B&B Tuesday Update 8/23/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/23/11

Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke is at home. She is checking her phone, looking worried, when Hope arrives. Brooke is very curious about Liam's proposal. Hope jumps up and down as she tells Brooke that she accepted Liam's proposal. Brooke is happy for her and admires her ring. She is surprised when Hope tells her that she plans to sleep with Liam tonight. They discuss it, including protection. When Brooke learns that Hope plans to wear a nightshirt for her "first time", she suggests that she wear something that makes her feel special. Brooke brings down some lingerie for Hope to look at. Hope is very uncomfortable. They look at several nighties. Brooke also shows her some scented body oil and tells her how beautiful she is. They hug.

In his office, Ridge is on the phone. Liam knocks on the door and walks in. Ridge tells Liam how surprised they all were by his proposal on the runway. Liam asked for his blessing. Ridge wonders if Liam only proposed because Hope won't sleep with him otherwise. Liam tells British how much he feels about Hope. Ridge is very grateful that he Steffy's life, despite his being a Spencer. Ridge wonders about Liam's feelings for Steffy. Liam maintains that Hope is the one that he loves and wants to marry. Ridge believes him and gives his blessing. He insists that Liam call him Ridge now.

Dayzee looks at photos of Hope as she chats with Marcus. She doesn't think she could have handled Liam's big public proposal. Marcus flirts with Dayzee and tells her that she's beautiful. They kiss. They are making out when Amber walks in with the baby. Marcus goes over to say hi to the baby, Rosie. Both girl smile at the sight. They chat about Marcus giving the baby a bath earlier. Amber admits that things have not been the same since Marcus left, and she suggests he could move back in. He is grateful that they created such a beautiful baby together, but he tells her that he is with Dayzee now. Amber looks annoyed. Marcus takes the baby around to show him off. Amber insists on talking to Dayzee about him; she wants a chance with him. She asks Dayzee to back off and let them be a family. Dayzee doesn't think that is what Marcus wants. Amber is worried about Rosie growing up without a father, but Dayzee points out that Marcus is around, just not with Amber. She suggests that Amber be happy about that and stop wishing about something that is never going to happen. She leaves and Amber looks very unhappy.

Ridge goes home. He and Brooke discuss Liam and Hope. He tells her about his chat with Liam. She tells him that Hope and Liam will spend the night together. Ridge is not too happy to hear this.


At home, Liam plays some sexy, soft music on his iPod. Hope arrives, and they kiss. Hope admires the romantic atmosphere he has set up with candles and a fire in the fireplace. They kiss. He can't wait for her to be his wife and hopes that their evening will be special. They kiss more.

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