B&B Monday Update 3/7/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 3/7/11


Written by Suzanne
Pictures by Suzanne

In Bill's office, Steffy yells at Bill for pushing Amber over the cliff, but he protests that he didn't do it. He maintains that a branch fell and knocked her over. She doesn't buy it, and they rehash what happened. He says that he won't be held responsible for her death. Steffy informs him that she found Amber, but he doesn't let her finish, at first. He tells her that they were never there, and that what happened to Amber was a terrible accident. Steffy asks if Amber saw Bill, and he is sure that she didn't. They hash out the details of what happened and whether they could be caught. Steffy worries about a police investigation, but Bill keeps saying that it was an accident. They argue about how much Bill hates Amber. He admits that he wanted to kill Amber, but he didn't. Steffy keeps badgering him with questions to get to the truth. Bill confides that he thought about killing Amber, but he didn't go through with it. She wants him to be honest with the police, but he doesn't want to be fodder for the tabloids. He keeps telling her that he didn't do anything, but it's clear that she doesn't believe him. He tells her to act shocked if the police arrive.

There is a knock on the door. Steffy won't answer Bill about whether she will lie for him or not. Bill is stunned to see Amber there. She walks in with a tight smile. Steffy asks her what she's doing there. Amber asks if Bill is okay. He covers quickly, saying that he is surprised to see her there. Amber thanks Steffy for rescuing her after she fell and grabbed on to a tree branch. Bill glares at Steffy. Amber begs Bill to get someone to trim the trees there, since one came flying and almost killed her and her child. Steffy asks about the baby, so Amber tells her that she's going to go get checked out at the doctor. Amber is still concerned about Bill, thinking that he is upset about her fall. She assures him that she's fine. Bill stays quiet. Amber asks Bill if he can call the satellite guy, too, since she feels so isolated out at the beach house. She asks how Liam is doing and if he's out of the hospital. Bill just replies that he is. Amber is glad to hear it. She asks him to have Liam give her a call. She thanks Steffy again for saving her, and she tells Bill not to worry so much, and then she leaves.

Bill blasts Steffy for not telling him that she saved Amber. Steffy says that he didn't give her much of a chance. She points out that attempted murder is serious, but murder is worse. She still thinks that he is lying about pushing Amber off the cliff, so they go back to arguing. She is very upset that he would do something like this. It's clear from what Bill says that he still thinks that killing Amber is a good idea, so she tells him how wrong it is, and how Liam would not want this. Steffy screams at him. Bill talks about how much he loves Liam, and how he feels with these strong fatherly instincts. She begs him not to contemplate murder. He declares that he will protect Liam, but she asks, with tears in her eyes, not to do it this way. Steffy confesses to him then that she came back from Paris because she missed him and couldn't get him out of her mind. She thinks that they need each other, and he especially needs her help. He is out of control, and she is determined to help him. She tells him forcefully that he can't keep thinking about killing Amber, and she asks him to promise her that he won't. he replies hoarsely, "Okay" and thanks her. They hug.

In his office, Justin gives his secretary some orders about a meeting. Donna walks in just as she leaves. Justin and Donna kiss, and then they talk about Bill. They can tell something is going on with him, and they discuss how threatened he feels by Amber. They hug and kiss some more, glad that their life is better and that their son is not involved with Amber. They flirt and kiss some more. Marcus arrives and comments that the honeymoon isn't quite over yet.

Justin suggests that they all go out to dinner, but Marcus tells them that he is heading back to Paris tonight. They will both miss him. Marcus wants to say bye to Bill, too, but Justin doesn't think that's a good idea because Bill hasn't been himself since Amber got his son pregnant. Marcus is surprised to hear that, since he is letting her stay in his beach house. Donna is surprised that he knows about it. Marcus lies that Thomas told him about it (not letting on how well he knows Amber). Justin assures him that Bill is not a fan of Amber's. They talk about Amber's past and how bad she is. Marcus sort of sticks up for her, so Justin asks suspiciously how well he knows her. Marcus just replies with a big smile that he's friends with everyone, and he also adds that he's going back to Paris. They seem satisfied with that. Marcus agrees to text Donna when he gets to Paris. They all hug and say goodbye, and then Marcus leaves.

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