B&B Thursday Update 9/29/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 9/29/11

Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

At his cliff house, Liam is holding the ring Hope left in shock while Steffy looks at him with concern and surprise on her face.


Hope is crying, standing somewhere outside Liam’s house. As she cries, she remembers of seeing Liam kissing Steffy in his car and bursts into tears again.

At Ridge’s house, Ridge and Brooke are enjoying some time alone, shipping champagne and remarking how this is almost like a second honeymoon. When the conversation shifts to their children, Ridge says that he just wants all their children to be happy. Brooke says that she knows Hope is happy since it’s her first night with Liam. To that Ridge firmly says that Liam had better been good to her.

Hope cries as she walks away from Liam’s place. She gets a start when she sees Rick and asks him what he’s doing here as she did not expect to find her brother. Rick confesses that he followed Liam from the party. Seeing Hope’s tears, he says that he knows something bad happened, and they’ll talk about it in the car while he drives her home; but Hope says, through tears, that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Rick agrees to that but tells her that he’s not leaving without her. Hope nods and leaves with her brother, still crying as she glances back at Liam’s house just once before walking away.

At Liam’s cliff house, Steffy finds the silence too much to bear and asks Liam what happened, to which he says he has no damn idea. She asks him why he has Hope’s engagement ring to which Liam looks at Steffy solemnly and tells her that Hope ended their engagement. Steffy looks shocked at the news and Liam is near tears.

Hope is sitting in Rick’s car. When he gets in and looks at her in concern, Hope starts talking in a sad, torn voice. She says that Rick followed Liam home. She knows that part but did he see Steffy? Rick says that Steffy did show up at the bachelor party later, but he has no idea why. Hope looks bitter as she says it is obvious why she was there.

Hope says she saw Liam and Steffy in his car. She turns to her brother and says through tears that they were kissing and making out. Rick looks angry as he whispers “bastard” in response. Hope goes back to crying loudly and asks how Liam could do this to her. She thought he loved her. Rick gets more angry and says that he should just go in to Liam’s house and settle this. He moves to get out of the car, clearly ready to beat Liam, but Hope stops him and tells him that she just wants to go home. She asks him to please take her home. Rick nods and moves to drive.

Back at Liam’s place, he is still teary as Steffy asks him what happened. Liam tells Steffy that Hope called before and wanted to talk to which Steffy says “yea” because she knew that was about not being able to move up the wedding date. Liam shakes his head in denial and says that that’s what he thought it was about but that wasn’t it. He then goes very silent and says in a heartbroken voice that Hope had wanted to tell him that she didn’t want to marry him and that was why she wanted to see him.

At Ridge’s place, Brooke and Ridge are cuddling when a knock at the door interrupts them. Ridge asks who it is and Rick answers that it’s him. Brooke tells him to come right up. When Brooke and Ridge open the door Rick apologizes for interrupting but they say it’s okay. Hope then walks in looking broken and Brooke asks what’s wrong, looking completely worried and concerned for her daughter. Hope breathes out that it wasn’t a good night and Brooke goes over to her and says that she’s sorry to hear that. Ridge then asks Rick if Hope called him but Rick says that she didn’t call him, he just happened to be there. Brooke asks him where, at Liam’s place? Rick says that he followed Liam from the bachelor party to which Ridge looks alarmed and says “followed” in a questioning way.

Rick says that Liam was with Steffy at which Ridge and Brooke look shocked but Hope says that she’ll explain the rest. Hope tells her parents that she was at Liam’s place and she had everything set up and she was waiting for him. After some time Liam’s car pulled up in the driveway but he never got out of it. She says that then, after a while she went out to see what was taking him so long and she looked into the car window only to see Liam and Steffy making out.

As soon as Hope says that, both Brooke and Ridge look upset. Brooke immediately sweeps her daughter into a hug while saying that she’s so sorry. Hope hugs her mom back and says that she can’t believe this. She can’t believe that of all people Liam was with Steffy. Brooke looks at Ridge in a sad and hurt way while he looks upset as well.

Back at Liam’s place, Steffy brings Liam a water bottle from the fridge. She sits before him and says that he said that Hope called him today and Liam nods and says that she did. He says that Hope must have come by this afternoon and put her ring on the mantle . He looks heartbroken as he says that Hope obviously didn’t even want to see him. Steffy interrupts there and says that maybe this is some kind of misunderstanding. She asks if Liam and Hope had gotten into a fight earlier or something, but Liam shakes his head saying no. Steffy sounds shocked when she asks him why Hope would return her engagement ring. Liam looks lost for an answer and upset but he eventually says that they’d have to ask Hope that. He gets up and sighs as he goes and stands by the fireplace. Steffy stands up and goes over to him and asks Liam if he asked Hope why when she called him earlier. Liam slowly says that Hope didn’t want to talk to which Steffy repeats the words sounding shocked that Hope didn’t’ want to talk to Liam.

Liam says that he guesses that Hope really didn’t want to get married. He says that that was why she didn’t move up the wedding date and that she knew that he would pressure her. Steffy looks at him sadly as Liam whispers brokenly that he thought Hope was happy and that she loved him. Steffy says that she thought Hope loved him too. She admits that she thought that for Hope her career came first but she also admits that she didn’t think that for one minute that Hope didn’t want Liam. Liam sadly says that well Hope didn’t want him. He then says that he pushed Hope too far to which Steffy cuts him off and says that this is not his fault.

She says that Liam loved her and he gave her support and all the freedom that she needed. Liam then cuts her off and asks in agitation, why Hope did this to him. He asks Steffy for an answer but she doesn’t know. She thinks for a moment and says that Hope is a “Logan” and that Brooke is her mother and they have issues. Liam shakes his head and doesn’t look satisfied with that answer as he turns away. Steffy says that she honestly doesn’t have an explanation. She says that Liam and Hope were supposed to be married and that she thought that Hope seemed happy.

Liam laughs bitterly for a while before saying that maybe Steffy is right. He laughs again and says that this is so bizarre, and that he thought he knew Hope but he really didn’t. He faces Steffy and says that he loved Hope so much but he really didn’t know her. Steffy looks at him sadly while he looks down at his palm where Hope’s engagement ring is sitting. Liam looks up and tells Steffy that she should have seen Hope’s face when he put this exact ring on her finger. He says that it was joy, pure joy, and to think that she just came into his house, took of this ring and put it on his mantle, he then angrily asks if she even looked at it when she took it off. Did she think about what it meant? What she was doing? He quietly says that Hope didn’t and she didn’t want it. He adds sadly that she didn’t want him. Steffy looks near tears as she goes over and hugs Liam silently and just holds him close as he looks rattled.

Back at Ridge’s house, Brooke is still hugging Hope while Ridge asks Rick why he was following Liam and Steffy. Rick says that he followed Liam after the bachelor party and Steffy was with him. Ridge says that he doesn’t get it and Rick says that neither did he so he followed Liam to see what was going on. He admits that Liam was acting weird during the entire bachelor party. Brooke says that there has to be some kind of explanation for this, but Hope cuts her mother off saying that she saw Liam and Steffy all over each other, kissing. She asks what possible explanation there could be to justify that and goes back to crying.

Brooke turns Hope towards her and looks at her in concern and tells her daughter to hear her out. She says that there has to be some explanation about whatever is going on tonight and that there has to be something that they do not know. Hope sounds frustrated as she asks her mother why Liam would be in front of his house kissing Steffy in his car? She then says that he was probably going to bring Steffy inside and then she holds her hands over her eyes and goes back to sobbing while saying God, how could he do this to me? Ridge and Rick look on sadly while Brooke tries to console her daughter. Brooke asks if Hope wants her to stay with her tonight, but Hope says no. She says she wants to be alone. She then looks more bitter than ever as she says that Liam doesn’t love her and that after everything they had been through, it was always Steffy he wanted.

At his place, Liam again wonders how long it has been since Hope has been feeling this way, wanting to end it. Steffy goes over to him and says that Hope did love him and asks how could she not. She says that Hope isn’t shallow and she had to have seen the goodness in Liam. She says that maybe this relationship was difficult for Hope and maybe she was confused. Steffy says that she thinks Hope wanted to make this work but she just couldn’t. Liam turns to Steffy slowly and looks at her while Steffy says that she knows that Liam is in a lot of pain right now. She says he doesn’t deserve that because he has been so patient with Hope. She then says that it will get better though and that in time it will get a lot better. She says that there is life after Hope. When Liam sighs she says that she knows that it’s hard to believe but there is, and she’s going to be there for him. She says that she is going to get him through this and that he will be her first priority. Liam gives her a brief smile and says that he’ll be her “project,” will he? Steffy says no and that they will take it step by step. She says that she knows Liam has gone through a horrible loss but she says that one day he is going to wake up and he’ll find that he’s over it. He smiles and looks down and says in a quiet voice, “And then your work is done,” implying that then Steffy will leave him too.

Steffy falls silent for a moment but shakes her head and says that she doesn’t know about that, but she admits that she doesn’t; think that she’ll ever be finished with him. Liam then looks at her unblinkingly to which Steffy says that she loves him and she wants him to be happy and wants him to be a better person, because she’s his friend. Liam looks grateful and says that she has been a great friend, before he guiltily adds, better than he has been. Steffy changes the topic and says enthusiastically that they are going to get him through this. She determinedly says that she is going to take Liam by the hand and get him out of this “hell” he is not supposed to be in. She admits that it’s going to be tough but tells him that he can’t take it out on Hope. Liam stares at Steffy while she explains her words and says that Hope is young and she is not ready. She then says that there is a woman standing in front of him, namely her, who is ready.

Liam looks at her silently as she says that she asked him before to end it with Hope and start a life with her. She says that he said that he couldn’t think about it then because he was with Hope, but maybe he can think about it now. Liam looks like he’s deep in thought as he says that he’s never met anyone like Steffy to which she smiles. She then touches his cheek and says that they are even, implying that she’s never met anyone like him either. Liam looks upset as he says that he feels like a part of him died tonight. Steffy turns him to face her again and says firmly, “Then let me bring you back to life.”

Liam and Steffy exchange a long, silent look before Liam nods slowly and says that he will. He takes Steffy’s hand and slips Hope’s engagement ring onto her ring finger. Steffy looks near tears and shocked as Liam looks at her and asks if she’ll marry him. A tear rolls down Steffy’s cheek as she breathes deeply and looks down at the ring on her finger and back at Liam with her tears still falling. Liam says “Marry me?” and Steffy pulls him for a kiss. The kiss grows between them and they kiss passionately, clutching each other close.

Hope is sitting on her bed crying while she remembers the moments she shared with Liam, ending with her saying yes to marrying him and putting the ring on her finger. Hope breaks out of her reverie and looks down at her bare hand. Tears roll down her face as she sits there looking shattered.

Liam leads Steffy into his bedroom. They share a loving look before Liam lights candles in the bedroom. When he’s done he looks at Steffy again and they share a brief kiss before they get on the bed. Liam and Steffy make love.

Steffy is laying next to Liam with a smile on her face and her eyes closed in relaxation while Liam looks distracted. Hope is crying in her room. Liam kisses Steffy’s cheek before he lays back down. 

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