B&B Wednesday Update 11/24/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/24/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At Stephanie's house, she explains to Taylor and Thomas about her brain surgery, which was done by a Gamma ray knife. It's less invasive than regular surgery, and she was actually awake the whole time. Stephanie has a cup of tea in her hand. Thomas asks if this means that the tumors are gone. She says they have to wait and see. Taylor hugs Stephanie, saying they are all grateful. Brooke arrives, which Taylor is not happy to see. Stephanie tells them that she asked Brooke to come over. She thinks they need to resolve some things. Brooke asks Stephanie about her operation. Stephanie tells her that she is fine and thanks her for asking. She wants to talk about their public kiss. Thomas doesn't want to talk about it, but she insists. She tells him how inappropriate it was and how it's all over the media. Thomas tells her that was the point of it, and he doesn't see any big deal. Stephanie is surprised at his attitude. Thomas knows that everyone is just worried that he'll fall for Brooke. Taylor starts in once again, accusing Brooke of being the reason behind this whole thing. Brooke groans. Taylor wants "it to stop". Brooke looks annoyed. Brooke and Thomas argue that it was a harmless kiss. Thomas tells them that he has no romantic feelings for Brooke. It was just a good performance for the press. Taylor thinks that it was destructive. Thomas says that he has to get to work, so he leaves. Stephanie asks Brooke to stay. She wants to talk about the "Taboo" line, but of course they just talk about Thomas some more. Taylor accuses Brooke of exploiting her son. Brooke refutes what Taylor said and asks Stephanie not to buy in to it. Stephanie doesn't think that the Taboo campaign is a good idea. Taylor and Brooke keep arguing. Brooke asks Stephanie, in view of their new friendship, to see how much Thomas wants this opportunity. Brooke tells Taylor that she's making this about her and not about Thomas. He needs respect in the company, and in his mother's eyes. Taylor gets annoyed about Brooke psycho-analyzing her. Brooke continues to say that maybe she should take this opportunity to mend things with Thomas. Brooke also pleads with Stephanie not to go along with Taylor's paranoia. Brooke assures them that nothing is going to happen between her and Thomas.

Bill, at home with Katie and Liam, lectures Liam about how to treat assistants. Liam and Katie kind of make fun of Bill. He asks Liam how the party was, so Liam explains what happened with Hope and Oliver. Predictably, Bill blames Hope at first. When Liam mentions that his limo driver got lost, Bill stops him and reminds him that he canceled the limo driver. Liam insists that he didn't. They argue about it for a second. Liam goes back to his story, with Bill making comments. Bill is indignant that Liam neither kicked Oliver's ass nor broke up with Hope for cheating on him. Liam tells him that he is in love with Hope. Bill is disgusted. He tells Liam that his business should be his first priority and that he doesn't have time for a relationship. Liam replies that he has been spending too much time at work. He needs to take the day off. Bill is angry because they have a meeting. Liam thinks he can handle it without him. Katie wonders if Hope is taking the day off, too. Liam opens the front door to leave. He tells them that Hope has a photo shoot with Oliver, so he has to be there to "even the playing field". Bill is annoyed after Liam leaves. He jokes that he has to re-check the DNA test because there's no way he's his son. Katie kisses him, saying that he's the best part of him. Katie keeps trying to soothe Bill, calm him down. She kisses him and says nice things, pointing out that Liam is just romantic, like his father. He ends up kissing her, giving in, as he says, "Damn Logan girls..."

Oliver (at home, wearing just his pajama bottoms) and Hope both have flashbacks to kissing each other one his couch. Ridge greets Hope, who is in her office, saying it must have been one Hell of a party. She admits that it didn't turn out the way she thought it would. When Hope explains what happened with Liam, Ridge is suspicious about it, but she concludes that Liam had no reason to lie to her. Ridge wonders if they worked it out, but Hope just gives him an uncomfortable look. Hope explains that she has both Oliver and Liam chasing her now. She asks about the Taboo line, so he tells her that they're going ahead with it, even though Taylor is not happy. He hopes that this recent incident doesn't ruin the peace between Brooke and Stephanie.

Amber walks in to Oliver's kitchen. She is half dressed, wearing only his shirt. She slept in the guest room. She asks him to pour her some coffee, so she does. He asks how she slept, so she admits that it was kind of lonely in the guest room. He tossed and turned all night. She flirts with him, but she knows that he is only interested in Hope. They talk about what happened last night with Hope. Amber thinks that it was just a setback and that he will have her. He is glad to hear it but has to go back to work. He is going to be the substitute photographer for today's photo shoot. She is excited for him. He tells her that Hope is the one he's shooting. She kisses him, saying that she's sure that he will make her look beautiful. Amber smiles as he goes to get dressed.

Oliver takes photos of Hope, and then they take a break. She wants to talk about what happened, so he suggests they talk over dinner. She doesn't want to do that. He puts her off by saying that they have to finish their shoot. She goes to change. When she returns, Oliver again asks her to dinner. Hope and he start talking about last night. Liam walks in just as Oliver is bad-mouthing him. Hope wonders why he is there. Liam says he came there to take her away. Oliver protests, but Liam takes Hope's hand and leads to another area. She asks what is going on. He replies, "You and me" as he kisses her.

Ridge looks at some dresses on some models, Heidi and Summer. They chat briefly about the outfits. Thomas walks in as the girls are leaving. They flirt with him. Ridge reminds them about the next outfits they are to try on, so they leave. Thomas lets Ridge know about the meeting with Stephanie, Taylor, and Brooke. Ridge is not happy to hear it. He knows that Taylor is trying to get Stephanie to stop the campaign. Ridge hopes that Stephanie and Brooke's new friendship will survive this. Thomas tells him not to hold his breath.

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