B&B Monday Update 11/22/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/22/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the Forrester party, Hope is wondering why Liam is not there. The press are taking lots of photos. Madison comes up and is surprised to hear that Liam is still not there. She assures Hope that Liam will be there. Hope smiles uncertainly. Hope tries to get a drink from a waiter, but she is not 21. She sneaks one anyway. Oliver sees her and greets her, remembering what Amber said about his not getting another chance. Hope is surprised that he is still there. He tells her that it's a great party. Steffy sends Hope a text with congratulations. Hope sighs that Steffy would probably be thrilled to learn that Liam stood her up. She drinks more champagne.

At Bill and Katie's place, Bill fills Donna's champagne glass. She makes a joke about how she doesn't need to drink any more, or unless he will have to call for another limo. Bill assures her that he has drivers on call. She makes a comment about Liam being lucky to have a rich new dad. He jokes back that it should help him impress the ladies. Katie points out that he is only interested in Hope. Bill sighs, and Katie chuckles. Donna wonders why Bill doesn't like Hope. They tell her that he does, but he thinks that Liam should play the field a bit. Hope phones Katie, who is surprised that Liam hasn't arrived yet. Hope questions her about where he might be, but they have no idea. Katie assures her that he must have a good reason for being late. She asks Hope not to let it ruin her night. Hope promises not to. They all wonder where he could be. Bill phones and finds out that Liam's limo was canceled.

Liam is in the back of a limo. Amber is driving, wearing a disguise and putting on a Russian accent. She pretends to be lost. He keeps arguing with her. She has stolen his phone, which she has in the front seat, to prevent him from calling anyone. He tries to be polite, but she keeps arguing with him and trying to convince him that she is lost. (It is pretty funny) He tells her that he is late for his girlfriend's party and confides in her a bit, and she plays her role of sympathetic limo driver. Amber suggests that he dump Hope. She has a cousin who needs a green card. He changes the subject quickly and asks if she has any water. She tells him that all she has is vodka. He notices that they passed a street that he recognizes, so he gets into an argument with her about where she should turn. Then she pretends that they ran out of gas as the engine sputters and dies. She tells him that there is a gas station a mile back, so it won't take them long to walk there. He hands her a bunch of money and gets out, saying that she is going to have to walk on her own. He has to get to the party.

Later, Hope asks Oliver to dance, so he gladly agrees. They don't get to dance, though, because Rick gets everyone's attention and welcomes them to the party. He has everyone applaud Hope and her Hope for the Future line. They all cheer for her. Hope makes a short speech and thanks them all. She tells them to turn the music back on and close the place down. Madison hugs her and if she's okay. Oliver notices that he has some missed calls. He gets a call from Amber. She tells him that she could only detain Liam for so long. He needs a little more time to work on Hope, but she tells him that Liam is on his way. Liam runs through the canyon, hearing owls and coyotes, fighting plants.

Oliver goes over to chat with Hope, who is still wondering why Liam didn't show up. He offers to walk Hope to her car, but she came with Madison. They observe that Madison is with a guy, so he offers to drive her home. Hope gratefully takes him up on his offer, but he says that he has to run home and get his car first. She agrees to walk to his place with him, since he just lives up the beach.

Bill and Katie kiss and flirt. He is glad that Donna finally left. Bill gets an email from Jarrett but isn't really interested in reading it, figuring that it's not important. Katie frowns, looking worried. Later, Katie gets a call from Donna about her limo driver. Bill tells Katie that the guy is gay, so she warns Donna not to give him her number. Bill tells her that they can't have any more interruptions. They go back to kissing.

Liam finally arrives at the party, looking very dirty and scuffed up. He asks Marcus where Hope is. He doesn't know. Liam finds Madison and Thomas. She tells him that Hope left with Oliver, and Thomas says that they went to his place. Liam rushes over to Oliver's house, hoping that Hope didn't give up on him.

At Oliver's place, Hope sits down asks for some water, but then she changes her mind and asks if he has anything stronger. He is reluctant to serve her anything, since she is under 21. He chuckles that it would be all over the tabloids. He builds a fire. She is upset about Liam. Oliver points out that since Liam is a Spencer now, he has other priorities. Hope says that Liam promised (sounding like a child when she says it). She wonders why he would tell her that he would be there and was getting a limo, if he wasn't going to show. Oliver claims he doesn't know but tells her that he's glad. Oliver sits close to Hope on the couch. He thinks that everything happens for a reason. He asks Hope to spend the night there with him. He says some sweet things, as well as reminding her that he loves her. They kiss.

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