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Bill asks Steffy if she believes he really wants her in his son’s life. Steffy tells him that she wants to, that she really wants to believe it. Bill tells her again that he does want her in Liam’s life and as more than just a friend leaving Steffy to look at him more confused than ever.

Hope and Liam are kissing in Hope’s office. Hope tells Liam that the conference is about to start and she needs to go but he asks for just a few more moments and keeps trying to kiss her. Hope soon pulls away saying that she is sorry but she has to go. When she sees that Liam looks frustrated she tells him that soon he will have all of her to which Liam says that yes, after the wedding which is in forever prompting Hope to look guilty. Liam then sighs and says he isn’t making this any easier but Hope says she isn’t making this any easier herself. Liam tells her to ignore what he said because his mind is all over the place at which Hope smiles and tells him that he’ll be okay.

Liam then bursts out with the words “God you’re so hot! Why are you so hot?” at which Hope laughs and says thanks, that’s nice to hear. Liam then says he’s in love with the poster girl for abstinence to which Hope says “Just your luck, huh?” and laughs. But Liam tells her that he really does respect what she’s doing and how she’s a role model. He also says that while she’s a role model she’s also his fiancée which is what makes this so hard. Hope smiles and tells him that yes she is his fiancée but she is also his future wife and soon he’ll have everything that comes along with that, namely promising Liam sex after marriage. As Liam and Hope lean in for another kiss Ridge walks in clearing his throat, Brooke by his side making the couple stop. Ridge then says “We’re all waiting here…” pointedly and Liam says that Hope is ready and he lets her go. Brooke takes a moment to excitedly fix Hope’s hair before the conference as Ridge walks over and asks Liam if he needs a minute to cool off. Liam laughs sheepishly and says he’s good as Ridge just gives him a sly smile and says “right” in a sarcastic way.

At Forrester again, Hope’s office is shown buzzing with reporters. Jarrett takes a moment to talk to Pam, asking her if Steven and her have a wedding date yet. Pam slowly says that they are working on it and Jarrett looks t her hopefully and asks if there is still hope for him then to which Pam looks at him coyly and says “Well…” after which they share a laugh.

The conference then begins with Brooke introducing her daughter before passing the floor to Hope while Liam finds a spot to stand in the very back of the room and watch. Hope then says that she knows there are a lot of questions people want to ask her so she’ll make this brief. Hope tells the reporters that she just got back from Paris and the response to her line was more than she had ever anticipated, She says she is extremely grateful. She then asks for questions. The first reporter says Hope is generating a lot of buzz with her personality, her stand on abstinence and her recent engagement to Liam. The moment those words are spoken Liam appears annoyed and frustrated at the back of the room. The reporter then says that Liam must be a very special man to which Hope agrees but quickly says that they are here to talk about Hope for the future, cutting the topic of Liam short but a reporter asks if Liam is here today to which Hope says yes. The room then breaks out in excited whispers as the reporters locate Liam at the back and snap pictures of him, leaving an embarrassed and uncomfortable Liam to try his best at handling all the flashing cameras and smiling back.

Back at the Spencer office, a confused Steffy tells Bill that she thought he liked Hope. Bill says that Hope is sweet but then admits that she is too sweet and is using Liam which is hurting him. Bill says this is unacceptable. Steffy says she feels the same way, she says that she wants to help Liam. She also admits to Bill that Liam and her have gotten really close to which Bill says that he is pleased to hear that. The scene ends with Steffy looking at him with unsure eyes and asking him if he really means that.

Back at Forrester, Hope asks if there are any more questions for her. A reporter asks her if there is going to be another European tour and Hope says that they are working on it. The reporters keep asking her questions about her work and ask for a picture of Brooke and her to which Hope happily complies. As Brooke and Hope pose and reporters photograph them, Liam slips out of the room unnoticed with a look of dejection and unimportance on his face.

At Bill’s office Bill asks Steffy if she is disappointed with what he is saying to her. Steffy retorts to him by asking why she would be disappointed. She then asks him if he’s disappointed but Bill says that he is committed to his wife at which Steffy response with a ‘good’. Bill says he feels guilty though and Steffy asks him if that guilt is for him having hurt her or Katie. He says both to which Steffy says that he doesn’t do guilt well at all. Bill then tells Steffy that it may be hard to believe but occasionally a little blood does flow through his heart. Steffy tells Bill that he does have a big heart but that heart belongs to someone else leaving him to fall silent.

Steffy then pours herself a drink and says that, that doesn’t make him a good risk at relationships. Bill asks if that compares to Hope Logan. Steffy admits that Hope it’s a good risk either but for different reasons. Bill then describes Hope as someone with high principles while his principles are questionable. Steffy tells him that both Liam and him are going to be disappointed because a person with over inflated principles is just as heard to live with as someone without any. Bill agrees and says that is why he wants Hope away from Liam because she doesn’t make him happy. He then gets up and goes closer to Steffy while saying that she though, can make Liam very happy.

In the next scene Bill is shown asking Steffy if he has her feelings for Liam sorted out. He says that basically Liam fished Steffy out of a bathtub gave her CPR and ‘poof’ she fell in love with him. Steffy looks at him sternly and says it’s more than that. Steffy then asks Bills if he’s questioning her intentions to which Bill says yes and he is sure she knows how protective he is of his son. He then says that Liam is becoming part of Hope’s agenda, and if Steffy cares for Liam then she needs to do something about it, Steffy says that she has been trying to which Bill says that a woman like Steffy doesn’t ‘try’ she gets what she wants. Steffy then retorts bitterly that what she wants, she doesn’t waylays get making a clear reference to the time not too long ago when she wanted him and he went back to Katie. Bill falls silent for a moment before saying, “But you don’t want me anymore, do you?"

Steffy looks at Bill annoyed, and asks him why he is asking her that and then she asks him how he wants her to answer that to which Bill says “truthfully”. Steffy then firmly tells Bill that what she wants is Bill’s son because she’s in love with him, She says that Bill betrayed her and that she should have seen that coming but didn’t. She takes it further by saying that he made promises to her that he couldn’t keep, that he never intended to keep and she tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore.

After a brief pause Bill responds to Steffy by saying “great!” and tells her to go after Liam then. Steffy looks offended and asks Bill if this is what he thinks this is about: seduction. Bill tells Steffy that he knows Steffy wants what’s best for Liam as does he. He says that Hope’s stand on celibacy is ridiculous. Steffy adds in that it is also cruel and manipulative. Bill says that the closer they get to the wedding the more entrenched Liam will be. He tells Steffy she has to act now. He then tells Steffy that Liam needs her. He adds in that he needs her as well.

Back at Forester Hope is being asked questions about her marriage and she says that the time and location is a secret. A reporter then points out that Liam isn’t there and Hope notices for the first time that her fiancée has disappeared. She says that he must have just stepped out but continues to keep craning her head around and trying to spot him in the crowd while Brooke and Ridge take more questions from the press.

At Liam’s cliff house, Liam charges in and angrily throws his keys on the table before he sinks into the sofa in frustration. He opens up his laptop and feels even more frustrated when he sees a picture of Hope on the desktop. As he sits there agitated, what Steffy said to him about how waiting till marriage is good if both people want it. Liam is then shown thinking, confused over that as the scene ends.

Back at Bill’s office, Steffy tells Bill that Liam is one hundred percent committed to Hope and that she has already tried everything to get to him but Bill says that she has to keep trying. Steffy then asks Bill what he wants from her. Does he want her to throw herself at Liam? But Bull tells her that he just wants her to be there for him. Steffy asks Bill what if Liam doesn’t want her the same way she wants him but Bill says he does want her the same way. When Steffy asks him how he knows that Bill says that she doesn’t know how Liam talks about her but he does. Bill then continues by complimenting her and then finally saying that he doesn’t’ want Liam with Hope because Hope is too caught up in fame. He says that Steffy is right for Liam. After a few moments of thought Steffy says that Liam saved her life once and she’s going to do the same for him. She says that she can really make him happy and make him laugh. She says that she just knows she can but only if Liam wants it. Bill says that Liam does want her because she’s the best thing that ever happened to Liam. He tells her not to let go of Liam or she’ll regret it and Liam will regret it even more.

At Forester, reporters are shown asking Hope more questions but Hope soon asks to be excused. She goes over to where Oliver is and asks him if he’s seen Liam to which Oliver says no leaving Hope concerned. Brooke and Ridge see Hope looking worried so they tell her that Liam has probably just stepped out. Hope nods but asks her mother to look for Liam. Brooke goes off to search for him and Hope then goes back to handing more reporter questions.

In Bill’s office, Steffy has left and Justin visits and tells Bill that he is still waiting on Liam’s piece for the publication. When Bill says that Justin already heard him ‘”rat” on his son, Justin says that, that’s what’s bothering Bill, namely his son’s situation to which Bill agrees. Justin admits that, that’s what all the interns at Spencer and the media is talking about nowadays as well prompting Bill to say “great” sarcastically as his son is now a laughing stalk. When Justin asks Bill what he’s going to do about this he says nothing, confusing Justin. Bill then directs Justin’s attention to his laptop. He tells Justin that he has surveillance set up at the cliff house. Looking at the laptop, Justin sees a car pulling up at the house and he asks Bill who that is arriving. Bill looks at Justin with a smirk and says, “the answer to all of Liam’s frustrations.”

At the cliff house, Liam is seen pacing around in frustration before he takes out his phone and tries to reach Hope. When her line is busy he sighs and leaves her a voice message saying that he really wants to see her tonight, all the wile looking absolutely aggravated.

Back at Forrester, Hope tells Jarrett who is now asking her questions about Liam’s position on her decision, that Liam is very supportive as she’s said before. When a reporter asks where Liam is because they can’t see him around Hope says that she actually has no idea. She goes over and finds her mother and asks her if she was able to find Liam. Brooke tells her that she couldn’t find him. After that Ridge brings the conference to a close and the reporters start to leave. Brooke seeing Hope’s saddened face asks her what’s wrong and Hope looks at her mother in concern and says she just wishes she knew where Liam was right now.

In the final scene Liam is shown staring at Hope’s photograph on his laptop again in frustration. As he’s looking at her, his mind once again goes back to what Steffy said about how Hope is dictating him. Out of frustration Liam slams his laptop shut because he can’t look at Hope anymore and he begins to pace around the room again trying to relive his pent up aggravation.

When the door suddenly opens Liam at first thinks it’s Hope until he sees it’s Steffy which leaves him surprised. When he looks at her questioningly Steffy walks over to him and tells him that she’s here and she’s not going to let him suffer. She tells him that he needs a companion tonight and she’s here. Finally she looks at him with a smile on her lips and finishes with the words, “Tonight is for us.”

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