B&B Monday Update 11/8/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/8/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Thomas and Brooke prepare for the fashion show. He has something planned to shake up the press. She is very supportive of whatever it is. He warns her to follow his lead, so she agrees, curiously.

Whip and Taylor discuss what kind of PR stunt Thomas might pull to get attention. She is a little worried. Whip points out that the press is all excited about the Hope for the Future line, so he has to do something big to knock their knocks off. She still worries. They still argue a little back and forth about it.

Everyone prepares back stage for the men's line. Bill is a little miffed that they haven't asked his advice on anything. Katie agrees. Liam comes up, so they discuss Hope for a minute. She is very happy about how well her line went. Liam is really happy about how things with him and Hope couldn't be better. Bill is disgusted at the romantic stuff, but Katie thinks it's great. They chuckle about it. Bill leaves them alone and goes over to Jake, who is working. He wonders when the rest of the show will get going. Jake is not sure but tells him that adding Hope's line through them off the schedule. Bill asks if he knows why, but he doesn't. Bill looks suspicious.

Marcus asks Thomas if he's nervous, and he agrees that he is. Marcus tells him that he's very nervous, too. He's never done this runway modeling thing before, and his palms are very sweaty. Thomas assures him that he'll knock him dead, along with the suit. Thomas worries about how many of the press seem to be leaving. He makes a comment about being upstaged, so Rick hopes that he understands why things were moved up. Thomas sighs. He does, but it's very frustrating. Thomas decides to focus on the show and stop complaining. Marcus gives him a bit of a pep talk, too.

Brooke comes out and say hello to Taylor and Whip. She's glad to see Taylor there. Taylor bristles and tells her that of course she's there to support her son, even if Brooke has to be part of it. Whip compliments them on the Hope for the Future line and adds that he had no idea what Amber was doing. Brooke knows that but thanks him. Taylor and Brooke start bickering again about Brooke working with Thomas. Brooke walks away, giving up. She tells Thomas that they are ready to go onstage. Thomas calls everyone together and gives a little speech. Ridge tells Thomas that he's proud of him and advises him to "knock 'em dead". The fashion show starts. Thomas goes out on stage and introduces his line. He praises Brooke and how much she's helped him. The models walk out on the stage in their suits as everyone applauds. The press is not very excited, and in fact, some are yawning. Thomas looks very worried.

Taylor is also worried. She thinks the designs are good, but she can't be objective. Whip assures her that they are, but he regrets that he had to follow Hope's line. He hopes that Thomas will follow his advice to get the press more excited.

Backstage, Thomas is very stressed out. He yells at Rick to get pants for one of the models, Max. Brooke assures him that everything is going well, but he doesn't think it's good enough. He talks about going through with his big plan. Some more models walk down the aisle. Finally, Thomas walks in for the final suit, and everyone applauds. He looks very self-assured and handsome. He gestures to Brooke, who walks out on stage next to him. She smiles and everyone applauds. Eric says their names. Suddenly, Thomas grabs her and bends her backwards dramatically, and then he kisses her. Everyone is stunned. Jarrett drops his stuff. Eric and Thorne look shocked. Bill stands up and applauds. The rest of the audience follows him. Brooke is taken aback. Taylor looks very upset. Ridge doesn't look too pleased, either.

Oliver gets on his computer at work. He sees many photos of Hope and smiles. She walks in, so he shuts his laptop quickly. She tells him that she heard Ridge and Eric chatting, so she wanted to make sure he was okay. He assures her that they didn't fire him. She's very excited and happy to hear that and hugs him. They chat for a while. When she mentions Liam, he wonders when she will dump that guy and come back to him. She says his name in a warning sort of way, but he tells her that she's his Hope, so he's not giving up. She sighs. She worries about him but is glad to see him smiling. They talk about his mistakes. He tells her that she has a big heart for forgiving him. He compliments her some more. She agrees that they've had some good times. They are flirting (especially him, but she looks intrigued). He strokes her arm, telling her what she does to him when they stand close. She walks away, saying that she doesn't want to send him any mixed signals. He points out how much she saved him by blowing Amber out of the water. He thinks their lives are tied together, no matter what. He hopes they can look forward toward their future. She keeps trying to tell him otherwise. He says that he's going to love her like no guy ever has, and he wants to be there for her. Then he kisses her, and she kisses him back. He says that it's not over for them. They kiss again.

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