B&B Monday Update 2/14/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/14/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

Dayzee questions Thomas about why he kissed her. Dayzee still want to know what Thomas was thinking. Thomas says he just got caught up in the moment, watching how she reacts with the customers and what all she did for his grandma. He tells her he used to come there a lot growing up and now things are so different. Dayzee says but this is a business but Thomas says it is more than a business, it is a place to come and eat and see a smile. He says she treats people like they are human even if they don’t have a dollar in their pocket. He says “that’s why I kissed you”.

The results of the paternity test are read and it is 100% sure that Liam is the father. Bill yelled that he wanted another test at a private lab or in another hospital. The doctor assured Bill the results were right. Amber apologizes and says she knows this is not what they wanted. Hope starts yelling at Amber and Bill says to get Hope out of there. Brooke asks Amber how she can live with herself, Rick now Liam. Amber and Tawny come home and Amber is feeling bad about what she did. Tawny and Carl are happy they pulled it off but Carl wants to know when the first check will come. Tawny says not to worry that he will get his share and she will call him as soon as the check arrives. Tawny wants to celebrate but Amber says they all hated her and she ruined a lot of lives today.

Dayzee still did not understand. Thomas says the way she treats people and she is very generous because of the shoes she gave Anthony. Thomas says she got his grandma and Brooke back together and mentioned the Christmas she had there. He says it was one of the best Christmases he had. Dayzee asks if the kiss was her reward. Thomas says it is his reward.

Bill, Katie, Hope, Liam and Brooke all go back to Bill & Katie’s house. Bill is livid. Katie tells him to calm down and he yelled at her not tell him to calm down that that bitch was trying to ruin his son. Katie she knew this was impossible but they would work things out. Bill said Amber raped Liam for the money, child support. Liam goes to Hope and she said things will never be the same between them and they cannot pretend this didn’t happen. Tawny tells Amber there was one life she didn’t ruin, and that was her baby. Amber says some save; they were lying before he was even born. Tawny says he will never know. Amber says he won’t know his father either. Tawny says maybe Liam will be a part of the baby’s life since he did not know his father. She tells Amber she had two choices, having a decent life or living in squalor the rest of her life. She says Amber stuck up for her baby today and she should be proud.

Bill talks to Liam and he wants to pay Amber off to make the problem go away. He says he will write a sizable check so she will do the right thing and get out of their lives. Liam asks if he was talking about….Bills says that is what you do in business, you take care of the problem otherwise Bill says Liam will be connected with that skank for the next nineteen years. Liam tells his dad that he isn’t sure he could walk away from his child. Brooke and Katie are talking and Katie asks if she deliberately set out to get pregnant by Liam. Brooke says yes and that was what she did to Rick. She said she has ruined two of her children’s lives. Brooke says her daughter has to cut her losses and put this behind her. She said Rick’s life was in chaos for years because of Amber and she was not going to let that happen to Hope!

Thomas tells Dayzee that the kiss was not planned and he was sorry if he overstepped. Dayzee says she hoped not or she would be really be confused. Thomas tells Dayzee he was impulsive and he was sorry. Dayzee says it was not the worst thing that happened. Thomas tells Dayzee that Marcus was a lucky guy and he will get the tee shirts done. Dayzee want someone to pick them up but Thomas wants to deliver them to see everyone’s faces.

Tawny tells Amber that this is done and Bill Spencer will not be able to weasel out of this and they were going to have expenses. Tawny tells Amber to enjoy her motherhood. Amber say’s great she will be single parent. Tawny says she will help and Amber says a sarcastic yeah. Tawny says maybe Liam will step up but Amber doesn’t want to go there. Tawny just keeps going on and on about Liam’s baby and Amber says it’s not his. It’s Oliver’s. Tawny says she has done a wonderful thing for her baby.

Hope tells Liam that it was not his fault. Liam says he doesn’t know how this happened and that he was not ready to be a father, he just found his own father. Hope says she had dreams of them having a child and now he was having one with Amber. She tells him that he was going to be a father and she did not want him giving up on his own child. Brooke comes in and says she has something to say and they needed to listen. She said Liam was a great guy and this was not his fault. She tells Hope she has her whole life ahead of her and sometimes sacrifices have to be made and she sees only one solution.

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