B&B Wednesday Update 2/16/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/16/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

Amber tells Bill she was not afraid of him. Bill says she is in way over her head.

Hope goes into her dad’s office looking for him and Steffy is sitting in his chair. She tells Hope that she was not here to go after Liam or Oliver. Steffy catches Hope crying and wants to know what is wrong and asks Hope if she wants to talk about it. Hope tells her about Amber and Liam.

Bill is still at Amber's and tells her that she is not very smart. He tells her the kid is a problem and he wants it to disappear. Amber tells him to forget it, she is having this baby. Bill asks Amber what her price is and that everyone has one. Amber says not her. Bill asks if she would take five hundred grand. Amber says that eighteen years of child support is worth a lot more than a half million dollars. Bill starts to go after Amber when his cell phone rings. It is Katie and she wants him to look at the house Nick told her about. He agreed to go see the house. Amber says even though the situation is not ideal, she is pregnant with his grand child and maybe he should just suck it up. Bill says the only person going to suck anything is Amber and she is DEAD wrong if she thinks there is nothing he can do and she will find this out.

Steffy asks how this happened and Hope goes through the whole explanation. Steffy questions what it means for her and Liam and Hope says she has no idea.

Amber is printing a picture of Bill and Liam and Brooke knocks on the door. Amber tells her she did not want to talk to her and Brooke says too he bad, she was going to listen.

Bill meets Katie and she asks if it is a good idea being with Amber, to let the attorneys handle this. He says no, he would handle Amber and that no little tramp was going to ruin Liam’s life.

Steffy goes over everything that has happened and she says if Liam was not such a nice guy, she would not believe this. Hope agrees and tells Steffy it was true and that Liam was totally shocked by the results too. Steffy says she totally trapped Liam and asks who does something like that? Hope answers a very desperate and pathetic person who wants a big fat pay off from Bill Spencer. Steffy says she can’t imagine how he is taking all this.

Brooke tells Amber that she took advantage of a nice young guy and that Hope and Liam were going to explore life and she stole that from her daughter. Amber says sorry Hope’s upset but she didn’t mean for this to happen. Brooke says yes she did. Amber says to believe what she wants, she did not care. Brooke says it is what she wanted, a free ride to the good life. She says Amber tried that with Rick and it didn’t work but somehow she pulled it off this time. She says Amber did not think it through because not only does Amber have to deal with her, but also Bill. Brooke asks if she really wants to go toe to toe with a man like Bill Spencer.

Hope says Amber wrecked havoc with her family for years and when she left town they thought she was out of their lives. Then she comes back and within a few days she is doing it again. Steffy says she is a good manipulator but going against someone as powerful as Bill, she is out of her league. Hope says Steffy should give her some pointers on how to handle Bill. Steffy says she has good negotiating skills and she knows how to handle a guy like Bill. She says she and Bill are cut from the same cloth and want the same things out of life, money, success, adventure and will do anything to protect their families. Steffy says Bill loves his son and no way will he let Amber get away with this.

Katie tells Bill she knows it is a bad time to look at a house but she always loved this house so forget about everything and enjoy the day. Nick tells them that this was the best property in Malibu. Katie says if they don’t like the house they could eventually tear it down and build the big house Bill has always wanted. She says and also build a guest house for Liam? Bill says and for Amber and the baby. Katie says no and to just concentrate on the house not Amber.

Brooke tells Amber she caused too much damage to her family. Brooke says she could not stop her then but can now. Amber yells at Brooke and says she has had enough abuse in one day. She tells Brooke that Bill was there trying to buy her off but she wasn’t for sale. Brooke says she has always been motivated by money before and she has a feeling things are not going to end well for Amber. Amber disagrees because she has a little Spencer baby growing inside her, and says Bill can offer her anything but she is not going anywhere and neither is her baby.

Hope agrees with Steffy who says Amber is sitting on a gold mine right now with Liam’s baby in her belly. Hope says well she is! Liam will be legally bound to the baby paying child support for eighteen years. Steffy says Bill will fight it. Hope asks what can he do, paternity tests don’t lie. She says Liam is the father and Amber has Liam and Bill right where she wants him. Steffy says not to under estimate Bill, he does not like not being in control and knowing Bill the way she does, he will have the upper hand.

Amber tells Brooke that everyone is going to have to accept the circumstances as they are, Liam is the father of her baby and she is having this baby and not going anywhere. Brooke tells her good luck because will need it and to stay away from Hope or she will be all over her and asks if Amber understands. Amber says “loud and clear”. Brooke says to watch out for Bill; you never know what he can do.

Katie wants Bill to see the lookout over the ocean. As Katie looks down she says she does not remember it being that high. Nick says it needed a fence because people have fallen. Katie asks how you would survive and Nick says you don’t. Bill looks over the edge and pictures Amber leaning over the edge. Nick and Katie want Bill to see the tennis courts but Bill just stands looking over the ocean and the drop-off.

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