B&B Tuesday Update 11/23/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/23/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Juanita

Liam, all banged up and dirty, out of breath, rushes to get to Hope at Oliver's place so he can explain why he's so late. Meanwhile, Oliver is kissing Hope and trying to persuade her to make love to him. Hope kisses him back and admits that she does still have feelings. Liam breaks in and interrupts them. He apologizes to Hope and tells Oliver to back off. He berates him for taking advantage of the situation. Oliver tells him to leave. Liam holds out his hand, expecting Hope to leave with him, but she and Oliver just look at each other. Liam explains what happened with his limo to Hope, even though he knows it sounds crazy that he got lost and had no phone to call her with. Hope is undecided. Liam asks for five minutes out on the patio alone with Hope.

Oliver chats with Amber on the phone. He finds out that she posed as Liam's limo driver.  When she hears that Liam is out on the patio with Hope, Amber urges him to go fight for Hope.  Instead, Oliver just stands around inside, waiting for Liam and Hope to finish arguing outside.

Liam keeps explaining to Hope what happened, but he is also upset that he found her with Oliver. She tries to tell him how she felt abandoned and embarrassed at her party. He thinks that Oliver is getting in her head, and she is letting him. She takes him to task for not showing up. They keep arguing about it. She complains that she never sees him now because of work.  They apologize to each other, but they still argue.  Hope tells him that she kissed Oliver because she was so mad at him.  She was confused, but now she's not.  They apologize for real this time, and then they kiss passionately. Oliver sees them from inside and looks like he's going to cry.

Nick and Aggie are at the Jackie M. offices late at night. No one else is there. Nick explains that no one comes up there late at night any more after what happened with Owen and Jackie being caught by the janitor. He laments that he has not seen his mother much since he made her leave the company. They talk about the recent scandals. Aggie tries to be supportive. They still don't know what they will do for the new designs that buyers expect. Jackie shows up. She tells Nick that they are not going to be exiled any longer. Owen walks in, too, with Whip. Jackie and Owen wonder why they haven't seen any of the new collection, so Nick tells them that Amber's designs were stolen from Forrester. They talk about the situation and what to do about it. Jackie thinks they have to act fast to fix things.

Nick is not happy to hear that Owen and Jackie want back in. They discuss that. Jackie tells Nick how much she loves Owen and how they are making it work with the baby and Bridget. Then it is Owen's turn to tell Nick how he feels about Jackie, and about the baby. Owen concludes by saying that he and Jackie are forever, and they kiss.  Nick decides to let them back into the company and tells Whip to prepare a press release about it. They are all happy to hear it. Jackie hugs Nick and then insists that Nick or Owen either shake hands or hug. They are reluctant but end up shaking hands.  Jackie says she will talk to Bridget about coming back, too, since they need a new designer.  She hugs Owen, all smiles. Nick looks uncomfortable but manages a smile.

Jackie looks at photos from past fashion shoots, of her and Owen.  Owen comes in and they chat about how glad they are to be back, especially her. He is also still grateful to her for forgiving him and supporting him.  They kiss.

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