B&B Thursday Update 2/17/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/17/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

Steffy greets her mom and Dad and Thomas. She is back from Paris and tells Thomas he should have waited one day when they went Paris. She was out of town the one day they were there. She congratulates Thomas on “Taboo”. Taylor asks if she went out while she was in Paris and Steffy says she could have but she was busy working at International. But she says she kind of has her eye on someone. Brooke comes in and she and Steffy greet each other sarcastically. Steffy comments that Brooke was still there, she thought it would be way over by now and looks at her dad.

Liam goes to Amber’s and she answered and called him handsome. Liam just says “don’t”. Amber tells him that his dad and Brooke came to give her a piece of their minds, so why not him. He comments on how Amber has been living but was not there to vent. Amber tells Liam to chill there were months before the baby is born. Liam questions how the hell this actually happened.

Steffy tells Brooke she hears that she has been busy with the Taboo line. Ridge says more than that and how Brooke helped her grandmother. Steffy says she saw Hope earlier and could not believe what she told her. Brooke stops her and says she wants to be the one to tell them.

Hope is in a photo shoot and Oliver and Rick tell her she needs to give the camera the look she has been giving Liam. Hope says she needs break. Rick wants Oliver to talk to her. Hope says there was nothing wrong then tells Oliver that Amber’s baby was Liam’s.

Hope and Oliver talk about the baby and Oliver says it is so unbelievable and does she believe him. Hope says yes but he is still going to be a father. Oliver says she has so many people who care about the and Hope says no one can make it go away. They talk about everything and Oliver tells Hope that if Liam is going to be a part of the baby’s life then he would be a part of Amber’s. Hope says she knows and that if Liam is going to be a part of Amber’s life she be a part of her life too.

Brooke tells everyone about Liam’s and after questioning whether the paternity test were valid, Thomas wants to know what Liam thinks and is he going to marry her. Brooke says he wants nothing to do with her and Thomas says he will have a lot to do with her and the baby.

Liam tells Amber he doesn’t know how this could happen. Amber says there is only one way to make a baby. Liam says okay, so they must have had sex. He says okay you crawled into bed with me when I was unconscious, but why. Why did you do it? Amber says because she was lonely and desperate for affection or friendship or anything and he had always been nice to her. Liam tells her they are not exactly friends and she says she just needed someone. Liam says so he was her target. Amber says it wasn’t that way. Liam says he wasn’t responsive; he would not have touched her if he knew it was her. Amber says she doesn’t know, maybe he was dreaming or thought it was Hope. Liam asks if he called her Hope and Amber asks what difference it made. Amber says she did not set out to get pregnant and Liam says she did not even use protection and Amber says neither did you. Liam laughs and says he is not going to marry her because he doesn’t love her or even like her. Liam asks her if she even cares what she is doing to him or does she just want a comfy lifestyle. Amber says it is not about the money she just wants to raise the baby and have a good life. Liam says that’s good because he doesn’t have any money. He is not officially Liam Spencer because his dad has not adopted him so the baby is a Cooper not a Spencer. Liam tells Amber if she is just looking for a big payoff, “oops it didn’t work”. Liam asks her if she was going to stay around the area or move back to the Midwest. He says he does take being a father seriously even if he didn’t plan for it this soon. He says he would not want his kid growing up like he did. Amber asks how he proposes this work and Liam says to do all she can to make sure the baby is born healthy. No smoking, no drinking and see the doctor regularly but no interfering in his or Hope’s life. Amber says Hope was lucky. Liam says yeah, she has a boyfriend with a baby on the way. Amber tells Liam it wasn’t his fault and Liam says no, it was her fault but that doesn’t matter to Hope, she doesn’t deserve this. He says he will deal with it by keepings their lives separate. He says he will be there for the baby but not for her and she is to stay away from Hope.

Oliver tells Hope that a guy can’t have sex while unconscious, Liam betrayed her. Hope says Amber manipulated him to get back at Hope for exposing the design theft. Oliver tells Hope that Liam got Amber pregnant. Hope says if she just stops seeing Liam, Amber will have won and her dirty trick worked but she can’t ignore everything either because the baby will be a constant reminder. She says, first you, now Liam, why can’t I have a relationship with a guy without the complications. Oliver puts his arms around Hope.

Ridge tells everyone that they all have to spend more time with Hope, she needs their support. Taylor tells Steffy that it includes her too. Steffy says she already talked to Hope.

Dayzee returns Thomas’ phone call and he asks her out for dinner. She tells him to come by the coffeehouse and they both think about their kiss. When Thomas goes back in the room, Steffy questions him about a date and asks Brooke if she were jealous. She says to give Hope a week she would a new guy.

Oliver tells Hope he will be there for her and Hope says she thought he would have learned that she was kind of jinxed with relationships. Oliver says relationships were not perfect and that she had to cut Liam loose. Hope says no one is safe from Amber and Oliver says he’s a big boy and she will not be able to protect him from her. Oliver says she should stand up for herself. She loved Liam and it didn’t work and Hope says like it didn’t work for them. She tells Oliver that maybe she should just give up on relationships. Oliver says he never gave up on her and still loves her but then he did something stupid and Hope says she forgave him. Oliver reminds her of the good times and memories and feelings they shared and it would be easy to pick up where they left off. Oliver says there is nothing he wouldn’t do for her and then kisses her.

Amber’s heat is not working; Liam says she cannot spend the night there shivering. Amber smiles and tells Liam he is a great guy. Liam says great, tell that to Hope that it will mean a lot coming from Amber. Amber tells him if he ever wanted anything to come see her and Liam tells her only to have a healthy baby.

Amber says she can fix the heat by restarting the pilot light outside. She lights a match and the trailer explodes. Amber yells for Liam.

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