B&B Friday Update 2/25/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/25/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita


Steffy is busy catching up and wants all the figures as soon as possible. Brooke stops by to talk and Steffy tells her to make an appointment. Brooke says no, we need to talk now.

Liam is awake and everyone is there for him. He says he is all right and Bill should go back to work but Katie says he is where he wants to be. Bill asks about his headaches and Liam says the medicine wears off. Liam wants to go back to the office but Bill says no, to just get well. Bill says Liam is his only son and he almost lost him, so Liam had to recover and Bill would straighten the Amber mess out.

Amber looks at the view and is excited to be living in Malibu and it was all because of Bill.

Brooke tells Steffy the company is doing well but Steffy says she is concerned about Brooke’s influence. Brooke says she wanted to talk about that and says everything has been fine between the Logan’s and Foresters. Brooke says morale is high and wants to know if they can count on Steffy to keep it that way.

Amber looks at the paternity test and says she is now officially a Spencer and rich.

Bill tells Liam to stay away from Amber that he will deal with her. Dr. Montgomery comes into Liam’s room and Liam wants his release papers. When the doctor says it too soon, Liam tries to show them is okay and passes out when he tries to walk. They want to know when the symptoms will go away and the doctor says if not soon they will do another M.R.I. to rule out pressure on his brain. The doctor says to let him know if any other symptoms appear. Liam says he is okay and Bill should go back to work. Bill says it is criminal what she has done to him, and tells Liam he has to go but for him not to get out of bed while he is gone. Hope says she will stay there. Katie asks where he is going and he says to deal with their “situation”.

Brooke tells Steffy that she can’t ignore her but Steffy says they will never see eye to eye. Brooke says to just respect her and Hope. Steffy says she will check the numbers on Hope for the Future and then see. Brooke tells her to leave Hope alone with everything she is going through. Steffy says she has talked with Hope and given her advice and Oliver walks in. Steffy tells Brooke Oliver was better for Hope.

Amber is sweeping up and then sits on the couch eating when Bill walks in and says he is glad she is enjoying the place. Amber want to know what Katie and Liam think about her living there and Bill says they don’t know.

Steffy asks Oliver if he was still in love with Hope and he says it was personal and Brooke tells Steffy her daughters love life was not her concern. Oliver asks about Hope and says she missed a photo shoot. Steffy says he should go see Liam since Hope was there. Steffy says he can leave but not to be long. Steffy tells Brooke that Oliver would be better for Hope with Liam about to become a father. Brooke asks if that was her way of justifying going after Liam. Steffy says she is not interested in boys, but men were something else as she looks at a picture of Bill Spencer and Brooke asks who he is.

Katie is worried about Bill tells Liam he was worse than a mess when he came home last night and he called the hospital all night to make sure Liam did not go back into a coma. Oliver comes in and gives Liam an iPod to pass the time. He says he wanted to see how he was doing and to make sure Hope was okay. Hope says that was sweet of Oliver but Liam thinks he was hovering, waiting for something to go wrong between them because of Amber.

Amber asks how Liam was and Bill says he does not want Amber talking about his son. She reminds him she is carrying his grandchild and maybe someday he and Liam can accept that. She tells him that the baby will be born soon and he has done his part to take care of them. Amber says this is not a tragedy and Bill says sometimes tragedies happen and you have to deal with them. Bill wants to show Amber the grounds, especially the view. He tells her “it will take your breath away”.

Steffy tells Hope that Hope’s boyfriends are not on her radar. Brooke asks if the rest of the family was and Steffy starts naming off all the Logan’s and what they did; Donna for stealing part of the company and Katie for humiliating her dad and granddad when she was C.E.O., and says she will not forget all that.

Liam tells Hope he is thinking about Amber and she says to focus on getting better and his dad thinks this will go away but she doesn’t see how. She says she doesn’t know how, that Amber is always going to be out there pregnant with his child, and she does not see how that can go away and that Amber always will be part of his life. Liam tells her that she will always be part of his life.

Amber is all excited living at the beach and Bill says to go to the lookout and see the view. Amber takes her phone to get pictures. Amber starts to text her mom and Bill stops her to look at the view. Amber says the heights make her queasy but Bill tells her to focus on Catalina. Amber sees Catalina and gets excited and says the view is “to die for!” and as Bill approaches her, the screen goes black.

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