B&B Monday Update 11/29/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/29/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At Stephanie's place, Brooke and Taylor continue to argue about whether the Taboo line should continue. Stephanie is listening to them quietly. Brooke points out that Ridge is the one to decide, not her. Taylor thinks Stephanie might be able to change his mind. She points out that Stephanie is always telling her not forget the past, so she asks Stephanie if she has forgotten Brooke's past. Stephanie agrees that she has not and that everything bad in her family can be traced back to Brooke. They both agree that they will do everything to keep Brooke from sleeping with Thomas. Stephanie says that it is not realistic to try to keep Thomas from having any contact with her. Stephanie points out that everyone in the family deserves a chance to make their mark in the company. While she does think the kiss was wrong, and she doesn't agree with the campaign, it's not catastrophic, either. She refuses to fight with Ridge about it. Brooke smiles, while Taylor looks taken aback. Brooke thinks that is a balanced point of view. Taylor keeps trying to convince Stephanie that this is a bad idea. Stephanie wants to believe that she can trust Brooke and won't regret it. Brooke thanks her and then leaves, having had enough of Taylor's haranguing. Taylor sobs, upset that she is losing Stephanie as her friend. Stephanie hugs and kisses her. She assures Taylor that she loves her. Taylor whines that she feels like a high school girl saying that she likes Brooke better than her. Stephanie puts her hands on Taylor's face and whispers that it is not true. Taylor keeps whining and reminds Stephanie about how she was cast out when Ridge chose Brooke over her. She points out that it always ends badly when Stephanie chooses Brooke over her. She throws Stephanie's words from the past about Brooke back in her face. Stephanie doesn't really have an answer, since Taylor is on the verge of hysteria. Taylor knows that she should be calm, but she is worried that the past will repeat itself. When Stephanie still has no answer, Taylor tells her, "Don't say I didn't warn you" and walks out. Stephanie looks worried, and a little sad.

When Oliver comes home, Amber is there in a bikini, about to go out for a swim. He wonders suspiciously if someone else is there, but she assures him that she's not. She proclaims that she's done doing things behind his back and then asks him what happened at the photo shoot. He tells her forlornly that he had to cancel it because Hope left. They discuss what happened with Liam. Oliver realizes that Hope trust Liam more than him, and he can see why. Amber suggests that he write her a poem or letter, but he is not thrilled about that idea. Amber sympathizes with how he is feeling. Later, Amber comes back from swimming. Oliver is standing there, with no shirt on as usual (it is slung over his back). He gives her a beer. Amber jokes with him. Oliver offers her a towel, so she wonders why he's being so nice. He prepares to tell her something that she might not like. She guesses that he wants her to move out. He doesn't, although he agrees that she should get a job, when he brings that up. He tells her hesitatingly that he needs her to stop trying to be his friend. She looks at him in a hurt way. He sits down next to her and says that he's embarrassed by the whole limo scheme. She points out that it almost worked, but he doesn't agree. It is not the way he wants to act. She apologizes. He admits that he let her do it, so they are both to blame. She really wants to help him get Hope back, and she wishes that she knew the right way. He says that Hope just needs to remember that she loves him. Amber doesn't think that will work.

Liam takes Hope to the beach and asks if she's cold. She smiles that it's perfect but wonders why they are there. He lies out a blanket and reminds her of the last time they were there. She points out that Oliver was not doing anything wrong back at work and that it was his first photo shoot by himself. Liam tells her that he has nothing against Oliver. She wonders why he is there instead of in a big meeting. He tells her very sweetly that there are no big meetings. Next to her, everything is small. She smiles at him, clearly charmed, and blushes. They sit down and go through a picnic basket that he has brought, joking about the food. He asks her to promise to tell him if he gets to needy. She is surprised he would say that. He talks about his childhood, how his mom was gone a lot and would then come back and try to make it up to him. He was fine with being alone. Then she got sick, and he had to take care of her. He thinks that being rich and then poor, helped him learn how to take care of himself. Then he started wanting things he'd never considered before, like her. She looks touched by his words. Liam is very annoyed about Oliver - so annoyed that he can't even say his name. When he mentions that Oliver hates his guts, she reminds him that he is not the reason that she and Oliver broke up. He admits that he could see himself in Oliver last night because he would feel the same way if he lost her. They kiss. After prompting from him, she admits that he scares him a little. She doesn't think that he's needy. She has the same problem, she tells him, from her own childhood. What scares her is that because he wants her to know him so well, he talks about very personal things that most people would not discuss. He apologizes, but she tells him that she's afraid that he will be disappointed when he gets to know her. She is way more ordinary than he thinks. He doesn't agree. He tosses a grape in her mouth, and they laugh. He tells her why he's ordinary and she's not. He likes being a real person, down-to-earth, and likes being around real people like her. He says that "Dollar Bill Spencer" can never say that. He tells her how unaware she is of how people fall in love with her everywhere she goes. She really blushes when he tells her that. He is not worried about everyone else being his competition. He feels like he is bringing her all of the love in the world that she has left behind. They kiss some more, and then he holds her.

In his office, Thomas talks to the model Summer about the bathing suit she is wearing. He is wondering why it is not looking right in the behind. She wonders if it's her, that she is not filling it out right. He assures her that it is not her. As he looks at her, he adds that she is more than fine. Madison walks in as he is saying this. He tells Summer to go tell Connie that the suit is okay. Madison tells Thomas what a great time she had at the party. She flirts with him and hints that she is interested in more. Thomas smiles back at her.

Later, Brooke. Thomas asks if she is there to corrupt him, and she smiles. They talk about clothes, and then he asks her what happened with Stephanie and Taylor. Brooke gives him the short version. He scoffs that his mother is so worried about him when he's an adult. Thomas tries on a shirt and looks at himself in the mirror, wondering why it doesn't look right. A female hand comes from behind, stroking his chest. A blonde head, looking like Brooke's, comes up from behind him. He smiles and asks if he doesn't have the build for it. Taylor walks in and sees Thomas and Brooke making out, half-naked. She screams, "No!"

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