B&B Tuesday Update 11/9/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/9/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Juanita

Everyone is shocked when Thomas grabs Brooke, dips her, and kisses her, for a very long time. He then holds her hand up triumphantly as the crowd cheers. The press peppers them with questions. Bill has to nudge Jarrett to start asking questions because he is so shocked. Thorne sends Eric out for damage control. He gives a little speech and orders both Thomas and Brooke backstage. Eric and Thorne thank the crowd and dismiss them. Ridge and Taylor, both angry, head toward the backstage area. Whip is not too thrilled when Taylor tells him that she'll see him back at home. He looks like he feels left out.

Thomas congratulates everyone, and they all clap for him, especially Marcus. Thomas is very excited. Brooke tells him that they have to talk about this. Ridge asks everyone to clear out so they can talk. Thomas smiles at Ridge and Taylor's reaction. Taylor wants to know what that was, and Ridge asks what would make the two of them did something like that. Brooke looks annoyed that he would blame this on her. Thomas tells them to calm down and that it was just a publicity stunt. Taylor asks Brooke why she would make him kiss her. Thomas assures her that she didn't know it was going to happen. He explains that Whip suggested he do something big. Ridge is annoyed that he didn't discuss it with him first. Thomas doesn't know what the big deal is. he points out that fashion is theater, performance, acting. He didn't really kiss Brooke. Taylor says it sure looked real.
Ridge is worried about the press coverage. Thomas wanted that. Ridge thinks he should have just let the designs speak for themselves, but Thomas thinks the press were falling asleep. He did this to wake them up. He advises them to check out any website or magazine tomorrow and it will have a photo of them. Ridge and Taylor think this is a mess of bad publicity, but Thomas thinks he created buzz and that this will make his men's line sell big. Taylor keeps yelling at Brooke, even though Thomas keeps telling her that she did nothing. Brooke thinks Taylor is making too much of this. Ridge asks Thomas if he did this to hurt him. Thomas assures him that he just did it as a publicity stunt. They keep arguing. Brooke also thinks that Ridge is overreacting. Ridge thinks that Thomas has put them all at risk.

Thomas and Taylor have their own argument. He knows that it probably wasn't easy for her to see him kiss Brooke, just like it wasn't easy for him to see her give all of her shares to Steffy. She figures that's what this is about, but he replies that it's about a lot of things, including making a name for himself. He only cares about the line selling and feels he did what had to be done. Taylor heaves a big sigh and rolls her eyes up in consternation. She tries to have a more reasonable chat with Thomas. She has some sympathy for how he was feeling about them moving the show up and featuring Hope for the Future. However, she points out that he didn't put much thought into this kiss -- it was an impulsive act, which is what has caused so many problems in their family. He yells at her to stop bring a shrink. She's just trying to understand him. He is still upset about Steffy getting the shares. He can't regret what he did today, since he made a name for himself.

In another room, Ridge and Brooke discuss the kiss. She assures him that she didn't know that he would do that. Ridge is annoyed that she allowed him to kiss her. Brooke looks at him like he's crazy. Brooke points out that she didn't agree to it, but she does understand why he did it. She gets annoyed that he seems to be blaming her somehow. Ridge thinks that it was more than just a kiss, more than just a stunt. She thinks it will just all blow over, but he is not so sure. He thinks that the incidents are building up. He scoffs, "Come on, Logan. Not my son". She can't believe he is saying that and tells him that she would never do anything to hurt him. She tells him that she loves him. Brook puts her hands on Ridge's shoulders as she begs him not to lose faith in her.

Thorne asks Jarrett politely to leave, so he does. They all discuss what is going on. Whip thinks he knows why Thomas kissed her. He was worried that Hope for the Future would overshadow the men's line, so he suggested that Thomas do something to grab the press' attention. Pam worries about how Stephanie will react. Eric suggests that Whip leave, although he's not blaming him for what happened. Whip leaves. Bill gets in Eric's face, saying that this is not good for him, but it will make him, Bill, a lot of money.

Dayzee drops by to visit Stephanie at her home. Stephanie makes her tea as they chat about Forrester Creations. Stephanie offers her a job. Dayzee is so not sure. She enjoys working at the shelter and talks about it at length. She admires how Stephanie has found a new life for herself. Stephanie agrees that life is full of surprises. When Dayzee mentions that she has to go prepare breakfast at the shelter, Stephanie wants to go with her. Dayzee says no because she needs to take care of herself. She tells them about all the work there is to do in the future that Stephanie can do. Stephanie gives her a huge check as a donation. Dayzee is shocked and says she will be excited to accept it and to see Stephanie down at the shelter. She also tells Stephanie that Marcus has been phoning her, so she might have to go on a date with him. They chuckle about how she might become a Forrester. Stephanie warns her that the family is wild, wacky and off-the-wall. This leads to them talking about Brooke. Stephanie remembers a previous discussion they had where Dayzee talked about looking at the world through new glasses. She realizes that she has to do that with Brooke, too.

Stephanie sits on her bed with a book. Eric returns and is not happy to see that she's not in bed, resting. She informs him that he just missed Dayzee. She quizzes him about the fashion show, so he tells her what happened. Stephanie is upset that there is another scandal, and Brooke is in the middle of it again.

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