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At Forester Ridge and Brooke are hugging. Eric and Stephanie come in and ask if Hopeís here yet. Hope then rushes in saying that itís good that they are all here. She closes the door, then claps her hands together and says that she has an announcement to make.

Liam walks into his fatherís office, looking excited while Bill is yelling at Jarrett on the phone. Liam makes hand motions for his father to end the phone call as he wants to talk to him and Bill soon hangs up. As soon as his dad is off the phone, Liam excitedly says that he has news to which Bill says he can see that since Liam is all hyper. Liam says he has huge news and Bill says it must be about Steffy. Liam then looks at his father, confused and Bill tells him to look at himself. Liam has a sparkle in his eye and a bounce in his step, and Bill compares that to the way he saw him after the walk he took on the beach with Steffy but Liam tells him itís not Steffy, itís Hope he has news about. He then tells his father that Hope moved up the wedding date and that he wonít have to wait anymore and that they are getting married as soon as possible. Bill goes silent and looks surprised but fails to look happy at his sonís news.

At Billís office again, Bill says that the big day, as in Hope and Liamís wedding is just months away. He then asks his son why he wants to move it up. Liam says that he knows whatís not happening until then and thatís whatís making it seem like an eternity. Bill nods and says he knows, he then quips in that the whole world knows and in fact Foresterís whole line is based on that. He says that in fact heís surprised that since the line is so dependant on the wedding that Hopeís parents would ever let her get married, let alone let her move up the wedding date. Liam says that there is no reason for Hope for the Futureís message to change once Hope gets married. He says that it will probably reinforce to people that it was good of her to wait. He then says that Hope is telling her parents now and that they are going to be thrilled. He then smiles and says that itís just a matter of picking the date now. But as Bill listens to Liam he looks doubtful over his words.

Back at Forrester, Ridge asks Hope to tell them what her announcement is. Hope tells them that Liam and her were talking and that he brought up a really good point, namely, why are they waiting so long to get married? Hope then says that because of that they have decided to move the wedding up. Ridge slowly asks her when she wants to move it up to and Hope says that is why she called everyone here, to figure that out. She says maybe next week if they can pull it off or the next week. She says she knows there will a lot of scrambling with the arrangements but then she looks at Brooke hopefully and says that sheíll help her right? Brooke looks caught off guard and after exchanging a look with Ridge she says that she doesnít know, they are going to be very busy next week with Hope for the Future. Eric also adds in by saying that a lot of plans have been made for her line and they all culminate with the wedding. Brooke then says that she understands why Hope would want to move it up but itís only a few months away. She asks Hope to why not just wait and then says that besides, she will be so busy the time will fly by anyway. Hope looks at them sadly and asks them what they are trying to tell her. Brooke looks hesitant and looks at Ridge who sighs and says that too many plans have been made. He says heís sorry but they canít move up the wedding date. Hopeís eyebrows raise and then she looks upset.

Again at Forrester, Ridge continues by saying that if she did get married then imagine all the changes they would have to make. Hope tries to protest but Brooke cuts in and adds that a lot of time and promotion is going into this, and asks if itís really worth the extra time and the effort just to move it up a few more weeks. Ridge also says it will be bad business as they want everyone to buy Hope for the Future items up until the wedding and be excited. He says that once she marries the anticipation will be over. Hope goes silent for a moment but then sighs and says that it is okay, she gets it and they will keep the wedding date as is. Ridge and Brooke look sorry but Hope just says this ďsucksĒ because Liam was really excited for this. Eric says that he will understand because Liam knows the nature of their business and Stephanie adds that Liam loves him and he will be fine. Hope nods but says that it is just that she has been asking so much of him and Liam just asked for this one thing and she canít even give it to him.

At Billís office, Bill tells his son that heís happy to see Liam this way again, namely, upbeat and positive. He says that he thought Hope was brining him down but Liam says that it isnít her fault that he was letting it all get to him. Bill then says that was until Steffy cheered him up. Liam says that he wonít deny that Steffy was there for him, and Bill says that she was when Hope was too busy. Liam tries to protest but Bill says that heís just trying to tell Liam that getting married wonít change who Hope is, nor her priorities. He tells Liam to maybe leave the wedding date as is to give himself time to see some more options.

Liam tries to protest again but Bill keeps talking and says that he may be able to find someone in that time period who is mature enough to put his relationship ahead of her image and her message to the world. Liam looks frustrated and firmly tells his dad that Hope and him are getting married and to please accept that. Bill pauses for a moment before he grins and says that okay, he accepts it and now there is just one more thing for him to do. Liam asks what that is and Bill excitedly says that, that is to throw him a bachelor party. Liam says that he doesnít have to do that but Bill says he wants to. He says that no one can throw a bachelor party faster than Dollar Bill Spencer. He asks his son if he has plans tonight and Liam says itís perfect for tonight but just not to make it too crazy.

At that moment Steffy walks in and hear Bill saying that it wonít be too crazy and there will only be about ten strippers, per person. She walks into the office and says strippers questioningly, she then asks if heís trying to make the Spencer Board meetings more exciting. Bill says that heís just putting together an impromptu bachelor party for his son. When Steffy looks confused he says that it seems that Liam is getting married earlier than any of them thought.

Back at Forrester, Brooke comes into Hopeís office where she is moping alone and she says that she knows that that it didnít go as Hope had hoped. Hope says that she should have thought it through but didnít. She then says that Liam is going to be so disappointed. Brooke says that she is sure he will understand but Hope says that he should not have to. She says that she is so ready to be Liamís wife in every way. She then says that she knows that to them three months may not seem a lot but to Liam and her moving up the wedding date would have made all the difference in the world. Brooke asks if she really feels ready to pledge herself to Liam and love him for the rest of her life. Hope says yes, and she says that, that is why she is marrying him. She also admits to her mother that she practically thinks of Liam as her husband already. Brooke nods and then says that while they are not officially married, Liam and her share an intense connection. She then suggests that maybe Hope should then just give herself the permission to take it to the next level, as in have sex with Liam before the wedding.

Next, in the Forrester corridor, Eric, Ridge and Stephanie are shown talking. Eric sternly says that there was no way that Hope had considered the implicationsí of her idea and Ridge agrees that she sure had not. Stephanie only laughs and says that Hope is caught up in the romance of it and isnít interested in the reality. Eric nods but says that he knows that Hope now knows that moving up the wedding date is not possible. Ridge says that they should hope that Liam does get that too.

At Spencerís office Bill leaves and says that he needs to be excused as he has a bachelor party to plan leaving Steffy alone with Liam. Once Bill leaves, Steffy turns around and says to Liam that she doesnít understand, she thought that Hope and Liam were getting married in a few months. Liam says that there was no reason why they were waiting so long to get married.

Steffy says that sheís sorry but she doesnít think he should be marrying Hope at all. Liam says that heís sorry but she knows how he feels about this topic. Steffy says that she just thought with the wedding being months away she would have had the time to show Liam how good they could be together but she guesses not. She then asks Liam if Hope will really be able to give him what he wants and not just in the bedroom. She asks if Hope will be able to give him the love and the support, the give and take that marriage is. She says that she thinks that Hope understands the ďtakeĒ aspect but not the ďgive,Ē but Liam cuts her off and says that she does understand how to give.

He says that the fact that she moved up the wedding date for him proves that, so she is not the egomaniacal person that Steffy and his father make her out to be. He says that heís not worried about how their marriage is going to be. Steffy says that if sheís doing this for him, then sheís happy for him. She says she just wants whatís best for him and admits that she doesnít think itís Hope but if he does then itís all that matters. Liam looks relieved.

At Forester, Hope asks Brooke if she thinks she should have sex before the wedding. In response Brooke says that itís entirely up to her, but it does look like sheís ready. Hope says that sheís definitely ready but she doesnít want to be hypocrite though with Hope for the Future but Brooke says that she wouldnít be one. She says that she is far from being a hypocrite because she waited until she found a man she wanted to be with for the rest of her life and get married to.

She says she also waited to make sure the man she wanted, wanted the same thing to and that she didnít do anything until she herself was ready to do it. She then tells Hope that, that is the message she was trying to put out there. Hope agrees and says that, that is the message she is promoting. Brooke says that no one needs know about her having sex with Liam. She says that in Hopeís mind and in her heart she is married to Liam, so then why not take it to the next level. Hope says that she is right and smiles and right then her phone rings and itís Liam. Brooke says that she has a lot to talk about and Hope says yes, first some bad news and then some really, really good news. Brooke asks if she should leave but Hope says no, she will not talk that long on the phone.

As soon as she says hello, Liam immediately asks if she talked to her parents. Hope says yes she did and Liam excitedly asks if they discussed any dates. Hope asks if she can ďswingĒ by tonight because she wants to talk to him about it. Liam says sure but let him find out his dadís plans first. He then tells Hope that his dad is throwing him a bachelor party at which Hope looks nervous. He tells Hope that he told his dad to keep it tame so there is nothing she needs to worry about.

Hope says okay, but then asks if she will not see him till tomorrow because she really wanted to talk to him. Liam says that she can come over tonight after the bachelor party because heís sure it wonít run too late. He then pauses and asks if what she wanted to talk about was serious and when Hope says not too serious he gets curious and asks what it is she wants to say. Hope says that sheíll tell him about it later because she doesnít want to ruin his party which just makes Liam more curios. He tells Hope that now he really wants to know promoting Hope to hesitantly tell him that she canít move up the wedding.

As soon as Liam hears that he falls silent and looks angry and he glances back at Steffy who is still standing in his office and she gives him and understanding glance. Hope then asks Liam if heís there as heís gone completely silent and Liam slowly says that Hope said that she was going to move up the wedding date. Hope says she knows she did, and sheíll explain why she canít tonight but Liam just looks angry as he asks her to explain her reason right now. Hope sighs and says that itís because of her clothing line. She says that because of that she needs to keep the date as is and Liam looks very disappointed as she says that sheís sorry because she knows that was not what he was hoping for.

Liam bitterly tells her that he was hoping that she would keep her promise to him. Hope says that she knows but there is other news too and they will talk about that tonight. She looks all excited as she says ďin person.Ē Liam then hangs up and Steffy slowly comes over to him with a knowing look on her features. She says that Hope changed her mind about moving up the ceremony, didnít she, and Liam nods looking upset. Steffy says that she is so sorry for him and Liam slowly turns and looks at her unblinkingly with pain and sadness on his face.

Back in Billís office, Steffy asks Liam why Hope would change her mind and Liam solemnly says, ďHope for the Future.Ē Steffy sounds shocked as she asks that the reason Hope wants to make Liam wait is because of her clothing line. She strongly says that, that is totally unfair. Liam quietly says that it makes sense to Hope but Steffy says that it doesnít make sense to her. Liam keeps speaking in a hurt, soft tone and says that he was so sure that they Hope and him would be married in a couple of days. Steffy says that this is exactly what she has been talking about. Hope as shown him where she stands and itís not with him. She then says that Hope is selfish and immature and Liam snaps, pointing a finger at Steffy and telling her to stop it and that she doesnít get to talk about Hope like that. He then stops and says that he canít take it right now and quietly asks her to please stop. Steffy watches Liam sadly as he says that he only asked Hope to do this one thing and she didnít do it for him. Steffy looks sadder and slowly touches Liamís shoulder. Liam slowly turns to look at her in the eyes.

At Hopeís office again, Hope is packing up her purse and Brooke points out that she didnít tell Liam the good news about her being ready to have sex but Hope says that she wants to do it in person. Brooke asks what if Liam is angry but Hope seems relaxed and says that Liam sounded disappointed but sheís sure heíll be okay. Brooke says that he wonít see her for a few hours but Hope says itís perfect because Liam is going to a party and that gives her time to set everything up and pack a few things. When Brooke asks what sheís packing for, Hope says that she wants to move in with Liam as this is the start of their lives together as husband and wife even if it isnít official. Brooke smiles and Hope thanks her for encouraging her to take this step. She smiles again and says that Liam is going to be so happy and that everything will change tonight.

In Spencerís office Steffy says that if Liam doesnít want her to talk trash about Hope then she wonít. She says she doesnít even need to as her actions speak for themselves. Liam doesnít disagree to that one and says that he canít believe Hope isnít moving up the wedding date after getting his hopes up. Steffy looks frustrated as she says that this is a preview into his married life. She tells Liam that Hope will string him along and have her way no matter what.

She tells him to believe her because she has lived through it as Hopeís step-sister. She tells him to just get out of this relationship. Liam says nothing and looks hesitant prompting Steffy to say that he doesnít need to tie himself to Hope. Liam cuts in there and says that he loves Hope and wants to marry her. Steffy says that he wants to marry Hope a lot more than Hope wants to marry him obviously. But Liam says that he canít walk away because he has made promises to Hope. Steffy says that she understands that but Hope made promises to him too and it was so easy for her to break them.   Liam falls silent being reminded of how Hope didnít move up the wedding date as she promised him and looks hurt. Steffy walks over to him and says that Hope keeps him waiting to be loved and he shouldnít have to wait. She says that she is ready to love him, not in months or weeks but right here and right now. She says sheís ready to give him her love and her commitment for life. She tells Liam to look at her because heís shying away and she tells him to get away from Hope and a future thatís not going to make him happy.

Liam stares back at her intensely and Steffy tells him that he knows how she feels. She tells him again that she loves him and Liam slowly reaches out and touches her cheek tenderly before they share a slow kiss and then a longer one. Liam then pulls away and looks lost and frustrated as Steffy looks at him longingly.

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