B&B Friday Update 2/18/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/18/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

The trailer explodes and is on fire. Amber starts yelling for Liam.

Brooke’s children are texting her and then she receives a text from Ridge to come to bed.

Katie tells Bill that Nick is calling about the house in Malibu. Katie says the house is everything she ever wanted. Bill says it is quite a view and Katie says they would have to put up a fence and again Bill is visualizing the drop-off to the ocean from the back of the house. Katie says they do not have to decide today because it has been a long day with the situation with Amber. Bill says Amber is sick and dangerous and he won’t let her cause more harm to Liam.

Amber is dragging Liam’s unconscious body from the fire and is panicked and then she hears the sirens.

Bill tells Katie that when he saw Liam’s face when the paternity test results were read. Katie tells Bill she understands that he wanted to hurt someone and that she understood. Bill says he really wanted to hug him and protect him. Katie asks him why he didn’t. Bill says that until Katie came into his life he never allowed himself to feel those emotions and now with the father thing, he just doesn’t know how to do it. Katie tells Bill it would mean so much to Liam if he would reach out to him and Bill says there will be plenty of time for the mushy stuff but until then he will practice on her.

The ambulance is pulling into the hospital and taking Liam into a room with burns and head trauma. Amber is crying and she calls Bill to tell him there was a fire and Liam was hurt. Bill gets to the hospital and Amber tells him about the explosion. Amber gets hysterical and tells Bill the paramedics were concerned he won’t wake up. Amber says she didn’t know why it happened and it was a terrible accident. Bill says he didn’t care if it was an accident that he was holding her responsible. When Amber tried to say she saved Liam Bill became enraged and said he would not have been there if it weren’t for her and that she better hope he is okay or she will wish she burned up in the fire. Dr. Montgomery comes to tell them that Liam’s burns were minor but he did have head trauma, he was in a coma and it was touch and go. He says they will monitor him, and pray and hope he regains consciousness soon. Bill turns to Katie with tears in his eyes.

Brooke wants to stay in bed but she needed to pack RJ’s lunch. Ridge says it is done and he checked his homework and his field trip slip was signed and in his backpack so she can stay right there. Ridge says she cannot help herself worrying about the kids. She says she is a mom and that what is what mom’s do. She says she just wished she could protect them against everything, like Amber and she can’t believe she is back in their lives. Ridge says it doesn’t have to be the end of that relationship but Brooke disagrees knowing how Amber works.

Back at the hospital Bill tells Amber to go but she wants to wait. Bill again tells her to leave. She tells them she didn’t plan this that it was an accident. When Katie asks if she was sure about that, Bill says wait, maybe his last concussion wasn’t an accident. He accused Amber of hitting him and stripping him down and then her, and then the trailer happens to blow up with Liam inside. Bill asks if her plan was to kill Liam all the time. Amber says he is letting his imagination get away with him. Bill becomes enraged and Katie has to stop him from going after Amber. Bill says if she wanted to get his money because of the baby and kill Liam, she better think again. Dr. Montgomery comes to tell Bill that the bleeding had stopped and that he could see Liam even though he was not conscience yet.

Ridge tells Brooke that Hope will be all right and they will be beside her. Brooke says things are starting to come together for their family. She says the Steffy was back, Thomas was finding his way and Hope was turning into a young lady. Hope says they are so lucky. Ridge says the destiny they always wanted and they both say I love you and kiss.

Bill and Katie go into Liam’s room. Katie tells Bill to go to Liam and tell him what is in his heart. Bill tells Liam he is tough and demanding and he was not going to be different now, so wake up. Bill says that Liam is going to get up and walk out of the hospital with him; he would accept nothing else so to wake up. Bill tells him he liked being his dad and they had a lot to teach each other so he wasn’t going to lose him now as he is starting to cry. Bill takes Liam’s hand and says “I love you, son” and lays his head on Liam’s chest crying. Liam starts to wake up and Bill tells him it is his dad as Liam tries to focus.

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