B&B Tuesday Update 2/8/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/8/11


Written By Barb
Pictures By Juanita

Stephanie takes Nick home in case he wants to talk. They discuss the meeting and how scary lung cancer is.

Brooke and Bill have lunch and are discussing Hope and Liam. Brooke is concerned about their children.

Hope and Liam are in his office talking about their love and how happy he is with her and his job.

Amber talks to her mother and tells her that she has not called Liam back after telling him she is pregnant.

Jackie, Owen and Aggie converge on Nick to ask how everything went. He said everything was good. Everyone asked if he was ready to give up those awful cigars.

Liam and Hope talk about Amber and that she was probably not pregnant and just trying to extort money from Liam.

Everyone wants Nick to throw away his cigars and he won’t let them. Stephanie tells Nick that nothing is going to solve his problem with addiction until he admits he has one.

Nick does not want to admit it is an addiction because it would mean he was not in control and he has always been control of his life. Owen says but in the case the cigars are in control and committing to stopping means Nick would take control of his life again. Stephanie asks him if was really what he wanted and reminded him of the people at the support who wish they had quit smoking. She tells him he probably will end up with lung cancer if he doesn’t quit smoking.

Brooke talks to Bill about the night of the party. Bill says no big deal Liam had a concussion and he took him to a neurologist and he said Liam would be fine but may not get his memory back from that night.

Brooke as Bill is that is all he knew and he said what else is there to know.

Hope confronts Amber about not being pregnant. She took a home pregnancy test to Amber thinking she would not use it because she was not pregnant. Hope tells Amber she understands now, using the pregnancy as her ticket out of where Amber was living.

Nick finally tells everyone if he was going to stop it was going to be on his terms, that he can’t quit for anyone else but himself. He said it has to be what he wants and then says today he would do what is best for him.

Bill tells Brooke that he thinks Liam should be playing the field but that was not what Liam wanted. Bill says he will accept the relationship. He says he wants his son happy just as Brooke wants her daughter happy. He says that Liam is his own man. Brooke was surprised to hear that. Bill says he cannot imagine anything coming between them.

Bill tells Brooke that this was different, that he was pushing for the relationship and she was hesitating. Bill asked if there was more. Brooke told Bill she liked Liam, he was settled down and makes Hope very happy but that sometimes Hope can be too trusting. Bill says he really thinks there is something more going on. Brooke says she just didn’t want him to hurt Hope. Bill says Liam loves her and would not hurt her.

Amber takes the test and does prove that she is pregnant. Hope calls Liam to tell him then dropped her phone with a tear running down her face.

Nick comes on and says we all know tobacco causes lung cancer but it also causes cancer in the head, neck and mouth. For more information contact www.OHANCAW.com. This is also known as the Yule Brenner cancer foundation.

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