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Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Hope is in her office. She receives a phone call from Liam asking her to come over so they can spend time together and maybe he could cook her a home-cooked meal. Hope says she'd love that but she has so much to do that she can't, but there is nothing more than she wants right now than to jump into bed. Liam jumps in right away saying that he wants that too, obviously talking about having sex but Hope misses that and asks Liam to come over to Forrester for her press conference since he's the editor for Eye on Fashion and that would give her good coverage. Reminded by Hope of his job, Liam tells her he has to go and his dad is going to kill him. He hangs up on Hope and runs off to try and get to the meeting he's late for. After Liam ends the call, Hope smiles and is about to get back to her work when Steffy comes in and taunts her by saying that, that's the best Hope can do for Liam. Liam wants to spend time with her and all Hope can do for him is tell him to be at her press conference.

Bill and Katie are enjoying their moment alone and they are kissing in Bill's office when Justin comes in and tells them they can't seem to get their hands off each other. Then he reveals his real reason to come wasn't to interrupt them but to let Bill know that Liam hasn't arrived yet when he should have arrived a long time ago. Bill is shocked to hear this and immediately picks up the phone and tells Hillary (his secretary) to get into contact with Liam and tell him to get to work right now. As soon as he does this Liam bursts in apologizing for his lateness and saying he got distracted but Bill only greets him with a stern statement saying "Let me guess by what, or should I say whom," clearly blaming Liam's distractedness on his fiancée, Hope.

Back at Hope's office, Steffy continues telling Hope that she doesn't care for Liam's feelings at all. Steffy outright describes Hope as the type of person who makes a statement and expects Liam to just comply regardless of what he feels. Right at that moment Brooke comes in and jumps to Hope's defense telling Steffy that she needs to back off.

In Bill's office, Bill is shown frustrated and angry as he is forced to delay the meeting that should have started by now but now can't happen yet thanks to Liam's late arrival. Liam tries to make excuses and tell his father that he will get his work ready in time but Bill doesn't have any of it and tells him the work should have been done by now. He then tells his son to focus on work because his performance is slipping. Bill then asks Justin and Katie to leave so he can have a moment alone with his son.

Back at Forrester, Brooke tells Hope she has every confidence in Liam and her relationship but not in Steffy. But Hope tells her mother that she's not concerned about Steffy and feels safe and assured because of Liam's cooperation. Listening in on their conversation Steffy says that Hope has turned her decision to wait until marriage into a public issue and that Liam isn't happy about it. Hope disagrees, and feeling confident over the understanding Liam has shown her on her decision, tells Steffy that Liam doesn't have a problem with it but that it's her who does.

Under Bill's grilling, Liam pretends that everything is well between Hope and him, but as the conversation continues Bill picks up on the fact that nothing is actually okay. Liam ends up making an angry outburst that work has been the only thing on his mind because that is all he has to look forward to and Bill realizes right away that his son is aggravated over the fact that Hope and him are still not having sex. When Bill points out that Liam said he was okay with waiting, Liam says that he is standing by that and that everything will work out despite the obvious stress he's under. The expression on Bill's face makes it clear that he's not convinced.

Bill presses the issue by implying that he's not impressed about Liam's commitment to Spencer coming second to his relationship with Hope. He makes it clear that he is annoyed with Liam saying yes to everything Hope asks just to look like a "nice guy". Liam expresses his frustrations to his father and Bill points out that this is no small issue even though Liam keeps trying to say everything will be okay. But his obvious frustration contradicts what he is saying, something that Bill notices and is not happy about. In the next scene Hope is seen confident as ever that nothing is going to wrong no matter what Steffy does because Liam and her are solid. Brooke tells her that she is proud of her and the life she has right now with all her successes; an upcoming wedding, a good fashion line and so on. Hope tells her mom that she is proud of Liam for not giving in to Steffy and proving that he only has interest in her.

Back at the Spencer office, watching his son's frustration Bill says that Liam is miserable and that Hope is making him miserable but Liam denies that and says Hope makes him happy. Bill disregards Liam's words and says that he seriously needs to put his foot down because or else he will always be in the background of Hope and his marriage. As Bill talks, Liam says that he sounds just like Steffy revealing that he has been talking to Steffy about this issue, something that comes as a surprise to Bill. Bill continues talking to his son and tells him that while he's claiming that he can handle this it's obvious he can't and admits that personally, he has had issues with this relationship from the beginning. Bill clearly admits that he doesn't think that Hope is mature enough for his son but Liam says he is happy with Hope and tells his dad not to blame Hope for his lack of focus. Liam promises to get his act together but Bill looks very doubtful of the truth of Liam's promise to him.

Later Liam and Hope are shown kissing in Hope's office as Hope talks about her dress and tells Liam that it's from her collection and she's wearing it as a sneak peak tonight. Liam says he didn't even see the dress because he's too focused on her, he then asks Hope if they'll have some alone time after her conference but before Hope can answer Madison arrives telling Hope she has the final draft for her press release tonight. As Madison and Hope talk, Liam takes the moment to stare at Hope's body almost in a trance. When Hope comes back to him, he snaps out of it but Hope , having noticed his strange state asks him if he's okay and if she can do something to make him feel better. She begins to resume their kisses but Liam pulls back and says he doesn't think they should get too "carried away". Hope stops and tells Liam that Steffy said that she's torturing him by making him wait but Liam says there is nothing Hope is making him do. Happy over what Liam said, Hope tells Liam she is so glad he's doing this for her and tells him that once they are married she will show him how much she loves him frequently at which Liam says he can't wait either implying his need for them to make love. He tries to fix up what he blurted out but Hope just kisses him letting him know it's all okay.

In the last scene Steffy enters Bill's office and when he looks up she tells him she's not here for him but was looking for Liam who she heard was in the building. Bill tells Steffy that Liam is at Forester and Steffy realizes he must be at Hope's conference. She turns to leave and find Liam but stops having noticed that Bill looks stressed out,. When she asks him why that is he tells her he's behind schedule sparking a conversation with her asking how that's possible when he was never the type to fall behind before. When Bill says nothing Steffy realizes Bill is caught up in Liam's problems and says she understands what's bothering him. Steffy says that Hope is Liam's problem. When Bill says that Liam wouldn't put it that way, Steffy says she would because she says the truth no matter what. At that Bill laughs and says "You throw a good right too," making reference to the slap she gave him upon their break-up not too long ago.

When silence falls between them, Bill says that he imagines Steffy has things she still wants to say to him about their past together because of the way things ended between them, but Steffy says that she's moved on. Bill then says that she's interested in his son now and Steffy asks him if Liam said that at which Bill says Liam told him that they are friends. He also mentions that Liam said that she has issues with his engagement to Hope but Steffy says she has issues with how Hope is treating Liam because it's driving him crazy and it's only going to get worse as time goes by.

Bill admits that he needs his son focused and on top of his game but all he thinks about is Hope prompting Steffy to say that is what Hope wants. Steffy says that Liam doesn't even realize that Hope is manipulating him and controlling him because he's so wrapped up in her. She says that Liam deserves better than that because Liam's commitment to Hope should be good enough for her to allow him to make love to her. Steffy continues saying that while Liam may say he's not humiliated he really is because this whole situation is humiliating. Then Steffy says that Liam deserves a woman who has the same kind of passion that he does. With a smirk on his lips, Bill asks if Steffy wants to be that woman leaving her to fall silent. Finally raising a toast to Steffy, Bill says "Here's to making that happen." The episode ends with Steffy looking at Bill in confusion over his words.

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