B&B Wednesday Update 2/9/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 2/9/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

Amber tells Hope that yes she is pregnant with Liam’s baby but that it was a onetime thing between them.

Liam is in his office thinking about what Hope told him. He calls Hope but she does not answer. He had to leave a message. Bill comes in to check that Liam was on his project okay and says “you are on it, right? This is your baby”. Liam starts to stutter and Bill tells him to spill it. Liam tells Bill he was in trouble and needed a doctor.

Amber tells Hope not to be upset, she had money, was pretty and guys want her, maybe things don’t work out with her and Liam because of the baby.

Hope tells Amber she did not want her advice and did not trust her. Amber tells Hope she wished it did not have to be this way.

Thomas and Summer were kissing in his office. Stephanie walks in and laughs and says that is how she always caught his father and Brooke. Thomas says he and Summer are nowhere near the same relationship. Thomas says she used to hate it when Brooke would say that. Stephanie says things are different now.

Bill questions Liam why and Liam says it is not for him but a woman and she is pregnant. Bill assumes it is not Hope.

Hope goes into Brooke’s office.

When Brooke comes in Hope tells her that Amber is pregnant and claiming it is Liam’s but it is not. She asks if Brooke thought it was another scam like she pulled with her uncle Rick.

Stephanie and Thomas talk and Stephanie tells him to come down to Dayzees and volunteer more often. She tells him the work he is working on is really good but there was more to live than just fashion. But Stephanie really came to ask a favor.

Liam tells Bill about what happened. Bill says it is what Amber wants him to think that is what happened. He wanted to know if she is really pregnant. Liam says yes they wondered too but that is why Hope made her take a home pregnancy test right in front of her. Bill was shocked that Hope knew and asks who else knows? Liam said no one else knew but, that was how insensitive Amber was, she told him in front of Hope. Bill says he believes him and that it was pretty hard to perform when you were out cold. Bill wanted to know if Brooke knew and Liam said yes. Bill now realizes what was going on with Brooke and why was he just learning about this.

Hope says that Liam and Amber had that night but Hope still argues that Brooke knows her and what she is capable of. Hope said they would take a paternity test and they would know she was lying. Brooke says Amber would have to know there would be a paternity test and would Amber put herself in that position knowing that. Hope thinks Amber was with other guys and still thinks it is not Liam’s.

Liam tells Bill he didn’t tell him because they thought Amber was not really pregnant. Bill tells Liam you forget a meeting or a doctor appointment but you don’t forget sleeping with a woman. Bill says a lot of women would do this to

get a wealthy man. Liam decides to go see Amber because he cannot let her ruin his life. Bill went with him.

Stephanie tells Thomas she wants him to design a tee-shirt that could be worn at Dayzees when they were working or even sell them. Thomas agrees but Stephanie wants to butt into his love life. Thomas says he is waiting for that special someone and wonders if she is out there.

Brooke and Hope go to Amber’s and Amber won’t let them talk because they will just think it was classic Amber. Brooke tells her it is classic Amber and it always blows up in her face and she is worse off.

Stephanie tells Thomas everyone wonders if there is someone special for me. Thomas says not everyone has to lie in the shadow of Ridge Forrester and his classic love affairs and with Brooke. Brooke always tells him he will know when he meets the right woman and Stephanie agrees. She tells him she hopes it happens sooner rather than later.

Amber says everyone assumes she has something to come clean about. Amber admits she has made mistakes and looks at Brooke and says haven’t we all. Brooke says this is not about her. Amber says she has not asked for a dime and Hope says she will. Brooke says she thinks Amber is desperate with her back to the wall like so many other times. She keeps making the same mistakes and expects different results and this isn’t going to end differently.

Bill and Liam show up and Amber says it is open season on her. Bill tells her she got knocked up and trying to scam his son and it was a bad move. Amber insists it is Liam’s baby. Bill called his doctor and he said they could confirm with a paternity test. Brooke says we are going to know the truth today

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