B&B Wednesday Update 2/23/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/23/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke sees Thomas kissing Dayzee and smiles and runs back into the bedroom to tell Ridge.

Amber goes into Dayzee's and tells Stephanie that she is homeless now.

Bill is looking at internet reports of the accident that happened at his new house and picturing Amber falling. Lt. Baker comes in to tell Bill that the trailer belongs to Amber’s mother and uninsured and that Amber’s mother was told the valve was rusted and needed replaced but Amber says she did not know about this. Lt. Baker says there is no evidence for criminal charges but Bill probably had a civil suit. Bill asks what, he could sue her for “charred trailer parts?” Lt. Baker says there is nothing he could do.

Brooke asks Ridge if he was upset but he is not at all but he does not know her well but thinks she can handle a man. Brooke questions him about that. He says when he first saw Brooke he thought she was not afraid of men and Brooke says she was young and innocent then. They both agree Dayzee is appropriate for Thomas.

Dayzee tells Thomas things were going too fast for her. Thomas wants her to tell Marcus that they were seeing each other and Dayzee says they are not.

Amber tells Stephanie she needs a roof over her head till she gets back on her feet. Stephanie says to go cry on her mother’s shoulder. Amber says she blew up her mother’s trailer and told Stephanie about Liam getting hurt. Stephanie wants to know why Liam was with her and questions if he was seeing her while seeing Hope. Amber says she is so sick of everyone being down on her and would that be so hard to believe if he was seeing her. Stephanie flat out says “yes”. Amber says well believe it and tells Stephanie about sleeping with Liam once and she is pregnant. Stephanie says she does not believe it. Amber tells her to believe it because she had a D.N.A. test performed by Bill’s personal physician.

Bill is looking at internet reports on conception. Steffy walks in and surprises him. Bill tells her he didn’t answer her text messages because he is busy and told her he did not miss her when she asked. He tells her he was not in the mood to play and she asks him about sitting in the dark. Bill tells her he is contemplating murder.

Thomas asks Dayzee why she can’t see him, she said she was unattached. Dayzee says she is a novelty and they wear off and she hardly knows him. Thomas asks her if she wants to know him and says he knows how much they don’t have in common but it doesn’t scare him as much.

Stephanie questions Amber about Liam’s condition. She tells Amber if anything happens to Liam heaven help Amber dealing with his father!

Steffy says for Bill to pay her off and Bill tells Steffy that Liam would have nothing to do with that but Bill says if Liam never wakes up Amber is going to pay. Then he tells Steffy he is just joking, always clowning like he does.

Brooke tells Ridge she is happy for Thomas and that opposites attract, like them. Brooke says Ridge was a millionaire playboy and Ridge says she was a “slut from the valley” according to Stephanie. Brooke asked if he was bored with her and Ridge says no, he never knows what she will do next. Brooke comments she wished everyone could be happy like she is because she never thought she would ever be this happy.

Dayzee tells Thomas drugs do not happen only to dropouts. Her mother had an education and Dayzee had teachers who were amazing and a great foster family who taught her about art and music and reading. They traveled with her but it only lasted two years and the court made her go back to her mother. All her relationships have been with tourists and she is used to people not staying in her life and she is used to meeting new people and that does not bowl her over. Thomas says he thought they had a lot in common because he does not bowl over easy either.

Bill tells Steffy that Liam was big hearted and he loves that, and that he loves Liam and if he loses him because of Amber….. Steffy says he needs to go home and talk to Katie. Bill says he tells Katy everything but he would not expose her to this. Steffy again tells him to go home unless he wanted to go with her and that he did not know what he was missing. Bill tells her he has to make a call and Steffy starts to leave and then tells Bill that Liam loves him to.

Stephanie tells Amber it was all hard to believe, the paternity test and Liam’s baby, she thinks it sounds devious and how did Amber do it. Amber says the old fashioned way and Stephanie says she thinks there is something going on, that Liam loves Hope and she has done this before to another man with money. Stephanie tells her she has a lot of talent and a great girl but to stop wasting time using people. Amber says the child will be a blessing to everyone. Her cell phone rings and it is Bill and he wants to see her. He says he has been thinking of things from her point and that he has done some soul searching and he has something for her to move things forward. He gives her the address of the new house.

Dayzee tells Thomas she needed to leave and Thomas asked when he could see her again. She isn’t sure and Thomas tells her he knows she has goals but he just wants to be around. Dayzee asks him why he liked fashion. He says he wants people to like what they look like and wanted people to care how they look. Dayzee said she wondered if he loved fashion or did it because it was the family and was impressed with his answer and told him she liked that he was passionate, and then kissed him.

Amber gets to the house and it is all dark and she knocks and calls but then goes in because the door was open and she finally sees Bill standing there. Bill tells her he was glad she could make and that the view is to “die for”. Amber looks around the house and then starts out the door to see the view.

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