B&B Monday Update 2/7/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 2/7/11


Written By Barb
Pictures by Juanita

This is the 6000th episode of Bold & Beautiful.

Stephanie is forming a lung cancer support group. The stories are of real people battling lung cancer.

She has Nick there to hear the stories,

Actress Kathryn Joosten is the first guest to talk about her disease. She tells Stephanie that she needs to be in therapy for depression and that Stephanie has to realize that at some time along the way, people from the support group will die. Therapy helps deal and also the rest of the group will be there for each other.

Owen and Jackie are kissing and Jackie tells Owen how glad she is that he does not smoke. Owen reminds Jackie that a lot of people dealing with lung cancer have never smoked a day in their life.

Kathryn Joosten tells Stephanie and Nick it is the number one killer among women. More women “get” breast cancer but they get cured.

Kathryn, at this point, is “cured”. She had her one year pet scan and is cancer free. She will continue every three months with the tests but that is hard too. Every three months you wonder if you have it again and people who have it have to wonder is it worse or is it better. Because of the stress and fears every three months is why therapy is so important. You have no control over your future.

She has been a stage three and prepared herself to die.

Jackie and Owen talk about Nick not listening and pushing him away by nagging but Jackie says she can’t help herself.

Next, Dr. Michael Weitz talks about being an emergency room doctor and dealing with his life being chaotic, but not in his life. He talks about how he was swallowing cold liquid and something didn’t feel right. Nick questioned just from taking a cold drink and Dr. Weitz said yes, he had a funny tingling in his chest. They found a spot on his lung and wanted to watch it but he wanted more tests. They confirmed he had advanced lung cancer. The hardest thing was to tell his boys that he had lung cancer but they would try to keep things as normal as possible but had to take things day by day. Nick asked if he was a smoker and was told that 15% of lung cancer victims never smoked. Nick asked if there was any way to know how much second hand smoke affects people. There is no way of knowing this and Nick says he tries not to smoke around his son and that he only smokes one cigar a day and Stephanie wanted him there as a wakeup call. Dr. Weitz says that any exposure is bad as it causes inflammation in your lungs and why would you want to expose them to something that could hurt, harm or kill them.

Owen and Jackie cannot reach Nick and Jackie wonders why he listens to Stephanie and not her. Owen says Nick does not hear her. Owen tells Jackie that they have an inverted parent child relationship. He’s dad and she is the rebellious daughter. Owen says Stephanie will use strong arm tactics that Jackie never would. Owen tells Jackie that people get defensive when someone talks to then about their smoking.

Meryl Bralower, Lung Cancer Activist says her cancer was a tumor with a surgical solution which made it much easier because they removed the tumor and she was caught very early. Then she had to have chemo-therapy which was the toughest part. She said the first question people ask is if she was a smoker which she was not. Having a sense of humor they agree helps you get through.

Owen and Jackie talk about Nick being in a good place and he will probably hear some stories that will help him make the right decision better than they ever could.

Jackie and Owen decide that facts don’t work but love is what is missing from their talks. Owen agrees to help any way he can.

Next Zheng Cao, opera singer, talks about what it felt like to find out. She said her whole world just shattered and it was a complete surprise because she had no symptoms’. She told her doctor she was ready to go on location to sing. She wonders how it could be her, she was an opera singer and used her lungs everyday and never smoked. She has stage 4 and was told she only had six months to live. She said she was really scared and did not know how long she has. Her friends say she has to focus all her energy on winning over this. Before she leaves she sing opera to Nick and then says “please stop, please stop smoking”.

Nick thanks Stephanie for doing this for him and they hug. Stephanie comes on and says that every 2 ½ minutes someone is diagnosed with lung cancer and says for more information to fight this disease go to LCFAmerica.org.

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