B&B Tuesday Update 3/8/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 3/8/11


Written By Suzanne 
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Steffy and Bill finish hugging. She thanks him for promising her not to kill Amber. He wonders why she's protecting Amber, but she counters that she is protecting him. She cares too much about him and doesn't want him throwing his life away for some stupid, devious girl. They keep arguing about Amber. She urges him to be honest with her. Bill tries to evade her questions. She tells him how she thinks he has felt, and it's clear that it affects him. She urges him to tell her if he needs help or someone to talk to because he can trust her. She takes his hand as she says it.

At home, Katie prepares a romantic evening with Bill. She has on a skimpy black negligee and candles all over the place. Donna drops by for a visit, so they have a nice laugh about it. Katie tries to get Donna to leave before Bill gets home, but Donna insists on talking to her. Donna questions her about Bill a little. Katie admits that she's trying to cheer him up a little, and Donna agrees that he seems off lately. Donna wonders if there is something else besides Amber bothering him, so Katie asks what she's talking about. Donna tells her that she's worried because Steffy visited Bill in her office. Katie doesn't think there's anything between them, but Donna is worried that Steffy is after him. Katie trusts Bill, and she doesn't think Steffy is a threat.

Bill goes home and finds Katie, who welcomes him home with a kiss. He wonders why he's getting the special treatment. She tells him that it's just his lucky day. He thanks her as she massages his shoulders. She knows that he's had a lot of tension because of Amber lately. He doesn't want to talk about Amber. They keep kissing and then head to the couch. After they make love, Bill and Katie agree that they are both really tired. She asks if he had a hard day or wants to talk about it. He admits that he was hoping to leave his problems behind at the office, but he's better than he was. She tells him that Donna was there earlier and mentioned that Steffy came by to see him. He sighs heavily. She knows that he hasn't been himself lately, and everyone who knows him can see that. She hopes that he is careful with Steffy because if she sees weakness, she won't hesitate to use that. She reminds him that Steffy hates her, and her whole family. She asks Bill not to let her hurt them again and says that Steffy will do anything to get what she wants. Bill is quiet and doesn't say anything, but he holds her closely.

Taylor drops by Ridge's office. He reminds her again that there is nothing going on between Thomas and Brooke. However, Taylor is worried about Steffy because she is interested in Bill. Ridge is shocked to hear that. Taylor fills him in on what Steffy said, and they argue about what could happen between Steffy and Bill. At Ridge's request, Taylor reluctantly admits that she overreacted about Thomas and Brooke. However, she points out that the situation with Steffy is different because she admits that she has feelings for Bill. Ridge wonders if Steffy is not just saying that to yank her chain and that there's nothing to worry about. Taylor still thinks that there is a risk between Thomas and Brooke. Ridge tells her that he values her opinion about their kids, but he also trusts Brooke.

Brooke admires the suits that Thomas brings to her office. A couple of male models strut around as she makes compliments. Thomas wonders if they're as good as his first designs. Brooke thinks they are but asks him what his dad said. He admits that he hasn't shown them to Ridge yet. She thinks Ridge and Eric will love them. They dismiss the models. Thomas asks Brooke how she feels about his dating other girls, since she urged him to go out and do that. They are interrupted by a phone call from Jarrett. She knows that he's dating, and she thinks it's great. She tells him that she saw him kissing Dayzee. He teases her about spying on him. She gets all flustered by the way he acts. She can tell that he had a good time because of how he's been smiling. She thinks they are great together, and he agrees. He also notes that this is a lucky thing for Brooke, so she frowns.

Thomas and Brooke talk about his dating Dayzee is getting Taylor off Brooke's back. Thomas tells her how he feels about Dayzee, who has changed his perception of the world. He feels very lucky and grateful for having Dayzee in his life, and he feels the same way about getting to work with Brooke. She credits him for the hard work he's done. He feels bad about his unprofessional behavior (kissing her). She tells him to hush, but he keeps talking about it. Of course, Taylor walks up to the door just as Brooke talks about their kiss.

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