B&B Tuesday Update 2/22/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/22/11


Written By Barb
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Ridge are questioning Thomas about his date. The want to know who it is but Thomas says it is just a first date. Brooke makes Ridge leave so Thomas can be alone. Dayzee is going over things at the restaurant and tells Stephanie she is going to Thomas’s house for a consultation and maybe dinner. Just then Steffy comes in to greet her grandmother. Steffy comments that the place looks different and then Stephanie introduces Steffy to Dayzee. Stephanie wants to have coffee but Dayzee reminds her she had to leave to meet Thomas. Steffy wants to know what Thomas knows about designing t-shirts. Stephanie tells Steffy that Dayzee’s is the best thing that ever happened to her.

Ridge and Brooke talk about turning over half the house to their son and his date. Ridge wants to know if this was part of good parenting. Ridge thinks maybe she is someone they won’t approve of. Dayzee arrives and sees the table set up for dinner with wine and flowers. Thomas tells her it is not an ambush and then asks if she would mind if it were.

They wonder why Thomas won’t tell them who it is but Brooke thinks it is someone he really cares about but Ridge says he has cared about things before, fifteen or twenty minute at a time. Brooke thinks it is Summer or Madison. Ridge says he has dated them before but Brooke says it has to be someone he is really interested in or he would not have gone to so much trouble. Brooke explains that a real date has to be planned.

Dayzee is looking at the t-shirt Thomas designed. She likes it a lot and wants an invoice. Thomas said no they could write it off but Dayzee says that is not part of the arrangement. Dayzee starts looking around the house and asks if this is Thomas’ house. Thomas explains it is his Dad and Brooke’s house. Dayzee looks at the table and asks if this was seduction food. Thomas says that Brooke thought so but if she is uncomfortable, they could go out. When Dayzee found out Thomas was cooking, she agreed to stay.

Robert thanks Stephanie for everything she has done and she introduces him to Steffy. Steffy immediately asks Stephanie how much money she was losing a week and guesses between six to eight thousand. Stephanie says the place was not meant to make money. Steffy asks how long this can last but says she understands people do things to make themselves feel good, but how long can this last if people are allowed to pay what they want and how long Forrester would last that way. Steffy says things like this should not take up her whole life and not every day. Stephanie asks if Steffy thinks she has her head in the sand. Stephanie says her life could not get any more real. Steffy questions, you and Brooke, best friends? Stephanie says that is a little weird. Steffy tells Stephanie she thinks her life is turned upside down.

Brooke says Ridge can’t forget his son’s mystery date. They talk about finally their lives are going along smoothly. Brooke says yes, but Steffy’s back. She says Steffy is not thrilled about her and Stephanie being friends and isn’t looking forward to the tension again. Brooke says Steffy was never found of the Forrester’s and Logan’s being friends. Ridge tells Brooke he is C.E.O. of this company and he is not going to put up with nonsense again. Brooke says that speaking from experience; Steffy was not easy to control. Ridge says she will do what he wants her to and that his mother is setting the tone and finally they will be able to work together peacefully. Brooke says she would like that. They hug and a tear is running down Brooke’s face.

Dayzee tells Thomas his steaks are delicious and the best she has had. Dayzee gives Thomas a look and says she does not know what he wants. Thomas tells her probably not what you think and probably more than she thinks. Dayzee says she does not need rescuing or anybody to buy her anything, she is not lonely and she is not looking. Thomas tells her that is why she is so intriguing. Dayzee says she has never known anyone with money before. Thomas says it’s a buffer and sometimes it keeps you from seeing how it is for a lot of people. Dayzee asks if he really feels that way or was it part of the ambush. She then apologized and says it was uncalled for. Thomas says it is all right and that he remembers her singing. He says he remembers her kindness, generosity and strength and he never knew anybody who shines like she did.

Stephanie tells Steffy that Dayzee is part of the reason she is alive. Steffy tells her it was insulting thinking that she could not think about staying alive for the family. Steffy says Stephanie was going a little overboard for someone she just met. Steffy says she latched onto Dayzee as her salvation. Steffy thinks Stephanie is upset because she doesn’t jump on the new bandwagon. She thinks Stephanie is scared out of her mind with stage four lung cancer and she is insulating herself from it by surrounding herself by grateful strangers so she doesn’t have to see the worry in the eyes of the people who really care about her. Stephanie says there could be a little truth in that but she has no right to comment on this. Steffy says she doesn’t have a problem with her throwing around her money but not to think she isn’t doing more than writing checks and it is no reason to give up on her family and Forrester. Steffy she is glad about Thomas’ success but they are putting way too many resources behind this and they need to get back to what they do best. She says none of the Oscar’s nominees are wearing their gowns and then she says she cannot go up against Brooke alone and Brooke is always going to put her projects first. Stephanie says this place (Dayzee’s) is what makes her happy and feeds her soul so why not do something that makes you happy and that you love. Stephanie says she loves doing this and she asks Steffy to try to understand.

Ridge says it is too early to go to bed but wants to know what their opinion about parents who spy on their kids. Brooke says they are against it but Ridge wants to go get a glass of milk and cookies or maybe invite this person to lunch. Brooke says people accuse her of being curious. Brooke gets up and says she will go get him a glass of milk. She says it is okay if she goes and puts her robe on.

Dayzee says she should go because it is weird her being there with being there with him and she does not want to be his “walk on the wild side”. Thomas says he has already had that and he always thought if he pushed himself things would start to matter but she matters to him like nothing else has and he kisses her. Brooke walks in and sees them kissing.

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