B&B Thursday Update 2/24/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/24/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

Amber wants to know what Bill has for her so she can leave. She thinks the house is a little creepy. Bill tells her not to rush off, they have lots to cover.

Hope is in with Liam and the doctor. He says there is no change and Hope says he has to wake up and she won’t leave until he does. She sits holding his hand and he starts to wake up and smiles at Hope.

Nick comes into his office looking for Owen. Jackie comes out from under her desk and then so does Owen. Nick just rolls his eyes.

Liam does not know why he was in the hospital.

Bill tells Amber they have to make plans. Amber says yes, about the baby but wants to know what the place was. Bill says he just purchased it for a special reason. Bill wants to know if anyone knew she came out there because he wanted to talk about “their situation”, the one she planned the night of his party and now he is in a hospital bed and it was all Ambers doing, and Bill starts backing Amber against the wall.

Nick says Owen was the only one who had not signed off on the proofs of the photo shoot and then he reminds Owen that they are running a business. Nick says he is not going to start smoking because of her office antics. Jackie and Owen leave to take a sauna but tell Nick not to worry because they will lock the door.

Liam tells Dr. Montgomery that he has a headache and the doctor says he will feel pretty bad for a while yet but it was a good sign that he is awake after such a bad explosion. Hope tells Liam that he was hurt badly and they didn’t know if he was going to survive. Hope tells Liam that Amber and the baby were fine but she didn’t know where his dad was. Hope tells him that his dad thinks Amber is out to destroy him.

Amber asks Bill if he is threatening her, his grandchild’s mother. Bill says playing the grandchild card won’t work. She says she does not want his sympathy and Bill says she wants his son. Bill says she planned this like a military mission and Liam was the target. Amber asks him if he brought her out there to lecture her and Bill says no, he wants to take care of their situation. He tells Amber he is going to provide for her and that he did not buy the house for him and Katie and tells her he bought it for her. He says it is where she will be staying since the trailer blew up.

Oliver comes into Nick’s office looking for his sister. He tells Nick that she was crazy about him and Nick says he is crazy about her too. He asks Oliver about his love life and Oliver says it is in hibernation. Nick asks if he is over Hope yet and says she is a very special girl and he tells Oliver not to give up on her.

The nurse brings Liam medicine for his headache. Hope asks him if he remembered anything. He remembers being at the trailer and it was cold, and Amber went outside to light the pilot. He says he wishes he never had to see her again but with the baby, he could not. Liam talks about being in love with Hope but having a kid with someone else and he does not want that for her. She agrees but says they will get through it and she will be with him. Hope tells him her life fell apart when he got the results of the paternity test but when the accident happened and he could have died, all the stuff with Amber is meaningless. Liam says he really wants this to work and Hope says his dad wants it too. Hope tells him that his dad loves him, that her Aunt Katie says he was kissing and hugging Liam. Liam says he has to make it up to him and Hope says he has to get well. They say I love you and kiss.

Amber says the house is a little small but adequate and asked about Wi-Fi and satellite TV. She says he will have plenty of time to get that done. Amber asks Bill what the catch is and he says none. Amber asks why he was being Mr. Nice Guy and he says to just tale a leap of faith. Amber wants to move in tonight since she doesn’t have any place to live and he says okay. He tells Amber that he is taking the last step of what needs to be done for his son and Amber replies, “and his baby.” Bill says there is no baby yet, and she needs to be taken care of. Amber questions his motives and asks if he is setting her up for a fall. Bill tells her he even stocked the refrigerator and tomorrow he will come give her a tour. He tells her about the tennis courts and the beach especially from the lookout. Amber says she is afraid of heights and then thanks him and says she almost feels like family. Bill just tells her that he will see her tomorrow and tells her to sleep well. He stops at the door and looks back at Amber and says “tomorrow”.

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