B&B Monday Update 8/22/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/22/11

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In front of a crowd of people and reporters on the Forrester runway, Liam gets down on one knee after asking Hope to marry him. He has a large diamond ring. Everyone watches anxiously, especially Steffy. Hope drags Liam off the stage in a hurry.

Ridge, Brooke, Eric, Stephanie, and Taylor wonder what is going on. Brooks thinks that Hope is just nervous. Thorne and Ridge discuss how to handle the press. Ridge and Steffy chat briefly. He is concerned about her, as well as Hope.

Pam admires the proposal to Thomas, but he doesn't think that Hope necessarily liked it.

Marcus tells the press in about what's going on, but he doesn't know too much yet. However, he puts a positive spin on things and jokes around with them.

Ridge tells Brooke Taylor and Stephanie that the people on the website are happy about the proposal. They wonder if Hope will say yes. Taylor brings up the fact that Steffy and Liam have feelings for each other. They argue about it. Later, they talk some more about the press and online buzz as they keep wondering about Hope and Liam, and arguing about Steffy.

Steffy chats with Oliver, who is depressed about this proposal. She is confident that Hope will say no. Oliver is not so sure. Steffy leaves to find Hope and Liam. Thomas and Oliver chat briefly about the show. Thomas thinks that may be Oliver should give up on home. Oliver tells him about his conversation with Steffi. Thomas thinks Steffy should give up, too.

Dayzee congratulates Marcus on his work with the press. They joke around. She thinks Eric is very impressed and may promote him. She agrees to call him her boyfriend. They kiss.

At her desk, Pam hopes that Hope will say yes to Liam. Steffy comes by, looking for Liam. She is not happy when Pam assures her that Hope and Liam will be together and engaged. If next, Steffy chats with some models about the proposal. She learns from them that Hope and Liam were headed to the roof.

On the roof, Liam asks Hope what is going on. She replies that she just needed some time. Hope seems shocked about the proposal. They discuss it. She thinks it was very romantic, but he thinks he did it wrong. She hugs him. Liam thinks that he embarrassed Hope, but she assures him that he didn't. She describes how she felt. It was everything that she dreamed of. She just felt overwhelmed and panicked a little. She tells him how amazing he is, and he laughs. Hope reminds him that they've been through so much but now they've made it. They hug. We see many flashbacks of the two of them together. They kiss. She asks him to propose to her one more time, so he does. Steffy gets to the roof just in time to hear Hope say yes. They kiss and laugh. Hope cries happy tears as she laughs, and they hug.

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