B&B Friday Update 2/11/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 2/11/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Liam are waiting at the hospital for paternity results. Liam apologies to Brooke and she says the paternity test will tell everything.

Tawny and Carl are still on the bus tour and Tawny tries to get off. The man giving the tour makes her sit down saying he could lose his job if she didn’t. She tells Carl to quit having fun.

Dayzee asks Thomas if he needs something and says he was looking at her funny. Thomas says he doesn’t need anything but Dayzee changed is grandmother’s life and gained her respect which is not something many can do. He says he liked watching her in action. Dayzee remarks just not to be creepy about it. Dayzee tells Thomas he should be looking at his pad designing her tee-shirts. Thomas tells Dayzee that she was not like most girls not auditioning like most girls feel they have too. Dayzee says right, what would be the point of that. Thomas tells her that she comes across so straight forward and he liked that.

Katie asks Bill what his plans where when this was over. Liam says to wash their hands of her. Bill says that she is not getting off that easy.

Brooke asks Hope if she was okay. Hope says she was and would be better when they prove what a liar Amber is. Brooke asks what it she was not lying because she is taking this so far. Hope demands that it was not Liam’s baby. Bill goes over to tell Amber that after this was all over he decided on jail for her and he had the legal team to do it.

Tawny is upset on the tour and Carl is talking about the next stop and asking is if she would spring for a picture of him with Marilyn Monroe for his Christmas card and then decides Spiderman would be better Tawny gets upset and says no because they were busting out at the next stop. Carl gets upset because he does not want to miss the Chinese theater. The bus stops for a light and Tawny makes Carl get off the bus.

Thomas goes up to Dayzee and touches her shoulder. She wanted to know what he was doing and he tells her just wanted to get the material right. Dayzee says something durable because they would probably wear them all the time. Thomas comes up with using gold threading for the embroidery but Dayzee is not fond of the idea. Thomas asks if Dayzee has seen his grandma. She tells him she is in the back room with Anthony and doing inventory so Thomas should just relax and get the vibe of the place. Thomas realizes that the gold embroidery is out.

Bill and Brooke go down to the lab to see how they were coming and tell them he wants the results triple checked. He wants no mistakes. Tawny and Carl just get to the lab and hide until Bill and Brooke leave. The doctor tells them there is nothing to do now but wait, to go get some coffee. He will come get them when the results are in. Carl goes into the lab and pretends he is just late. He convinces the lab tech on duty to go home; he will stay the rest of the day. He is grateful and leaves. Carl finds the paperwork for Amber and Liam and says it is 100% not Liam’s baby and changes the results. Bill upset when he finds out Amber is getting checked out by the doctor because he does not care about scam artists. Katie says they are just doing their job. Liam tells Hope how sorry she is and she says she is okay and will be better when the results prove it’s not Liam’s. They wonder if Oliver could be and Hope says he had no idea if it was. Liam says Oliver never admitted to sleeping with Amber. Hope says who would admit that. Liam says better him than me. The doctor tells Amber that everything was fine and to call if anything happens.

Stephanie finds Thomas and Dayzee says she got through to him about not working all the time. Stephanie wants Thomas to show Dayzee the drawing for the shirt that she likes. Dayzee likes it but starts to tell him what colors and Stephanie stops her. Dayzee says okay but to just keep it real. Thomas says okay no gold lettering. They all laugh and then Anthony comes up and they ask him about the shoes. He says that they make him feel like dancing but he needed music. They convince Dayzee to sing one song. She sings a beautiful song about being on the street. Thomas continues to stare at Dayzee.

Carl completes the test just as the doctor comes in looking for the results.

Thomas finds Dayzee working in the back and harasses her and laughs because she is always giving him a hard time about work. Dayzee says she just had to get invoices done but won’t look at him. He questions her and she says it is just embarrassing, singing. Thomas does not agree with her but has some sketches he wants to show her that she might like. Dayzee thinks it was good and Thomas says he is thinking earth tones. Dayzee says she likes what she sees and Thomas said he did too, looking at Dayzee. Thomas moves toward Dayzee and they kiss.

Tawny goes back to the lab and Carl says the results are done and the doctor is going over them right now. They both are celebrating when Tawny sees an envelope on the desk and questions whether the doctor takes the results with him. Carl says that was the original test but Tawny questions if he was sure. Carl says he thinks it was the original and a scared Tawny starts to open the envelope.

The doctor goes to Amber and everyone waiting and thanks them for their patience. Amber tells him to go ahead and open it and tell everyone that Liam is the father of her baby. Hope and Liam look at each other and Amber insists they open the results.

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