B&B Wednesday Update 3/9/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/9/11


Written by Suzanne 
Pictures by Suzanne

Taylor goes to Thomas' office and remembers what Brooke said yesterday about her kiss with Thomas. She shakes her head.

Meanwhile, Thomas and Brooke are doing a photo shoot at Forrester, with Oliver taking their photos. Ridge is nearby, looking at some papers. Thomas thinks they need more skin, so Brooke takes off her vest. They all make jokes about how taboo it is. Oliver takes a break. Thomas tells Ridge that he has to get back to work on this new idea that Brooke came up with for the Taboo line. Thomas also thinks they should go to Milan for another press junket. He tells them that he's been learning Italian on his own. They seem impressed. Ridge thinks it's a great idea and tells them that he has total faith in both of them. Oliver takes more photos and finishes. He has another shoot, this time with Hope, so Brooke decides to wait for her. Ridge and Thomas leave. Brooke tells Oliver that Liam and Hope aren't seeing each other any more. He wonders why, so she explains that Liam broke it off because of all the baby drama with Amber. She hopes that this is the last time Hope gets her heart broken. Oliver agrees. Brooke thinks that this may be his chance to get back with Hope. She urges him to just be with Hope. Hope walks in and chuckles, asking what they're talking about.

Later, we see Hope and Oliver looking at the photos he took of her. He compliments her on the work she did, but she credits him for making her smile. She figures that he knows about her and Liam breaking up. He is sorry that she's hurting but tells her that she'll be okay. He jokingly offers to beat up Liam. Oliver kisses her gently on the cheek, and she smiles.

Thomas is surprised to find Taylor in his office. She tells him about overhearing him and Brooke talking about the kiss on the plane. They start arguing about Brooke and her kisses. He tries to tell her what happened on the plane, but she keeps going on and on about Brooke. Finally, he tells her that he kissed her, not the other way around, and it isn't a big deal. Taylor doesn't believe what he says, since this is the second time he kissed Brooke. They keep arguing. Taylor still thinks that he has an Oedipal complex, and that's why he's interested in Brooke. She goes back to blaming Brooke for having no impulse control and listing her past mistakes with the Forrester men. He tells her that Brooke wanted to tell Ridge, but he begged her not to. He hopes Taylor will keep things quiet, too. Taylor doesn't think Brooke has changed like Stephanie thinks. He wonders what she will do.

Ridge and Brooke talk about Hope's photo shoot. She tells him that Hope was having trouble getting into it because of Liam. She hints that she is hoping that Hope and Oliver can work things out. They then talk about Thomas and Dayzee, and their trip up to San Francisco. They mention Taylor's fears, but then they go back to talking about Thomas and his girlfriends.

Later, Brooke tells Thomas in his office that Ridge is just as excited about the trip to Milan as he is. It's clear that Thomas is distracted, so she makes a joke about leaving the company. He worries that Ridge may not be so supportive in the future. She wonders why, so he tells her that Taylor heard them talking about the kiss. They worry about whether Taylor will tell Ridge about it or not. Brooke trusts that Ridge loves her and will understand.

Taylor goes to see Ridge in his office. He can tell something is wrong. She babbles on about Brooke and how she hasn't changed. He wonders why she is dredging all this up again. She screams that something really horrible happened on the plane ride back home. After some more delay, she tells him that Brooke and Thomas kissed. He looks at her like she's crazy.

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