B&B Tuesday Update 2/15/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/15/11


Written By Barb
Pictures By Juanita

Hope wants to know what Brooke is asking. Brooke says Amber will be a part of Liam’s life and that cannot be undone. She wants Hope to take a step back. Hope questions whether she wants her to break up with Liam.

Tawny is happy and throwing away bills. She tells Amber all she had to do was listen to her. Amber says they rigged the paternity test and conning Liam. Tawny says she is giving the baby a better life and pats Amber’s stomach and talks about her grandbaby. Amber says Tawny will not have anything to do with the baby and it is over. She wants Tawny to pack her bags and leave. Tawny says she was the one who set this up with Carl and Amber wouldn’t be in this situation if not for her. Amber says you mean this mess. Tawny says she understands Amber wants her gone when the baby was born. Amber says to go now she needed space and wants to do this on her own, Amber says it is not done because she running a con on the most ruthless man on the planet. Amber says if they get caught conning Bill Spencer’s pride and joy, his only son, that maybe you go to jail, or just disappear altogether. Amber says he will come after anyone involved.

Bill tells Brooke that Liam did not cheat on Hope and he does not even remember. Brooke says but the paternity test proves it is Liam’s baby. Brooke says it does not matter how it happened but Amber is pregnant with Liam’s child. Brooke says they have to make some decisions. Liam says, like deciding whether Hope still wants to be his girlfriend. Brooke says if it was anybody but Amber. She says where Amber goes, misery follows. She almost ruined Rick’s life. Brooke says this baby will link Liam and Amber together. Liam says there is no Liam and Amber. Brooke says if they share custody Amber will be involved. Brooke says Liam will not be the kind of father like Hope’s dad.

Tawny says when she see her kid in trouble you do what you have to do, but Amber says if Bill finds out it is not Liam’s child he will do what he has to do. Tawny says Amber can’t let that happen and Amber agrees but says she cannot have any distractions and she will call when she gets the first child support check. Amber says she is going to start designing and make a good life for her and the baby and everything will work out. Amber says Bill could have someone watching her and Tawny should get as far away as possible. Tawny says she will keep in touch and leaves.

Bill yells at Brooke that she wants Hope to dump his son. Brooke reminds him about how he wanted Liam to leave Hope. Bill says that was different. Katie tries to calm him down and he says his son’s life was not going to be ruined by a trailer park con artist. Brooke reminded him that he said if this was Amber’s plan, it worked. Bill gets mad and says his job is to solve problems and he was going to solve this one and that nobody does this to his kid and storms off. Liam tells Hope nothing has to change and that he will do right for the baby and also going to do right by Hope. Hope says she is freaked out and Liam says he is too. He did not think that the test would come back as his baby. He tells Hope that she is still his number one priority. Bill is pounding at Amber’s door. He asks Amber what it was going to take to solve this problem. Bill says he wants his son to achieve all he can but couldn’t if he was shackled to her. Bill says he wants this problem solved and he will make sure it is with discretion. Amber asks if Liam knew what Bill wants her to do? Bill says Liam wants a life with Hope and he is going to see it happens. Amber says she won’t do it no matter what he offers. He says he is offering her nothing but telling her what is going to happen. Amber says he cannot make that decision for her. Bill says he can if she knows what is good for her. Amber asks if he is threatening her. Bill says if she goes up against him she will think that living in her tin van was heaven compared to what he would do. He says all she is going to get is misery and strife from his family. Liam tells Hope he won’t let Amber ruin this and Hope agrees. Liam tells Hope he has nine month’s to figure out how to be a father but now he needs to figure out how to hold on to Hope.

Katie gets a call from Nick about his buddy’s house. He thought about her and Bill. Katie decides to go see it. Liam says to quit talking about the future and think about now. Amber has not asked for anything and he will deal with it when it happens.

Bill tells Amber he is generously giving her an opportunity to do the right thing. Amber asks the right thing for who, him, Liam or Spencer Publications and what about her and her baby. She tells Bill that the child is a Spencer. Bill says someday Liam will have a baby with the woman he loves and not some trailer park snake that slithered into his bed when he was unconscious. Amber says but now he is having a baby with her. Bill says to stay away from Liam and deal with him. Amber says no, that isn’t how this will work and that she is through taking orders from people like him and nobody can talk to her like that, not even him. She asks if he thinks he knows her and says maybe he does, but Liam will not let him strong-arm the mother of his child. Bill says Liam doesn’t trust her but Amber says not her problem because no one does. She says you wanted test results and you got them and now she is a part of Liam’s life and how does he think the tabloids will handle this, she is his baby mama? Bill says she will never be a part of Liam’s life or his family and never will be. He tells her she doesn’t know who she is screwing with and if she thinks she has gotten the best of him, she is wrong. He tells her she has no idea who she is screwing with.

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