B&B Thursday Update 2/10/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 2/10/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

Hope, Liam, Brooke and Bill want Amber to take a paternity test but Amber is refusing saying it could hurt the baby. They try to get her to admit the truth. Amber says she will not go with them.

Thomas and Stephanie talk about his generation running the company. Dayzee calls and wants Stephanie to come over. Stephanie wants Thomas to go with her.

Tawny comes in and agrees that it could be dangerous. She then agrees and talks Amber into going with them for the test. She tells Amber she will just have to do this. She calls Carl at home and wants him to go to work immediately. Carl says his car is in the shop and Tawny agrees to pick him up at Dayzees.

Stephanie and Thomas get to Dayzees and she wants to know if Stephanie asked about the tee-shirts. Stephanie teasingly says no but then tells Dayzee she did ask him. Anthony comes in and they give him a present. It is a pair of orthopedic shoes that will be good for his foot.

Amber and all arrive at the hospital and Dr. Montgomery meets them and explains the paternity test. They start the test.

Tawny and Carl are stuck with a flat tire and no spare. A man sees them and offers his help. He was going towards the hospital so he will take them and puts them on a bus. Turns out it was a sightseeing tour bus of LA and stars homes. They are slowly going towards the hospital. Tawny wants to get off but Carl is enjoying himself.

Thomas tells Dayzee that it was cool what they did for Anthony. He says it is good to see his grandmother in action giving back to others. Thomas tells Dayzee that it makes him proud to be working on the tee-shirts.

Tawny realizes it is a tour bus and Carl says “YES” and that he always wanted to do one of these.

Thomas is watching Dayzee working with the people and waiting on them. He has this smile on his face as he stared at her and Stephanie comes in and looks at Thomas and then Dayzee.

Tawny wants to get off the bus and get to Amber but Carl says what’s the rush; they were heading towards the hospital now. Amber calls and Tawny tells her they are on their way. Amber says the test is on the way to the lab now.

Bill and Katie are talking and they agree Amber was already pregnant before she supposedly slept with Liam. Amber and Dr Montgomery come out and he says the tests are done. Amber asks about her mother.

The tour bus passes Spencer Publications. Tawny says if they could get off the bus and get to Amber they could have their own Spencer creation. Amber calls and Tawny says she is in a situation but she was trying to get there.

Amber, Hope, Liam. Bill. Brooke and Katie are all waiting at the hospital. Hope comforts Liam and says Amber is lying

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