B&B Wednesday Update 8/24/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/24/11

Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Juanita

We hear the roar of the ocean on the shore.  Inside, Liam and Hope prepare to make love as they kiss. They each say "I love you", and there are candles everywhere. He tells her that he's glad that they waited. He looks at the ring on her finger and says that being engaged is so special. Hope stops kissing him, gets her bag, and goes into the other room to get ready. She takes out her nightshirt and looks at it. Then she gets the lingerie from her bag. She looks at a black lace teddy, and then at the scented oil that Brooke gave to her.  Liam keeps waiting while she puts on the lingerie, stockings, makeup, etc. When she finally comes out, he smiles at her in amazement. He tells her how beautiful she looks and kisses her. They start undressing and kiss. He carries her to the bed, and they kiss some more. She stops him just as he is taking off her lingerie. Clearly, she's not ready. He wonders what's wrong.  Hope declares that this is not her-- it's her mom. She babbles for a minute. He tries to reassure her, but she is upset. He asks her to tell him what he can do to make her feel comfortable. She asks him if they can wait until after they're married.  He looks stunned.

Ridge and Brooke discuss Liam and Hope, and Steffy.  Ridge is worried about Liam's connection to Steffy and hopes that he is not like Bill. Brooke is just happy for her daughter. Brooke tries to make Ridge feel better about things, but he keeps fretting. She tells him about how she helped Hope find something to wear for tonight. It makes Ridge uncomfortable. Ridge worries that Brooke was interfering too much, but he knows that she was just trying to help, out of love. Brooke is very happy, so Ridge hugs her, even though he's still worried.

Oliver looks at photos of Hope at the office.  Stephanie walks in and makes a joke about him stalking her. Oliver can tell from Steffy's mood that Hope accepted Liam's proposal. Both of them are very depressed, especially Oliver, since he's been waiting so long. Steffy is annoyed that yet another man doesn't want her. Oliver figures that it's time to move on, but it doesn't sound like his heart is in it.

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