B&B Wednesday Update 3/2/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 3/2/11


Written By Suzanne 
Pictures by Juanita


Thomas and Dayzee kiss in his jet. He is trying to convince her to come with him to San Francisco, where he is delivering some gowns for a charity ball. He has put daisies all over the plane, to woo her. He promises to have her home by midnight, just like Cinderella. He keeps working on her until she finally agrees, laughing. They joke around as he offers her beer and sandwiches. She wonders if this is what he does -- get the lady 30,000 feet up and then make his move. He confesses that he's only done it once, and then after making her promise to keep a secret, he tells her about kissing Brooke. She is stunned. He tells her coyly that he tried to kiss Brooke in order to break the supposed spell she has over the men in his family. Dayzee seems to fall for his story. Later, Thomas asks her about her relationship with Marcus. She confides that she likes him, but Paris is far away. She also reminds him that she likes her independence, and she points out that both he and Marcus have lots of girls throwing themselves at them.

Thomas shows Dayzee the dresses while she admires how gorgeous they are. Dayzee can't help think about how much money they cost to make, or how much fuel they are burning flying them up to San Francisco. She admits that it is for a good cause, though.

The wind howls outside Amber's new beach house, scaring her a bit. She is trying to read a magazine, but every little noise makes her jump. There is a knock at the door. She picks up a fireplace poker and opens the door cautiously. It's Marcus, who jumps up and says, "boo!", scaring her more. She gets annoyed. He is surprised that she didn't get his text that he was on visiting, but she tells him that she gets horrible reception there. Marcus admires the place and her new bag, but she tells him that is Steffy's bad, that she left behind. He is surprised to hear that Steffy was there. He is sure that she must have gone through her purse. Amber changes the subject, asking him why he's there. He wants to say goodbye before he goes back to Paris. He goes to kiss her, but she tells him that she isn't going to be his rebound girl. She also reminds him that she's pregnant. He wonders if she really is having a Spencer baby and not his or Oliver's. She tells him about the paternity test. Marcus points out that she has really lucked out, but she doesn't seem too happy. She tells him that she feels isolated there by herself. Marcus tries to get her to see the bright side as he once again tries to put the moves on her, kissing her. She doesn't want to do anything to mess up her pregnancy. Marcus wonders why Bill set her up there, and she agrees that it's weird. Marcus concludes that it's fairly decent of Bill to put her up, but she is suspicious of Bill's motives.

Liam is home from the hospital. Hope, Bill, and Katie are there. Liam gets dizzy when he rises, so Katie reminds him that he is supposed to be taking it easy, as per doctor's orders. He wants to do work, but Bill tells him to just rest and get better. Liam wonders if they should make an announcement about Amber, to avoid a scandal coming out. Bill is adamantly opposed to that idea and assures him that there is no need to rush that. Bill tells them that he put Amber up in a beach house, since she had no place to go. Liam and Hope are really surprised to hear it. Bill just replies that he is accepting that he has to deal with the situation. They all discuss whether it's a good idea or not. Liam tells them that Amber has been texting him non-stop, apologizing for the explosion. Katie advises him not to have any contact with Amber, and he agrees. Liam complains that it's very hot, so Katie tells him that it IS hot because it's Santa Ana season, and there are wind advisories everywhere. Hope pats Liam's back and sympathizes about everything that has happened to him because of Amber. She wonders if it was all just accidents or not, and says that his being around Amber is dangerous. Bill listens thoughtfully. Liam gets a very bad headache, so they get him his medication and make him sit down as Bill watches, getting angrier. He has another vision of Amber falling off the cliff. Liam rants and raves about Amber, and how much he hates her and is now tied to her the rest of his life.

Bill asks Katie and Hope to give them some time alone, so they leave to go to the grocery store. Bill tells Liam that he shouldn't be going through this. Liam pours his heart out about how it's all affecting him, pushing him to the edge. He wonders how he will live like that. Bill holds his shoulder affectionately and assures him that he isn't going to let anything happen to him. Liam points out that he can't protect him from Amber. He laments that his life was going so well, but now it's all gone. Bill tells him again, more stridently this time, how much he means to him and that there is nothing that he won't do for him.

Amber finally gets some cell phone reception by going out to the edge of the patio. She phones her mom to tell her how great the place is, and how nice Bill is being. Bill lurks nearby, watching her.

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