says that she’d sometimes almost drift into sleep only to feel like she had forgotten something and she’d see her ring-less finger and get upset. Brooke looks at her in concern and tells her that she had every right to be upset as she saw her fiancée kissing another woman. Hope nods but finds herself admitting that she feels that she’s done something wrong.

Again Liam and Steffy are shown talking and Liam tells Steffy that he doesn’t know what he would have done without her last night. He says that it wasn’t even just last night but for the last while, if it had not been for her he would have been lost. Steffy smiles at him lovingly and says that he saved her life once and that it should he hers now. She smiles and says if he still wants it before kissing him. Breaking the kiss a moment later, Steffy says that everything is okay and that everything is going to be completely okay. When Liam nods in agreement Steffy says that she knows he can’t be as purely happy as she is right now because he’s hurt as he lost somebody.

Liam looks down sadly and Steffy goes on saying that he loved someone and she broke his heart, not even at once but in pieces. Steffy says that she knows Liam loved Hope and she knows that she isn’t going to be the only one on his mind today. Liam sighs and stands up and Steffy continues saying that maybe Liam is thinking that it was too soon for them to say the things they said to each other last night, talking about the engagement. Steffy says she completely understands that seeing that he was hurt and vulnerable. Steffy looks at him seriously and says that she knew that when he woke up this morning he’d feel differently to which Liam says that he does. Steffy says that he can tell her because he doesn’t need the emotional backlash, if he has anything to say to her he can say it now.

Liam thinks for a moment before he tells Steffy that he’s tired of living like a kid and having things being so temporary and dreaming of a happily ever after that will happen on some “far away” date. He says that what he wants a life married to someone who loves him back and he wants that now and here Steffy is. He says that it’s like she’s out of a fantasy to which Steffy smiles. Liam looks at Steffy seriously and says that he meant every word that he said last night. He tells her to tell him what she wants and promises her that she will have it. Steffy, moved to tears by his words, comes over to him and says that what she really wants is to tell her mother. Liam smiles and Steffy says that she thinks her mother will be the only person who will really be happy for her. Liam nods in agreement and kisses Steffy’s forehead, holding her close.

At Brooke’s place, Hope is shown poking her cold breakfast. Brooke seeing this says that she will warm it up but Hope asks her mother why she is doing this. Brooke says that she’s doing this because she doesn’t know what else to do. She says that she won’t let Hope blame herself for Liam “carrying on” with Steffy to which Hope says that she saw them kissing and she’s not sure that Liam was actually carrying on with Steffy or not. Brooke says that she doesn’t know what Hope thinks to which Hope says that she can’t trust her mind at the moment.

She tells her mother that if she wants to help she should tell her what she thinks. Brooke tells her that she thinks when you really love someone, it’s better to fight than to give up without one. Hope says that is what she did, namely give up to which Brooke says that, that is not for her to say. Hope says that she is saying it on her own because she knows she handled things poorly last night. She says that how could Liam know that he means more to her than anything in the world? She looks at Brooke, lost and asks what she should do at this point.

At Liam’s place again, Steffy says that her mother is going to ask her first thing, if she stole Liam away from Hope. She asks if she did do that to which Liam says that can’t be true because Hope didn’t even want him. He asks Steffy why she’s saying things like this. He says that she had always been looking after him and warning him early on so that he wouldn’t get hurt. Steffy asks him if she mentioned that she happens to be a little insecure to which Liam smiles and Steffy smiles back.

The doorbell rings and Liam goes over and opens it. Taylor walks in asking Liam if he’s heard from Steffy and knows where she is because Steffy called her and she has no idea where the call came from. Steffy cuts in and tells her mother that she’s here. Steffy tells her mother that she spent the night here at Liam’s and Taylor gets confused at what that means so Steffy explains it by holding up her ring adorned finger and saying that Liam and her are engaged. Taylor looks at her daughter in complete surprise at the news.

Brooke continues talking to her daughter at her home and tells her that she‘s sure that Liam isn‘t any happier today than Hope is. Hope asks if she should call Liam and Brooke says that nothing is going to change without communication. Hope feels hesitant as she says that but she was the one to break it off. Brooke says that she was hurt and Hope agrees but she also says that she didn’t give Liam a chance to explain anything. She says that Liam didn’t know that she saw him with Steffy nor that she was waiting for him to start their lives together.

Brooke suggests that maybe Hope should tell him that at which Hope begins to phone Liam but stops and asks her mother what if Steffy is still there. Hope says that they don’t know that and it’s possible that Steffy just dropped him off and went back home. She adds in that what are the odds that Liam would turn to another woman the very same day that Hope broke it off with him.

When Hope says that it’s not just any women, it’s Steffy, Brooke says that it was wrong for Steffy to pursue Liam but Hope says that Steffy could have thrown herself at Liam everyday and it wouldn’t have made a different if she hadn’t been the one to stop making him the priority of her life. Hope disapproves of making their wedding a part of Hope for the Future. She also says that she also shouldn’t have withheld sex from Liam and should have considered his feelings. Lastly she says that Liam only asked her for one thing, and that was to move up the wedding date and she couldn’t even do that much for him.

Frustrated, she says that no wonder Liam was agitated. Brooke sighs and says that so they both made their mistakes and it’s not the end of the world. She says that the only mistake that she can’t repair is walking away. Hope says that she’s right and that she’s not going to walk away. She determinedly walks out of her house to find Liam and talk to him.

Back at Liam’s place when Taylor only says a blunt “okay” in response to Steffy’s announcement, Steffy says that she knows her mother has more to say about this than that. Taylor says she’s not sure what to think and turns to Liam and sys that just last night he was engaged to marry Hope. Liam informs Taylor that Hope broke up with him and gave back his ring to which Taylor asks if they had a fight. Liam says no and tells her that Hope left his ring on the mantle and told him it was over on the phone. Taylor finds it odd that Hope broke up over the phone and asks Liam if he really thinks making a big decision like this, one that is going to affect the rest of his life is really the best thing to do right now.

Liam nods and says that respectfully, he does think so. He says that he doesn’t want to be alone and Steffy adds in that Liam and her know how to make and keep a commitment. She says that it’s not their fault that they keep getting mixed up with people who don’t, taking about their bad experiences with Bill and Hope. Taylor nods and says that she’s not disapproving and she turns to Liam and tells him that she does think he’s being sincere but she asks him if he might be rushing into a wedding with Steffy too soon.

Taylor asks if it wouldn’t be appropriate for him to say that Steffy and him are dating just for a little while but Liam says that he’s not interested in dating and Steffy says that neither is she. Steffy says that she just wishes her mother could be happy for her because she’s finally found what she’s looking for in Liam even if it looks like he’s a “hand-me-down” from someone else, indicating Hope. Taylor looks at her daughter sincerely and says that she is happy for her and just wants what’s best for her. She smiles and says that whatever makes Steffy happy makes her happy and hugs her daughter. Steffy smiles and watches Liam from over her mother’s shoulder and Liam smiles back at her.

At Forrester, Taylor enters Ridge’s office and finding him not there she sees Brooke instead and curtly tells her that she needs to see Ridge. Brooke tells her that he’s not here yet to which Taylor asks her when she expects him to be here. Brooke changes the subject and says that Taylor and her need to have a meeting of the mind about something. Taylor smirks and insults Brooke by saying that a meeting of the “minds” hasn’t happened between them in recorded history but if Brooke really wants to then she’s game.  

Brooke cuts to the chase by saying that she’s sure that Taylor and her can agree that it’s wrong for a woman to go after a man when he’s already committed to another woman. Taylor walks into the office slowly and looks at Brooke in confusion asking her when she came to this “moral insight” saying that it had to be some point after she broke up her marriage and stole her husband, talking about Ridge.

Brooke waves her hand and says that she’s not talking about Taylor and her to which Taylor laughs mockingly and says of course, what had she been thinking. Those principles only apply to other people, not Brooke. She turns to go again and tells Brooke that when she sees Ridge to please tell him that she stopped by. Watching Taylor leave Brooke says that she is not going to stand by and let Steffy get in the way of Hope and Liam again to which Taylor turns around and asks innocently if she hasn’t heard that, that problem is no more.

Brooke looks confused as she asks Taylor what it is that she hasn’t heard and Taylor tells her that Hope broke it off with Liam. Brooke interrupts by saying that they had a fight and she’s sure that Taylor knows that couples fight but Taylor says that Hope gave back her ring and she thinks that it’s pretty final. She turns to go again but Brooke stops her by saying that a ring is a piece of jewelry, only a symbol and not the begging or end of anything. Taylor nods slowly and says that Brooke should not be too upset to hear that now Steffy is wearing it. Brooke turns and looks at Taylor in surprise as she slowly asks if she’s talking about Hope’s ring to which Taylor says that Liam wasted no time in asking her daughter Steffy to marry him. Brooke is gasping in shock and looking at Taylor in horror.

At Liam’s cliff house. Steffy is shown making a phone call to Liam telling him that she feels odd being here without him as he left for something, and that she feels odd being anywhere without him. She asks Liam if he could pick up some chicken or steaks before he came home so she could fix dinner only to notice that Liam forgot his phone and so he won’t get her message. She sighs and says that he can forget his phone if he must but not to forget how much she loves him. Steffy smiles to herself and hangs up just as Hope bursts in through the door calling out for Liam.

Steffy hears her and tells Hope that Liam isn’t here to which Hope asks her why is she here, in a defensive tone. Steffy says that she thinks Hope should come back when Liam is home to which Hope says she should, while Steffy just sits here waiting for Liam and making herself comfortable. Steffy says nothing to her and Hope asks in frustration why Steffy always comes in between Liam and her. Steffy says that it wasn’t her that ended her relationship with Liam, that was her.

Hope says that Liam discussed that with her and Steffy nods asking Hope who else he has to talk to. Hope asks her why she was at Liam’s bachelor party to which Steffy says that if she really wanted an answer to that she would give her one. Hope says that she doesn’t need an answer because it’s no mystery. Steffy has been trying to seduce Liam ever since she met him just for the sole reason that he’s hers.

Steffy cuts her off and says that she admits that there was some truth to that before and Hope asks mockingly if now it’s different for Steffy because she’s here at Liam’s place, obviously ready to give Liam the one thing she wanted to save until marriage, namely sex. Steffy shakes her head and says that if all Liam was lacking from Hope was sex, she didn’t stand a chance. She walks away from Hope as she says that she doesn’t stand a chance even now.

Hope says that she is so tired of trying to understand Steffy and that she is done giving her the benefit of the doubt. She says that she’s sorry that Steffy’s need is so bottomless and that her jealously for her and her family gives her no rest. She asks Steffy to please just get out but Steffy says that she’s sorry but she can’t. Hope angrily asks her why not and Steffy slowly holds up her hand showing Hope her engagement ring on her finger.

Hope looks surprised as she says ‘my ring?” She takes predatory steps towards Steffy and demands for her to take it off. When Steffy doesn’t she grabs at Steffy’s hand and begins clawing it off saying that she has no right to put that ring on her finger. Finally at the end of her limit, Steffy yanks her hand away and screams that she didn’t put it on her finger, Liam did. Hope is freezing on the spot as she looks back at Steffy in shock and disbelief.

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