B&B Tuesday Update 11/2/10

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/2/10


Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Juanita

Amber plays dumb when Oliver catches her on his iPad. She pretends that it just started beeping. He asks what she was looking for. Amber claims that she was going to put some naughty videos of herself on the computer, but he came back too soon. He looks intrigued. She has him sit down and tells him to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Next we see that Amber is laughing at him for expecting a strip tease. She brings some glasses and offers him some alcohol, but he doesn't want to pass out again. She teases him about being afraid that she might take advantage of him. She hands him the iPad and asks him to show her how to use it, but he says that she doesn't need to make him a video. She sighs and agrees, saying that's something Hope would do, making a video of the two of them holding hands and walking in the sunset. He gets annoyed, so she apologizes for bringing her up. He drinks the shot that she offers, upset about Hope again. He says he's not in the mood for party, so she suggests he go upstairs and put on his headphones. She slyly offers to let herself out. He sighs heavily and thanks her. She gives him another drink, which he takes. They kiss goodbye. She is looking intently down at his iPad when he changes his mind and suggests she stay. He invites her up to his room.

Later, she tries again to get into his iPad. She tries different passwords, but they don't work. Nick phones her to pressure her into getting more designs. She assures him that she will come through, but she doesn't sound nearly as confident as she did yesterday. Oliver calls her drunkenly from upstairs. Amber goes back upstairs, since he is calling. When she goes up, he appears to be naked except for a guitar and a hat. She laughs as he plays the guitar, saying that he wrote a song for her. She giggles, saying that she can't believe he's still awake. He tackles her on the bed (where we see that he is still wearing his underwear). Amber clearly wants to get away to go back downstairs. Amber tries to distract him by asking him questions about when he was born, when he graduated, etc. (to figure out his password) She gets up, saying that she wants to get some water. Oliver keeps singing his Amber song.

Hope keeps wondering to Liam at the coffee house what Amber is up to. She apologizes to Liam for going on and on about it. He wonders what she thinks Amber can do to Oliver. Hope hints that Amber has a checkered past but doesn't go into details. Liam wonders if maybe Amber has changed while she's been gone, but Hope doubts it. They look at the designs that she has on her phone. He jokes that no one will care about the designs if she is modeling them. She wonders if his dad Bill will be at the show. He is not so sure. Bill might be at the Jackie M. show since it's more news-worthy. Hope thinks they will tank. Liam feels sympathy for Amber because she is under so much pressure now, having to have her first big show, up against Ridge and Eric. She can't believe he feels bad for Amber and kisses him for being so sweet. They go to Oliver's place so that they can spy on Amber. They see Amber go downstairs and get on his computer. They watch as she keeps trying passwords, and then she goes back upstairs with the bottle. They wonder what is going on, since Oliver was not much of a drinker before. Amber pours some more drinks for them, saying that she proposes a toast. She tells him that it's a big night because she's getting into something really serious with him. They drink and then kiss. She asks him some more questions, this time about his hobbies. She asks him if he anyone special ever influences his work. They kiss some more, and he drunkenly tells her that he loves her. He calls her "Hope", so she realizes that's the password. He passes out, and she runs downstairs excitedly. Amber is disappointed when Hope is not the right password, but then she types in the corresponding numbers, and she gets in. She emails herself the designs as she laughs to herself that she got them all. Hope realizes what Amber is up to. Hope tells Liam that she has an idea how to bring Amber down, her own way.

Ridge and Brooke kiss on the couch at home. She tells him how amazing it was to see Stephanie downtown, serving food. It meant a lot to both of them, and she wants to continue helping Stephanie. Ridge is amazed that the two of them would work together. They talk about what's going on with Forrester. She thinks Thomas and his new line will be a big hit. Ridge praises Brooke as well for working with Thomas. She hopes that his press conference goes over well. Brooke looks at the designs. They wonder about Bridget's leave of absence from Jackie M. Bridget arrives. She and Brooke hug; Brooke is surprised and a bit puzzled that Ridge suggests that Bridget stop by any time. Bridget shows them photos on her phone of her baby, so they admire them. Ridge asks if Bridget still misses designing. Bridget misses it, and they all agree that they haven't heard great things about Amber's designs. Ridge wonders how Jackie feels about this, and he thinks that Nick is making mistakes. Bridget talks about Nick and the company some more. Ridge asks if Bridget would like to see some of their designs. She is interested, so he shows them to her. She is very impressed.

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