B&B Tuesday Update 2/1/11

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 2/1/11


Written By Barb
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke and Katie come to see Donna on her wedding day.  Justin calls to make sure she was ready to “do this” and to tell her he loves her.

Hope goes to see Liam any asks if there was any chance Amber’s baby was his.

Amber stops at Oliver’s to tell him she was pregnant.  Amber assures him several times that the baby was not his, but Liam’s.  She wants Oliver to keep quiet about the night they slept together so when the baby proves to be Liam’s, Hope will leave and Ollie will be there to pick up the pieces.

Brooke and Katie hug Donna and she is happy both sisters will be standing up for her.  Of course, they wish their mother was with their dad instead of Pam.  They agree she and Storm are with them.  Stephen and Pam arrive at Katie and Bills house for the wedding and admire how beautiful it looks.

Ridge arrives and Pam shows him her engagement ring from Stephen.  Ridge asks Pammy if she was going to behave herself and Stephen tells Ridge how good she makes him feel.  Ridge says his daughters want what is best for him.

Ollie questions Amber about if she is sure and she said “the test strip didn’t lie”.  He questions immediately “I’m the father”.   He accused Amber that they used protection at least most of the night. She assured him he was not the father.  Oliver looked relieved when Amber said it was not his kid.

Back at the wedding, Stephen and Ridge talk about their upcoming marriage and Ridge asks if Stephen’s intentions were good and that he was not up to something with Pam.  He promises Ridge that he is not and Ridge tells Stephen that he will be watching him.

Marcus arrives and hugs Stephen and introduces Dayzee.

Bill arrives and tells Ridge that he was impressed that Ridge was there.  Bill said he bet Katie that ridge would not have the “cajones to show”.  Ridge assured him anything for his lovely wife.  Bill then made a dig that no one was immune to Brooke including his son and referenced their trip to Paris.

Back in the bedroom Brooke is putting pictures of their mother and Storm into Donna’s bouquet as something old and new.  Katie then gave her a diamond bracelet to wear that Bill gave her for their anniversary.  The girls talk about all having someone now and Donna was also grateful for their son.

Justin arrives and brought his cousin, Olivia Barber Winters, who happened to be visiting in LA.  Bill, Stephen and Pam talk and bill wants to know how such a beautiful woman like Olivia could be related to funny looking Justin.

Hope and Liam talk about Amber being desperate and Hope questions whether he thought it was all about money and wonders if she thought Liam’s dad would pay her off.  They start talking about Amber being with other guys .  They realize she was with Oliver when she stole the designs and again at Bikini Beach where they were making out.  Hope looks upset and hopes it is not Oliver, but Liam said it was someone because it wasn’t him so maybe Oliver.

Oliver was questioning Amber about how she could be sure it wasn’t his and Amber said women just know.  Amber told Oliver that she had told Liam and that he and Hope laughed in her face.  Oliver was shocked to learn she told Hope.  Oliver said it was no wonder they don’t believe her since they did not believe they ever slept together.  Amber said they were in denial and will start to question anyone she was ever with looking for answers starting with him.  Oliver freaked but Amber assured him she had not told them about their night together.  Amber warned him he should have the right answers.

Back at the wedding Katie and her dad talk about how happy Donna was and Stephen also.  Pam tells Jarrett about her engagement and he questions her how both families reacted.  She told them that everything was good and that even Brooke was okay with it.

Bill was talking with Justin and Olivia saying he wanted to throw Justin a large wedding but Donna did not want that since she had been married before.   Olivia did not look really happy.

Brooke and Ridge kiss and Brooke thanks him for being there and being a good sport.  Ridge talks about Justin exposing Brooke  and that Donna had stolen Forrester stocks and sold them to Bill.  Ridge says weddings in both families come with a lot a drama.  Brooke reminds him of her riding up to his wedding on a horse.

Marcus talks to Donna and she says everything seems right now.

The minister arrives and they get ready to start the wedding.

Amber tells Oliver that the baby gives him a chance to get Hope back.  Oliver wants to know how and again Amber says when the baby turns out to be Liam’s, Virginal Hope will dump him and then Oliver can console her.  Oliver questions that there is no way the test results could show he was the father so no one needed to know about the night they slept together.  Amber reminds him how badly Hope thinks of her and she would never forgive him if she found out.  She also says that with child support and Bill paying her to get out of Liam’s life nothing else matters and he can be there for Hope.  But she wants a favor from Oliver.  She wanted $1000.00 to tide her over.  Oliver gets mad and says even if he had the money he would not give it to her.  Amber says okay but again requests that no one knows she stayed with him and what happened so Hope will come back to him if that is what he still wants.  She tells Oliver what a great guy he is and that she wants that for him but he has to keep quiet about that night.

Stephen goes to talk to Donna and her sisters before the wedding.  The music starts and they leave so she can get into her dress.  Katie and then Brooke go down the aisle and then the wedding march begins.  Donna comes to her father and they walk down the aisle.  She has a strapless, fitted bodice and then flared skirt with a train beautiful dress on.  The minister starts and Donna starts to cry and says she promised herself she would not cry.  The minister asks if she is ready and she says she is so ready and smiles at Justin.

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